Handbuch fritz box 6360 cable pdf



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Handbuch fritz box 6360 cable pdf

Manuals Brands AVM Manuals Network Router FRITZ! Box Cable Installation, configuration and operation AVM FRITZ! Box Cable Installation, Configuration And Operation Cable connection. Quick Links. Related Manuals for AVM FRITZ! Box Cable Network Router AVM FRITZ! Box Cable Installation, Configuration And Operation Cable connection pages. Avm fritz! Network Router AVM FRITZ! Box Installation, Configuration And Operation pages.

Summary of Contents for AVM FRITZ! Box Cable Page 1 FRITZ! Page 2: Legal Notice AVM will not be liable for damages arising directly or indirectly from the use of the manual or the software, nor for incidental or consequential damages, except in case of intent or gross negli- gence. Page 3: Table Of Contents Security and Handling Box Cable Page 4 DECT Function Fon MT-F Cordless Telephone Registering Cordless Telephones.

Page 6 More about: Band Width Management and Prioritization Band Width Management The Prioritization of Network Applications and Network Devices. Page 7: Symbols And Highlighting Symbols and Highlighting This symbol indicates useful hints to assist you in working with the FRITZ! This symbol indicates important instructions that must be observed to avoid malfunctions. The table below explains the highlighting used in this manual. Highlighting Function Examples Quotation marks Keys Box Cable, observe the following security instructions in order to protect yourself and the FRITZ!

Box from harm. Box during an electrical storm. Box to your computer using the network, remember to take the length of the cable into account. Box and the computer, position the device at a central location. Page Fritz! Box Cable FRITZ! Box Cable An Overview The FRITZ! Box Cable is equipped with an integrated cable model and designed for operation at a cable connection.

The FRITZ! Box thus connects your computers with the cable connection. Each connected computer can establish an Internet connection over the FRITZ! Page 11 FRITZ! Box Cable directions. Channel bundling is possible in both directions. You can connect two analog telephones, fax machines or an- swering machines to the FRITZ!

Page 12 The FRITZ! Box is equipped with a port for USB devices, to which you can connect USB storage devices hard drive, sticka print- er, one of the FRITZ! WLAN USB Sticks by AVM, a USB hub or oth- er devices see page Page Package Contents Package Contents Package Contents The following is included in the FRITZ! Page Connecting Security and Handling on page The service technician of your cable network provider gener- ally connects your FRITZ!

Box Cable to the cable network and the power grid when operation of the box is launched for the first time. Page Connecting To Electrical Power Connecting to Electrical Power Connecting to Electrical Power C A B L E C A B L E Connecting to the power supply Connecting To connect to the power mains, use the power supply unit in- cluded in the FRITZ! Box package.

Connect the FRITZ! Box to the power supply unit. Box at the same time. Box is the same regardless of the operating system on the computer. Connect the other end of the LAN cable to a socket on the FRITZ! Page Connecting Computer S Wirelessly Via Wlan Connecting the FRITZ! Switch on your computer. Page 19 Now the FRITZ! Box and FRITZ! WLAN USB Stick are connected with each other wireles- sly. For more information, see the manual on your AVM FRITZ!

WLAN USB Stick model. Establishing a WLAN Connection Using WPS If you are using a WLAN adapter from another manufacturer Page 20 Connecting Computer s Wirelessly via WLAN Start the WLAN software. Enter the following values for the connection between the FRITZ! Box and the WLAN adapter: SSID name of the FRITZ! Box Cable WLAN radio network Encryption methods WPA TKIP or WPA2 AES-CCMP Encryption Page Connecting Telephone, Fax, Or Answering Machine WEP is out of date and data encrypt- ed with WEP can be deciphered within minutes.

Connecting Telephone, Fax, or Answering Machine The FRITZ! Box Cable provides Internet telephony for an- alog terminal devices. You can connect two analog terminal devices like telephones, fax machine or answering machine to the FRITZ! Page Connecting An Isdn Telephone Connecting an ISDN Telephone Connecting an ISDN Telephone ISDN telephones can be connected to the FRITZ! With ap- propriate cabling, up to eight ISDN telephones can be con- nected. C A B L E C A B L E Connecting an ISDN telephone to the FRITZ!

Box Connecting Use an ISDN cable to connect an ISDN telephone. Page Connecting An Isdn Pbx FRITZ! Box and do without the PBX. Connecting an IP Telephone With your FRITZ! Box Cable you can even use IP tele- phones to make calls over the Internet. IP telephones are con- nected to the FRITZ!

