Vespa lx 50 werkstatthandbuch



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Vespa lx 50 werkstatthandbuch

Manuals Brands VESPA Manuals Scooter LX 50 Workshop manual VESPA LX 50 Workshop Manual Vespa lx Quick Links. See also: User Manual. Table of Contents. WORKSHOP MANUAL. Related Manuals for VESPA LX 50 Scooter VESPA LX 50 4S Datasheet 4 stroke 1 page. Scooter VESPA LXV Service Station Manual pages. Summary of Contents for VESPA LX 50 Page 1 WORKSHOP MANUAL Vespa LX Page 2: Workshop Manual WORKSHOP MANUAL Vespa LX 50 The descriptions and illustrations given in this publication are not binding.

While the basic specifications as described and illustrated in this booklet remain unchanged, PIAGGIO-GILERA reserves the right, at any time and without being required to update this publication beforehand, to make any changes to components, parts or accessories, which it considers necessary to improve the product or which are required for manufacturing or construction reasons.

Spa to be used by the workshops of Piaggio- Gilera dealers. This manual is addressed to Piaggio service mechanics who are supposed to have a basic knowledge of mechanics principles and of vehicle fixing techniques and procedures. Page 7: Safety Rules Vespa LX 50 Characteristics Rules This section describes general safety rules for any maintenance operations performed on the vehicle. Safety rules - If work can only be done on the vehicle with the engine running, make sure that the premises are well- ventilated, using special extractors if necessary; Page 9 Vespa LX 50 Characteristics Engine ENGINE Specification Desc.

Page Electrical System Vespa LX 50 Characteristics Specification Desc. Page Wheels And Tyres Vespa LX 50 Characteristics Wheels and tyres WHEELS AND TYRES Specification Desc. Page Piston Rings Vespa LX 50 Characteristics Piston rings SEALING RING Name Description Dimensions Initials Quantity Compression ring 0.

Page 15 Vespa LX 50 Characteristics Slot packing system This type of engines foresees the use of one size of basic gaskets. Page 16 INDEX OF TOPICS TOOL OOLING Page 18 Vespa LX 50 Tooling Stores code Description Y Punch for fitting fifth wheel seat on steer- ing tube Y Punch for removing fifth wheels from headstock Y Wrench for steering tube ring nut Y Air heater support Y Air heater Page 19 Vespa LX 50 Tooling Stores code Description Y Pin lock fitting tool Y Starter spring fitting Y Bearing fitting base Y Pliers for brake-shoe springs Y Mity-Vac vacuum-operated pump Y Stroboscopic light to check timing TOOL - Page 20 Vespa LX 50 Tooling Stores code Description Y Digital multimeter Y Digital rpm indicator Y Single battery charger Y Multiple battery charger TOOL - Page 21 Vespa LX 50 Tooling Stores code Description Y Magnetic support for dial gauge Y Electrical system check instrument Y 42xmm Adaptor Y Adaptor handle Y mm guide TOOL - Page 23 Vespa LX 50 Tooling Stores code Description Y Front suspension service tool Y Punch Y Support base for checking crankshaft alignment Y Bearing extractor bell Y Bearing extractor ring TOOL - Page 24 Vespa LX 50 Tooling Stores code Description Y Bearing extractor screw Y Half rings Y Punch for driven pulley roller bearing Y Flywheel and transmission oil seals fitting punch Y 52xmm Adaptor Y 37xmm Adaptor Y 12 mm guide TOOL - Page 25 Vespa LX 50 Tooling Stores code Description Y mm guide Y 22 mm guide Y mm guide Y 26 x 28 mm adaptor Y Tube for removing and refitting the driven pulley shaft TOOL - Page Checking The Spark Advance Vespa LX 50 Maintenance 1.

Automatic starter - 2. Idle air set screw - 3. Idle speed set screw - 4. Throttle valve spring - 5. Throttle valve tapered pin - 6. Throttle valve - 7. Carburettor body - 8. Pin - 9. Float - Page 32 Vespa LX 50 Maintenance - Engage the spark plug with the due inclination and screw it right down by hand, then do it up with the wrench at the prescribed torque; -Put the hood on the sparking plug as far as it will - Refit the central flap.

