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Onkyo 646 handbuch

Manuals Brands Onkyo Manuals Receiver TX-NR User manual Onkyo TX-NR User Manual. Quick Links. See also: Basic Manual. Table of Contents. The Basic Manual. Front Panel Rear Panel Table of image resolutions Resolutions supported by HDMI Supplied Accessories Back cover.

Chapters Section 1 1 Section 2 Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 21 Troubleshooting Related Manuals for Onkyo TX-NR Receiver Onkyo TX-NR Service Manual pages. Receiver Onkyo TX-NR Owner's Manual Owner's manual english pages. Summary of Contents for Onkyo TX-NR Page 1: Table Of Contents TX-NR The Basic Manual includes information needed when starting up and also instructions for frequently used operations.

The Advanced Manual has more detailed information and advanced settings. AV RECEIVER Basic Manual CONTENTS Front Panel Page 4: Rear Panel Rear Panel the listening mode. Stays lit when Music Optimizer is enabled. RI REMOTE CONTROL jack: An Onkyo product with RI SPEAKERS terminals: Speakers are connected. To Lights in the following conditions. Page 5: Step 1: Connections Step 1: Connections Characteristics of speaker types Dolby Surround listening mode. Page 6 Step 1: Connections and the other type is designed to be integrated with normal speakers.

Dolby Enabled Speakers placed with their " Right back Left back diaphragms facing toward the ceiling create higher effect Front R Front L Or right height Or left height in the Dolby Atmos and Dolby Surround listening modes A speaker configuration Page 7: Instructions On How To Connect Speakers Step 1: Connections Instructions on how to connect speakers When using commercially available banana plugs: tighten the speaker terminals to the end and then insert the banana plugs.

Do not insert the core of speaker cable directly into the hole for banana plug of speaker terminal. North American models Cut and remove the plastic coating from the end of the speaker cable, twist the core and connect it to the terminal. Page 8: Connecting The Tv And Players Step 1: Connections Connecting the TV and players HDMI HDMI To use the ARC function, connect to the ARC compatible HDMI jack of the TV and make an appropriate setting on the unit. See "2 Source Game console Connection" of "Step 2: Initial Setup".

Page 9: Connecting Components Without Hdmi Step 1: Connections modify the settings to enable the input selection link with A player with a digital audio out jack can be connected. Page Other Connections Step 1: Connections Network connection You can enjoy Internet radio, DLNA and AirPlay by Other connections connecting the unit to LAN.

The unit can be connected to the router with an Ethernet cable or to the wireless LAN router with Wi-Fi connection. Page Step 2: Initial Setup Step 2: Initial Setup "Initial Setup" automatically starts on the TV when you first Before Start turn the unit on. Setup is performed as a series of responses to questions AccuEQ Room Calibration asked by the unit. Select the item with the cursors of the remote controller and press ENTER to confirm your selection.

Page Remote Mode Setup Step 2: Initial Setup Button" and "PIN code". Write down the SSID Enter Password: Enter the password of the access point and password key of the access point if they are to establish connection. Page Step 3: Playing Back Step 3: Playing Back z RECEIVER button: Turns the unit on or into standby Part names and functions of the remote mode. Furthermore, by registering a particular remote control code to a button, you can switch the remote control mode to operate other equipment by pressing that button.

Page Bluetooth Step 3: Playing Back function takes some time to start up. When registered, the preset number stops flashing. Connecting with a pre-main amplifier in a separate room ZONE2 jacks of the unit using speaker cables. European, Australian and Asian models or Direct. Page Other Useful Functions Step 3: Playing Back ranges when set to "Off".

Page Troubleshooting After that, turn the unit on again. If "NG" appears, it may be set to hide SSID or the ANY connection may be off. Change the setting and try again. Page 24 GNU Lesser General Public License hereinafter, called "LGPL". Page 25 Others translation is included without limitation in the term "modification".

