Acer w700 handbuch



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Acer w700 handbuch

Anleitungen Marken Acer Anleitungen Tablets ICONIA W Bedienungsanleitung Acer ICONIA W Bedienungsanleitung Seite 9. Seite von Vorwärts. Your computer shipped with plastic dummies installed in the card slots. Dummies protect. Save the dummies for use when.

If the product falls, it. These openings must not be blocked or. The openings should never be blocked by placing the product on a bed, sofa. This product should never be placed near or over a radiator. Never spill liquid of any kind onto or into the product. To avoid injury, ensure they do not come in contact with your skin or body.

Keep them out of the. Inhalt sverzeichnis. Fehlerbehebung Troubleshooting 67 Problemlösung Verwandte Anleitungen für Acer ICONIA W Tablets Acer Iconia W3 Benutzerhandbuch 84 Seiten. Tablets Acer Acer Iconia A3-A11 Anleitung 57 Seiten. Verwandte Produkte für Acer ICONIA W Acer Iconia W3 Acer Iconia W Acer Iconia W Acer ICONIA W Acer ICONIA W Acer ICONIA W7 Acer Iconia W4 Acer ICONIA WP.

Seite 9 drucken Dokument drucken Seiten. Abbrechen Löschen. Anmelden ODER. Noch keinen Account? Registrieren Sie sich jetzt! Passwort vergessen? Von PC hochladen. Von URL hochladen.

Manuals Brands Acer Manuals Tablet Iconia W User manual Acer Iconia W User Manual Acer tablet. Quick Links. See also: User Manual. Related Manuals for Acer Iconia W Tablet Acer W User Manual User manual 75 pages. Tablet Acer ICONIA W Buyer's Manual 3 pages. All Rights Reserved. Page 3: Table Of Contents Taking care of your computer Page 4 How do I jump between apps?

Keep this document for future reference. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product. Turning the product off before cleaning Unplug this product from the wall outlet before cleaning. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners. Page 6 - If an extension cord is used with this product, make sure that the total ampere rating of the equipment plugged into the extension cord does not exceed the extension cord ampere rating.

Also, make sure that the total rating of all products plugged into the wall outlet does not exceed the fuse rating. Page 7 - Do not increase the volume to block out noisy surroundings. Bundled dummy cards - Note: Information in this section may not apply to your computer. Your computer shipped with plastic dummies installed in the card slots. Dummies protect unused slots from dust, metal objects or other particles. Page 8 Product servicing Do not attempt to service this product yourself, as opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltage points or other risks.

Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Unplug this product from the wall outlet and refer servicing to qualified service personnel when: - The power cord or plug is damaged, cut or frayed. Page 9 Dispose of batteries according to local regulations. Please recycle when possible. Do not dispose as household waste. Batteries may explode if not handled properly.

Do not disassemble or dispose of them in fire. Page 10 some cases, transmission of data files or messages may be delayed until such a connection is available. Ensure that the above separation distance instructions are followed until the transmission is completed.

Parts of the device are magnetic. Metallic materials may be attracted to the device, and persons with hearing aids should not hold the device to the ear with the hearing aid. Page 11 equipment that has been added. Only qualified personnel should service the device, or install the device in a vehicle. Faulty installation or service may be dangerous and may invalidate any warranty that may apply to the device.

Check regularly that all wireless equipment in your vehicle is mounted and operating properly. Page 12 Equipment WEEE regulations, visit www. Users are also at risk of physical injury after long hours of working in front of a computer. Long work periods, bad posture, poor work habits, stress, inadequate working conditions, personal health and other factors greatly increase the risk of physical injury.

Page 13 - Stand up and walk around regularly to remove the strain on your leg muscles. Page 14 using a glare-reduction filter, using a display visor, such as a piece of cardboard extended from the display's top front edge. Developing good work habits The following work habits make computer use more relaxing and productive: - Take short breaks regularly and often.

Page First Things First IRST THINGS F I R S T We would like to thank you for making an Acer comptuer your choice for meeting your mobile computing needs. Your guides To help you use your Acer computer, we have designed a set of guides: First off, the setup poster helps you get started with setting up your computer.

Under "Advanced startup", tap Restart now. The "Choose an option" screen displays. Page 18 1. Turn off the computer. Disconnect the AC adapter. Use a soft, moist cloth. Do not use liquid or aerosol cleaners. Page Your Acer Tablet Pc Tour CER T A B L E T TOUR After setting up your computer as illustrated in the setup poster, let us show you around your new Acer computer. You can enter information into you new computer via the touchscreen.

Tablet PC Your new computer has two components: the tablet and the tablet cradle. Page Front View Front view No. Item Description Camera Lights up when camera is active. Page Back View Back view Item Description Integrated webcam Web camera for video communication. Camera indicator Lights up when camera is active.

Item Description Lock switch Locks the screen orientation. Your Acer tablet PC tour - Page Bottom View Bottom view No. Item Description Insert a paperclip into the hole and press for Reset button four seconds to reset the computer simulates removing and reinstalling the battery.

Speakers Delivers stereo audio output. A USB 3. USB 3. Page 24 Information on USB 3. Page Led Indicators The computer is off. Page Tablet Cradle Simply rest the tablet in the cradle and slide it to the left until it stops. Tablet cradle The following set of images show you the bundled cradle.

NOTE: In some countries the cradle is optional. Provides power from the cradle to the DC-out jack tablet Your Acer tablet PC tour - Page Back View Stand Not Shown Back view stand not shown No. Item Description Portrait view Insert the stand here to rest the tablet in portrait slot view. Landscape Insert the stand here to rest the tablet in view slot landscape view. Page Left View Stand Not Shown Item Description Connect to USB devices.

DC-in jack Provides power to the cradle. Information on USB 3. Page Universal Serial Bus Usb USB N I V E R S A L E R I A L The USB port is a high-speed serial bus which allows you to connect USB peripherals without taking up system resources. Universal Serial Bus USB - Page Using The Virtual Keyboard S I N G T H E VIRTUAL K E Y B O A R D Microsoft Windows provides a convenient virtual keyboard for entering data.

There are several ways to display the keyboard: Tap inside any text field to display the Windows virtual keyboard. Using the virtual keyboard - Page 34 From Desktop, tap the Keyboard icon in the system tray to display the keyboard. Page Wireless Networks IRELESS N E TW ORK S Connecting to the Internet Your computer's wireless connection is turned on by default. Windows will detect and display a list of available networks during setup. Select your network and enter the password if required.

Otherwise, open Internet Explorer and follow the instructions. Page 36 Installation speed and simplicity Installing a wireless LAN system can be fast and easy and eliminates the need to pull cables through walls and ceilings. Components of a wireless LAN To set up your Wireless network at home you need to have the following: Access point router Access points routers are two-way transceivers that broadcast data into the surrounding environment.

Page Acer Ring C E R Acer Ring incorporates a number of useful functions and tools in one easy-to-use interface. Tap the touchscreen with all five fingers at once to display Acer Ring. Icon Item Description Document Import documents here for quick access.

Page 38 Acer Ring. To the left of Acer Ring you can see a selection of AppCards. These AppCards are thumbnails of links, files, or apps depending on what section you have selected from Acer Ring. Scroll through the AppCards and tap on a card to open it. Device Control - Page Acer Clear. With Acer clear. Stream media from, or to, other devices with Acer clear. Note: All devices must be connected to the same network.