Vespa gts 250 ie handbuch



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Vespa gts 250 ie handbuch

The 21hp, fuel injected, 4stroke motor is the most powerful engine that Vespa produce; it has strong consistent power perfect for overtaking and will easily out accelerate most four wheeled transport. The GTS also sits effortlessly at the speed limit on the open road. At idle it has a gentle lumpy throb due to the large single cylinder motor. What this scooter has in spades is style. Almost everything has little touch of Italian flair.

The 21st century however has not been forgotten; many modern touches such as, the digital tachometer, fuel gauge and the engine have been subtly integrated into the retro design and were created using the latest technology. One detail that truly stands out is the pillion passenger foot pegs, these are works of art, even the action of extending them has style, it has to seen.

The weight settled it nicely on the open road, only when weaving through traffic did it feel a little cumbersome in comparison to a smaller bodied machine. THE POWER! While reviewing this scooter, we ran our kph test. The GTS performed very well, with a time of only 3. Thanks to the powerful cc engine 4. The storage was great, unfortunately though the under seat compartment will not take a full-face helmet.

If you prefer the full-face option Vespa will sell you a 42 litre top box to store it in when you stop for coffee. A full-face helmet is obviously a far safer option, and tends to make open road travelling more comfortable. Assuming you prefer the open face variety you can squeeze two into the storage area, and fit a few other bits and pieces as well.

There is also a small, lockable glove box which is a very useful size and gives quick access to smaller items without having to access the under seat storage. If there had to be a weakness it would be the centre stand: it could be a handful for a smaller rider. It takes a big stomp and pull on the bike to get it up on the stand. One unusual if not vital missing component is the kick-start lever, I am not sure as to the reasoning Vespa have for leaving this off, and I doubt you would miss it.

I would have thought a classic styled scooter like the Vespa GTS IE would have one simply for nostalgic value if for no other reason. The only real issue with the GTS is the price, this will not affect the die hard Vespa purists, however for your average commuter it could be hard justifying the price.

Buying this Vespa becomes an emotional rather than logical decision. The Vespa is at home in the modern city; it is a thing of beauty both in aesthetics with its classic yet modern look and in engineering with its powerful injected cc engine.

Powerful engine, classic Vespa lines, sturdy assembly and construction, solid acceleration, good fuel economy, great detailing. Price, no kickstart, won't fit full face helmet without top-box, heavy, hard to pull onto centre stand. All Guides England English Counties London Locations Northern Ireland Scotland Wales Belfast Birmingham Bradford Bristol Cardiff Coventry Edinburgh Glasgow Kingston Leeds Leicester Liverpool London Manchester Nottingham Plymouth Sheffield Southampton Stoke Wolverhampton.

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Username Password Remember Me Forgot your password? Forgot your username? Create an account. Login REGISTER. Cons: Price, no kickstart, won't fit full face helmet without top-box, heavy, hard to pull onto centre stand.

Manufacturer Specifications Max power at shaft 22hp 8, rpm Max torque Set as favorite. Email this. Comments 7. Subscribe to this comment's feed. The trick with the stand is to have one hand on the rail next to the seat when you pull the bike on to its stand. At first I found it really difficult and I am a lb malebut once you get the leverage right and old the rail next to the seat, it is realtively easy.

This is an awesome sccoter I've had mine about miles at this point. Great website and great reviews! I really enjoyed reading them - they are funny and very informative. After reading these reviews I got myself a Vespa gts and my girlfriend a Sym Mioand we love them both. We're having a lot of fun riding around on these bikes, our first scooters. Thanks for the helpful advice. Keep up the good work. Cheers, Justin report abuse. Yeah the dealer we got the test bike off had changed the exhaust for a bit better performance I believe it gives a small hp boost over standard.

Unfortunately we didn't have access to a stock model at the time. Will test numbers when one arrives I am trying to organise a GTS for our long term fleet so will see how we go. Fair comment Regards the stand Can only really comment on how it feels initially as we only have them for a short time Glad we could be of assistance and super happy you like the bike. I agree, I would personally trade off a bit of economy for the added performance and the bike really is a good peice of kit. Unfortunately in our market the initial purchase price puts it out of many peoples finances for an economical and fun commuter.

I just bought the GTS yesterday. It's my first two wheeled vehicle and I love it. I'm using it as a commuter vehicle in suburban Ohio, U. I liked the feel of the heavier scooter. Other scooters felt like toys by comparison. Too bad about the reduced fuel efficiency but I need the better pickup and faster speed to blend in with the suburbanites and their SUVs. The center stand did prove a little challenging at first and I'm an average size guy 82kg, cm.

But after a few times getting use to how much weight needs to be applied, it's easy to prop up. Thanks for the review. It helped inform my decision. I have the GTV which is very is the same except for cosmetic changes and to be fair, the center stand is only tricky when you first start using it, once you get the feel for it, it becomes easy. I noticed in the pictures, the GTS tested is not stock. An aftermarket performance exhaust is installed as well as a windscreen which makes it more aerodynamic.

Who knows if other mods have been done. My point is, a stock one may not give you the same performance as described in this review. That said, I like the performance of my GTV stock. Haha, no I have had plenty of experience with all manner of two wheeled machinery. I love this bike but it did show it's weight when putting it onto the stand. It is easy compared to the Silverwing but it is heavy compared to many regular non maxi scooters.

Anyway the stand was a minor problem with an overall excellent bike. Hard to get up on kickstand, are you crazy, this is the easiest I have ever used, I thought I was going to launch it it was so easy. No lifting what so ever, just step on the stand and it goes up, a pounder can so easily do it, you aparently must not be experienced if you had any difficulty.

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