Porsche 911 handbuch



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Porsche 911 handbuch

Manuals Brands Porsche Manuals Speakers Carrera 4 Operating manual Porsche Speaker Operating Manual. Quick Links Download this manual See also: Driver ManualWorkshop Manual. Related Manuals for Porsche Speaker Automobile Porsche Carrera Owner's Manual pages. Automobile Porsche Carrera Technical Manual Porsche automobile pages. Page 2: Table Of Contents Porsche GT3.

Page 3: Important Safety Instructions Do not allow liquid to drop or spray onto the device. Place the device in an horizontal position, standing it on the rubber-coated area so that the Porsche logo is on the top. Strong temperature fluctuations can lead to condensation [ water droplets ] inside the device.

Wait until the moisture Do not place the device close to any edges [ table or shelf edges ] to prevent any knocks and shakes from causing it to fall down. Page 4 [ EN ] The Speaker Important safety instructions Do not subject the operating elements, connections and cables to violence. The device may only be operated at the voltage and frequency specified on the plug-in power supply or the rating plate.

If the box does not contain all the aforementioned parts, 1. DC IN [ For plug-in power supply ] please contact your authorised dealer directly. Page 6: Connection [ maximum reach 10 m ]. Place your source device with the NFC antenna on the NFC sensor of the Speaker until a connection request is displayed.

Remove your Bluetooth device and confirm the connection request. The procedure is as follows: 2. Page Charging Function During the charging process, the LED in the power button will display the battery charging status. When the LED light in the power button is blue, the battery of your Speaker is fully charged.

Please note: The Speaker service hotline is operated by an authorised partner of the Porsche Design Group. Sound distorted. The volume is too high. Reduce the volume. Two source devices are connected with one of the 3. Remove the connection with at least one of the two source 3. It is often not possible to connect the Speaker with a Speakers. This prevents the plug-in power supply from constantly of with the municipal waste [ household waste ].

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Manuals Brands Porsche Manuals Automobile GT2 RS User handbook manual Porsche GT2 RS User Handbook Manual. Quick Links. The new GT2 RS. Related Manuals for Porsche GT2 RS Automobile PORSCHE GT2 Brochure 55 pages. Automobile Porsche GT3 RS User Handbook Manual pages. Volume 6 heating ventilation air condition electrics 76 pages. Summary of Contents for Porsche GT2 RS Page 1 The new GT2 RS Page 4: Table Of Contents The new GT2 RS Engine G-force Ground control Atmosphere Checklist Technical data Page 5: The New Gt2 Rs The new GT2 RS Page 6 And the reason why Composite Brakes PCCB fitted as GT2.

The aim: to surpass it. Some figures cause astonishment, the GT2 RS is 70 kg lighter standard. Additional brake ducts The method: Porsche Intelligent others create awe. The increased than the GT2. Page 7 In addition, you can opt to do front wings which are 26 mm increased downforce on the front GT2 RS is 70 kg lighter than new GT2 RS has lightweight without the CDR audio system, wider, enabling a wider toe angle and rear axles.

Page 8 Rear middle section and rear wing lip in carbon Front lid and side air intakes for the charge air cooler in carbon Exterior mirrors with carbon casing Page 9: Engine Engine Page 10 The variable turbine geometry VTG oil is cooled by an oil-water heat GT2 RS: Nm at 2, rpm, kW hp at 6, rpm and VarioCam Plus delivers its exchanger. Page 11 In using the expansion phase, Instead of a dual-mass flywheel as Until now, more air has meant in the GT2, the GT2 RS less air gets into the cylinders.

At medium revs and low engine more power. The compression However, a slight increase uses a single mass flywheel. Page 12 1. Bi-Xenon headlights 7. Air filter Throttle valve Engine oil reservoir Radiator module left 8. Exhaust-gas turbocharger electronically actuated dry-sump lubrication Leight weight bucket seat 3.

Radiator module centre with Variable Turbine Page G-Force G-force Page 14 The link between the enormous Ride height, camber, toe angle and power of the new GT2 RS and Wider wings on the front axle enable also the stabilisers on the chassis the road: the white gold metallic Traction control the traction control TC.

In this TC also limits excessive force Page 16 The anti-lock braking system ABS 8. ABS ensures that braking distances are as short as possible — thus providing greater safety. It means reacting correctly — Page Ground Control Ground control Page 18 Safety means being able to rely on the The use of six-piston aluminium and size.

In the new GT2 RS and discs. As with conventional systems working in the background. Page 19 System POSIP. The reinforced bodyshell of the rigidity of the car. In the event In the GT2 RS, the airbag new GT2 RS contains a highly of a front impact, an additional technology has been adapted for Page 20 Clubsport package. Page Atmosphere Atmosphere Page 22 Available as a no-cost option in pure sports performance.

They on a thoroughbred racing car. The lightweight bucket Page 25 Sound Package Plus. Universal audio interface. It is func- shows height profiles. In split Page 26 Chrono Package Plus for PCM. In addition to the analogue and digital stopwatch on the dash- board, the optional Chrono Pack- age Plus also provides the follow- ing functions: to display, save and analyse the lap times recorded. The Chrono Package Plus also adds a performance display to PCM to give information on time and distance travelled on Page Checklist Checklist Page 28 Code Special exterior colours.

Code Only one thing is absolutely necessary: Awe. Black extra-cost option standard equipment W available at no extra cost Carrara White For more information on the individual options featured in this catalogue, please refer to the separate price list. Page 29 25, 32 25, 32 For information on compatible mobile phones, please visit www.

Telephone module in HFP mode: the use of a mobile phone inside a vehicle may cause in increase in the interior electromagnetic field strength and, accordingly, in the electromagnetic radiation to which passengers are exposed. Page 30 Option I no. Page Audio and communication: CDR Page Technical Data Turning circle Page 32 Further information on individual vehicles can be obtained from your Porsche Centre.

Fuel consumption is determined on the basis of the standard specification. Optional equipment may influence fuel consumption and performance. Page 34 Dr. Porsche AG Errors and omissions excepted. Porsche AG, Germany All text, images and other www. Print page 1 Print document 35 pages.

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