Box via LAN or WLAN. Page 24 C A B L E C A B L E Connecting a smart phone to the FRITZ! Box Use your smart phone to search for WLAN devices at your location. Select the FRITZ! Box Cable from the list of WLAN devices found. Page 25 Connecting an IP Telephone To establish a connection, enter the WLAN key of the FRITZ! The smart phone is now connected to the FRITZ! Before you can make telephone calls that take advantage of the fea- tures of an IP telephone, this phone must be configured once.

Follow the instructions in the documentation of the device and in the section Configuring an IP Telephone in FRITZ! Page Opening The User Interface Opening the User Interface Opening the User Interface fritz.

Box has a user interface that can be used in a web browser. The user interface presents information about the FRITZ! Box product, your access and connections. This is where you con- figure all of the settings for operating the FRITZ! Enter the password here to log in to the user interface. Page Saving Settings Saving Settings Saving Settings The settings you made in the FRITZ! Box can be saved as a file on your computer.

This file contains all user-defined settings, including the account information for the telephony connec- tions. This settings file can be loaded back to your FRITZ!

Manuals Brands Fritz! Manuals Network Router FRITZ! Box Cable Quick manual Fritz! Box Cable Quick Manual. Quick Links Download this manual. Computer und andere Netzwerkgeräte verbinden Sie per Netzwerkkabel. Sie können die WLAN.

Verbindung mit WPS herstellen oder den WLAN-Netzwerkschlüssel der. Box am WLAN-Gerät eingeben. Ein Computer kann nur auf eine Art mit der FRITZ! Box verbunden. You connect computers and other network devices with the FRITZ! You can. Box network key on the wireless device. A computer can be connected with the FRITZ! Box using only one. Box que d'une seule. Box, con ayuda de un cable de red o de. Box de. Collegate i computer e gli altri dispositivi di rete al FRITZ! Box con un. Potete creare la connessione.

Use only with these power unit P0W 12V 1,4A. Box in un solo modo. Die FRITZ! Einstellungen vornehmen können. Sie können sie in jedem Internet. Zum Surfen geben. The FRITZ! Box has a user interface. Just open a web browser and enter. Vous pouvez ouvrir cette interface en. Pour naviguer, saisissez une adresse Internet. Su FRITZ! Il FRITZ! Potete aprirla in ogni browser digitando. Per navigare basta digitare un indirizzo web. Hiermit erklärt AVM, dass sich das Gerät in Übereinstimmung mit den grundlegenden.

Die Langfassung der CE-Konformitätserklärung. AVM declares herewith that the device is compliant with the basic requirements and the. The long version. Por la presente declara AVM, que el dispositivo cumple con los requisitos esenciales y las. La versione integrale. Ouvrez un navigateur. Aprite un browser web e. Das FRITZ! Box-Handbuch liegt im Internet für Sie bereit:. Die Garantiebedingungen für Ihre FRITZ! Lizenzbestimmungen Ihrer FRITZ! In der Benutzeroberfläche der FRITZ! Box können Sie eine ausführliche Hilfe aufrufen.

Im Internet bietet Ihnen AVM ausführliche Informationen zu Ihrem AVM-Produkt sowie. Ankündigungen neuer Produktversionen und neuer Produkte:. Box manuals are available for you on our website:. The conditions of the warranty are elaborated in the manual of your AVM product. The licensing conditions are presented in the FRITZ!

Box user interface under the "Legal. In the user interface you can open the detailed Online Help. On its website AVM presents. Vous trouverez le manuel de FRITZ! Box dans le. Vous trouverez les dispositions de la licence sur l'interface utilisateur de FRITZ! Dans l'interface utilisateur de FRITZ! Box bajo "Nota. En la interfaz de usuario de FRITZ! AVM ofrece en Internet. Il manuale del FRITZ!

Le condizioni di garanzia per il FRITZ! Box si trovano nel manuale. Le condizioni di licenza si. Box alla voce "Note legali". Nell'interfaccia utente del FRITZ! Related Manuals for Fritz! Box Cable Network Router Fritz! Box LTE Configuration And Operation Manual Fritz! Network Router Fritz! Box LTE Quick Start Manual 60 pages. Summary of Contents for Fritz! Box Cable Page 1 DECT WLAN Info En la interfaz de usuario de FRITZ! AVM ofrece en Internet la red WiFI de FRITZ!

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