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Avm 7490 handbuch download

Manuals Brands AVM Manuals Switch Fritz! Box Installation and operation manual AVM FRITZ! Box Installation And Operation Manual. Also See for FRITZ! Quick Links Download this manual See also: Configuration ManualQuick Manual. Box Also See for AVM FRITZ! Box AVM Fritz!

AVM FRITZ! Related Manuals for AVM FRITZ! Box Switch AVM FRITZ! Powerline E WLAN Set Installation And Operaion Manual 38 pages. Switch AVM FRITZ! Powerline E Connecting And Operating Instructions 43 pages. Summary of Contents for AVM FRITZ!

Box Page 1 FRITZ! Box Installation Installation and Operation and Operation Page 2: Table Of Contents Conventions in the Manual Page 3 FRITZ! Page 4 Extending a Wireless Radio Network Page 5 Starting FRITZ! NAS Password Protection Page 6 Cables Page 7 Index Page 8: Security And Handling Security and Handling Before installing and using the FRITZ!

Box, please read the fol- lowing security and handling instructions. Safety Instructions Before connecting the FRITZ! Boxobserve the following security instructions in order to protect yourself and the FRITZ! Box from harm. Page 9: Handling The Fritz! Box For ideal operating conditions, mount the FRITZ!

Box on a wall with the cables connected on the bottom. Box to your computer using a network cable, keep in mind that the cable can be no longer than m. Page 10 If you would like to establish wireless connections be- tween the FRITZ! Box and the computer, position the FRITZ! Box at a central location. Page Conventions In The Manual Bold type emphasizes important words. Example Do not leave the page without saving. Example See also the information on page FRITZ! Page The Fritz! Box The FRITZ!

Box Welcome! We are pleased you decided on a FRITZ! The FRITZ! Box is the hub of your home network, connecting your computers and network devices with the Internet. You can operate the FRITZ! Box as an Internet router on a DSL or VDSL line. Page 14 IEEE Page Leds LEDs LEDs The FRITZ! Box has five LEDs, which flash or light up to display various connection statuses and events. Page Before You Connect The Fritz!

Box have been met; see page Contents of the FRITZ! Page Connecting The Fritz! Box Connect the power supply unit to the socket on the FRITZ! Plug the other end into an AC power outlet. Box is ready for operation. Page Connecting To The Internet NTBA is also connected to the DSL splitter. You have a telephone socket. Page 21 DSL adapter into the DSL splitter. Box is now ready for Internet connections over DSL. Page 22 Connecting to the Cable Junction With an additional cable modem you can also use your FRITZ!

Box on a cable connection. Use a network cable. Connect the free end of the network cable to the LAN Ethernet port on the cable modem. Page 23 Insert the other end of the cable into a network socket on the router or in the network. Once you have connected a computer to the FRITZ! Box, you can configure the Internet connection as described in section Internet Connection over LAN 1: FRITZ!

Box as a Router page FRITZ! Page Connecting To The Landline Telephone Network An analog telephone line is a single line with one telephone number. ISDN lines have three or more telephone numbers. Page 25 Insert the short, black end of the cable into a socket S interface on your ISDN NTBA.

If the plug on the cable does not fit into ISDN NTBA, use the black adapter included in the FRITZ! Box package. Page Connecting A Computer With A Network Cable You can also use any other network cable. For more in- formation, see page Insert the free end of the cable into a LAN socket on the FRITZ! Now the FRITZ! Box and the computer are connected with each other. Page Connecting A Network Hub Or Switch You can also use any other network cable.

Box and the network hub are now connected with each other. Page Connecting Computers With The Fritz! Box Here is how to establish a wireless connection with WPS on a computer with Windows 8. The wireless radio network of the FRITZ! Box will be switched on. The wireless LAN connection will be established. Page 30 Select the wireless radio network of the FRITZ! Box and start connecting with WPS. Page Establishing A Wireless Lan Connection With A Network Key The preset network key is printed on the underside of the FRITZ!

Confirm your entries. Box User Interface All important information about the FRITZ! Box user interface. Page 33 In the lower area of the window, you see the last telephone calls conducted, the list of connected devices like computers, network storage and telephones, and the telephone book en- tries edited last. Page Standard View And Advanced View FRITZ! Box operation. Page Using System Functions Of The Fritz!

Box Help of the FRITZ! Canceling Diagnostics You can end diagnostics in progress without losing any data. The results obtained up to that point remain visible. Page Using Energy-Saving Functions Of The Fritz!

Manuals Brands AVM Manuals Power Tool Fritz! Box Configuration manual AVM Fritz! Box Configuration Manual. Also See for Fritz! Also See for AVM Fritz! Box AVM FRITZ! AVM FRITZ! Related Manuals for AVM Fritz! Box No related manuals. Summary of Contents for AVM Fritz! Box Page 1 Router Configuration Guide AVM Fritz! Box Sept Version 1. Page 2 Router Configuration Guide Prerequisites This guide is for congregations with ADSL or VDSL connections.

Before starting this step by step process, please power up your router and connect to the default WiFi connection provided. These details can be found in the product box. If you have a Fibre connection, please see the note under Step 8.

The following configuration steps will provide you with an optimized configuration for your Kingdom Hall. This process will: 1. Ensure that Vattendance VoIP traffic is prioritized, allowing the clearest sound possible. Employ a basic web content filtering system that blocks explicit material. Page 3 Router Configuration Guide 3 Router will now restart.

Wait two minutes and connect again. NOTE FOR THOSE WITH FIBRE: This guide is only for those with ADSL or VDSL. Please refer to your ISP for configuration details required for this. Page 5 Router Configuration Guide 9 On the same page scroll down and enter your ISP Username and password. NOTE: If your ISP is Spark New Zealand, you may enter the same username and password that is shown in the below screenshot. Configure page as shown below. Page 13 Router Configuration Guide 25 You can specify your network IP address settings on this page however the default settings will suffice.

Configure a different name for your admin WiFi network if desire. Otherwise the default name is fine. NOTE: This WiFi SSID is for devices perform admin functions. Devices connected to this network can connect to any other devices and have full internet access. If you change this SSID name, the router will restart and you will need to reconnect to continue these configuration steps. Configure as below but specify your own Network Key. NOTE: The router will restart and you will need to reconnect to the router.

Configure page as shown below, using your own unique SSID and Network key password. This is the SSID that most in the congregation will use. Devices using this network cannot access other devices on the network and have access only to websites and email. There is also a basic Web Content Filter applied that blocks explicit material. Page 16 Router Configuration Guide 30 The router will search for the latest firmware version and install automatically.

This is a backup of your configuration if you ever need to configure your router again. Store this on your computer and remember the password. Enjoy your new router. Print page 1 Print document 17 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk.

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