To apply these terms, attach the following notices to the library. It is safest to attach them to the start of each source file to most "Source code" Page 26 In response to requests from the copyright owners of each piece of software, Onkyo notifies you of the following: accuracy, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. Page 29 Others Any subroutines or modules supplied by You and linked into the Source Code or Executable Files this Work shall not be Copyright cXiph.

Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following Patent License. Page 31 En Page Supplied Accessories Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon, Hong Kong. All rights reserved. Onkyo has the Privacy Policy. Page 33 Advanced speaker connections Pandora —Getting Started U. Tuning into a Radio Station 3.

Using the number buttons, enter the frequency of the 2. Press MEMORY again to register the station. Using RDS European, Australian and Asian 2. Press ENTER to search the radio stations of the selected type. Playing Music Files on a USB Storage Device 4. When such a radio station is found, the indication on the display flashes. The transfer speed may be insufficient as TuneIn Radio for you to enjoy these services, just by for some content you play, which may cause some connecting the unit to the Internet.

Page Pandora After you have created your account or program being broadcast in "My Favorites". Page Spotify Listening to Internet Radio Why is this track playing? This unit is compatible with Spotify Connect. To enable If you want to listen to the service, you must subscribe. Press NET on the remote controller to display NET TOP Enabled buttons: screen. Page Registering Other Internet Radios Listening to Internet Radio 4.

Page 42 Listening to Internet Radio 4. Open the Internet browser on your PC or smartphone to display the registered Internet radio stations. Select the item with the 1. The playback screen is displayed on the TV connected to the You can use this unit to play music files stored on your PC HDMI output of the unit. Page 46 Playing Music Files in a Shared Folder Network TuneIn Radio Pandora Spotify SiriusXM Internet Radio Slacker Personal Radio Deezer AirPlay 2.

With the cursors, select "Home Media", and then press ENTER. With the cursors, select the target server, and then press ENTER. Page Operating Music Files With The Remote Controller Operating Music Files with the Remote Controller MODE: This button displays the video from the input selected in "Video Select". Each press of the button Operating Music Files with the displays or turns off the video. You can change the display position of the OSD by pressing ENTER Remote Controller while the video is displayed on the screen.

Page Using The Listening Modes Using the Listening Modes Listening Mode Types player's output setting is bitstream. This section lists the types of listening modes Mode suitable for playing sources recorded in Dolby Digital available on the unit and describes their functions. This mode is for use with DTS sources. DTS:X is DTS's Suitable for audio source with much reverberation.

With 96 kHz sampling rate and bit resolution, it provides next-generation object-based surround sound technology superior fidelity. This mode enhances the surround effects to the entire sound to give clarity to voices and create a realistic acoustic image. Page Selectable Listening Modes Using the Listening Modes Selectable Listening Modes Input Format Listening Mode Input Format Listening Mode Direct Direct Listening modes that can be selected with the listening mode buttons will differ depending on the input signal Mono Mono format and actual speaker configuration.

Page 56 Using the Listening Modes Input Format Listening Mode Input Format Listening Mode Input Format Listening Mode DTS-HD MSTR Pure Audio European, DTS-ES Pure Audio European, DTS:X Pure Audio European, Australian and Asian models Australian and Asian models Australian and Asian models Direct Direct Direct Press RECEIVER on the remote controller. TV Out Setting Item Default Value Setting Details Select the HDMI jack to be connected with the TV.

Page 63 Advanced Settings Setup Menu Setting Item Default Value Setting Details Setting Item Default Value Setting Details "HDMI 1 HDCP 2. If you COMPONENT VIDEO IN jacks to the PHONO do not assign a jack, select "". If you do not assign a jack, select "". Page 65 Advanced Settings Setup Menu Setting Item Default Value Setting Details Setting Item Default Value Setting Details Powered Zone 2 Set the connection of speakers to Zone 2 speaker Height Hz Select the crossover frequency from "40Hz" to terminals.

Page 66 Advanced Settings Setup Menu Setting Item Default Value Setting Details Setting Item Default Value Setting Details Double Bass This can only be selected when "Configuration" - Back Right 7.

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