Page Checking The Ignition Timing Vespa LX 50 Maintenance Checking the ignition timing - Adjust the control cables: Mix cable: see procedure indicated in "Mixer tim- ing". Throttle cable: adjust the set screw on the carbu- rettor in such a way that the sheath has no back- lash. A certain lowering of the level is caused by wear on the pads. Page Headlight Adjustment Vespa LX 50 Maintenance Headlight adjustment Proceed as follows: 1.

Place the vehicle, in running order and with the tyres inflated to the prescribed pressure, on a flat surface m away from a white screen situated in a shaded area, making sure that the longitudinal axis of the scooter is perpendicular to the screen; Page 37 Vespa LX 50 Maintenance - If the parameters found do not agree with the above figures, act upon the idle adjusting screw.

Page Poor Performance Vespa LX 50 Troubleshooting This section makes it possible to find the solutions to use in troubleshooting. For each breakdown, a list of the possible causes and respective interventions is given. Page 40 Vespa LX 50 Troubleshooting Possible Cause Operation to keep the cap in contact with the spark plug and the spark plug grounded but away from its hole.

Refit a dry spark plug and start the vehicle. Altered fuel characteristics Drain off the fuel no longer up to standard; then, refill Brake disc or drum deformed Using a dial gauge, check the planarity of the disk with the wheel correctly fitted or the concentricity of the rear drum. Page 43 Vespa LX 50 Troubleshooting Possible Cause Operation lock-nuts, the limit switch rubber buffers and the movement bushings. Page Electrical System INDEX OF TOPICS ELE SYS LECTRICAL SYSTEM Page 46 Vespa LX 50 Electrical system Specification Desc.

Page 47 Vespa LX 50 Electrical system Headlights and automatic starter section LIGHTS Specification Desc. Page 48 Vespa LX 50 Electrical system Battery recharge and starting BATTERY RECHARGE AND STARTING Specification Desc. Page Ignition Circuit Vespa LX 50 Electrical system Ignition circuit 1 Check the state of the spark plug clean it with a metallic brush, remove all incrustations, blow it with compressed air, and replace it if necessary. Page 52 Vespa LX 50 Electrical system 6 Failure of the oil and petrol check lamp.

Operations FAULT 1: Make sure that at rpm with the lights on that the regulation voltage is between 13V and Page 53 Vespa LX 50 Electrical system FAULT 4 a By positioning tester Y between the yel- low wire terminal 8 on the regulator and the black wire 6 FIG. Dcheck the generator output volt- age is within 26 and 30 V at 3, rpm this meas- urement must be carried out with the battery detached. Page 54 Vespa LX 50 Electrical system FIG.

After charging the battery, check each element electrolyte level and density. If the scooter is not used for a given time 1 month or more it will be necessary to periodically recharge the battery. Page 57 Vespa LX 50 Electrical system Specific tooling Y Single battery charger Y Multiple battery charger 1 - Remove the short closed tube and the caps, then pour sulphuric acid into the cells using the type specified for batteries, with a specific gravity of 1.

Page Index Of Topics INDEX OF TOPICS ENG VE NGINE FROM VEHICLE Page 59 Vespa LX 50 Engine from vehicle Removal of the engine from the vehicle Removing the engine from the frame -Disconnect the battery. Page 60 INDEX OF TOPICS NGINE Page Automatic Transmission Vespa LX 50 Engine Automatic transmission Transmission cover - Loosen the 15 screws and remove the transmis- sion cover with the aid of a mallet.

THE CRANKCASE IS SLIGHTLY BLOCKED BY THE TIGHT FIT BETWEEN THE SHAFT OF THE DRIVEN HALF-PULLEY AND THE BEARING HOUSED ON THE CRANKCASE. Page Removing The Driven Pulley Shaft Bearing Vespa LX 50 Engine - Remove the seeger ring located on the exterior of the crankshaft. Page Removing The Driven Pulley Vespa LX 50 Engine Removing the driven pulley - Lock the clutch bell housing with the specific tool. THE UNIT CAN ALSO BE REMOVED WITH THE DRIVING PULLEY MOUNTED.

Page 64 Vespa LX 50 Engine - Using a 34 mm socket wrench remove the clutch locking nut. Page 65 Vespa LX 50 Engine - Remove the three guide pins and the mobile half pulley. Removing the driven half-pulley bearing - Remove the roller bearing with the special ex- tractor inserted from the bottom of the fixed half- pulley.

Page 67 Vespa LX 50 Engine Refitting the driven half-pulley bearing - Fit a new ball bearing with the specific tool. Page Refitting The Driven Pulley Vespa LX 50 Engine - Reassemble the nut securing the clutch and tight- en to the prescribed torque. CAUTION SO AS NOT TO DAMAGE THE CLUTCH NUT USE A SOCK- ET WRENCH WITH SMALL CHAMFER.

CAUTION POSITION THE NON-CHAMFERED SURFACES OF THE Page Removing The Driving Pulley Vespa LX 50 Engine Removing the driving pulley - Lock the driving pulley using the appropriate tool. Page 70 Vespa LX 50 Engine 4 Check the integrity of the sliding blocks of the contact plate. Page Specific Tooling Vespa LX 50 Engine Removing the wheel axle bearings - Remove the oil seal and the Seeger ring.

Specific tooling Page 73 Vespa LX 50 Engine Inspecting the hub shaft - Check the three shafts for wear or distortion of the toothed surfaces, the bearing housings, and the oil seal housings. Page Flywheel Cover Vespa LX 50 Engine Refitting the wheel axle bearing - Heat the half crankcase on the transmission side using a thermal gun.

Page Cooling Fan Vespa LX 50 Engine Cooling hood - Remove the four fixings shown in the figure. Page Removing The Stator Vespa LX 50 Engine Removing the stator - Remove the three stator fixings shown in the photo - Remove the two pick-up fixings shown in the photo - Remove the stator with the wiring Refitting the stator - Refit the stator and flywheel carrying out the removal procedure in reverse, tightening the retainers to the specified torque.

Page 77 Vespa LX 50 Engine Removing the flywheel magneto - Lock the rotation of the flywheel using the calliper spanner. CAUTION THE USE OF A CALLIPER SPANNER OTHER THAN THE ONE SUPPLIED COULD DAMAGE THE STATOR COILS - Extract the flywheel with the extractor.

Page Removing The Intake Manifold Vespa LX 50 Engine N. A VARIATION OF THE AIR GAP DISTANCE CAN LEAD TO A VARIATION IN THE IGNITION ADVANCE SUCH AS TO CAUSE PINGING, KNOCKING ETC. Page Inspecting The Small End Vespa LX 50 Engine Removing the cylinder - piston assy.

Remove the cylinder very carefully Remove the snap rings and remove the pin CAUTION AFTER EACH REMOVAL OPERATION REPLACE THE PIN RETENTION SNAP RINGS Inspecting the small end - Measure the internal diameter of the small end using an internal micrometer. Page Removing The Piston Vespa LX 50 Engine Inspecting the cylinder - Check that the cylinder does not show seizures. Otherwise, replace it or adjust it respecting the al- lowable increases - Measure the internal diameter of the cylinder with a bore meter, according to the directions given in Page 82 Vespa LX 50 Engine - Use new wrist pin snap rings.

Page Crankcase - Crankshaft Vespa LX 50 Engine Inspecting the timing system components CAUTION CHECK THE CORRECT REED UNIT SEAL; NO LIGHT MUST PASS BETWEEN THE SUPPORT AND LAMELLA. Crankcase - crankshaft Splitting the crankcase halves Remove the eight crankcase union fasteners.

Install the special strip on the half crankcase on

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De Vespa Lx is razend populair! Dit komt door de betrouwbaarheid van deze scooters, gepaard met de moderne, strakke looks! Dat maakt deze scooters erg duurzaam en stevig. Deze scooters zien er geweldig uit met wat chromen delen of strips, dat geeft een retro uitstraling. Vespa scooters dienen natuurlijk goed onderhouden te worden, zodat de bewegende delen in topconditie blijven. De Vespa LX heeft een fantastische zitpositie en daarnaast is de Lx een topmachine om te besturen.

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