Bedienungsanleitung drucker hp laserjet 1200 series



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Bedienungsanleitung drucker hp laserjet 1200 series

Zur Seite of Zur. Hewlett-P ackard Company Chinden Boulev ard Boise, Idaho U. Reproduction, adaptation, or translation without prior wr itten per mission is prohibited, e xcept as allow ed under the cop yri ght laws. EN 5 4 Media Optimizing print quality fo r media typ es. EN 9 Regulatory statements. The HP LaserJet series provide s the f ollowing benef it s.

Pr inter cont rol panel 2. Long media e xtension output bin 3. T oner door 4. Pr iorit y input tra y 5. Side media guides f or the main input tr a y 6. Long m edia suppor t for the main inpu t tra y 7. The main input tr ay also has a rear media guide. Media guides en sure that the media is correctly fed into the pr inter a nd that th e pr int is not ske wed crook ed on the media.

Printed media is collected here in the correct sequence wh en the straight -through output door is closed. Use the output bin when printing nor mal and largecollated documents. Y ou m ust open the to ner door to access the ton er car tridge, clear jams, and clean the printer. T o open t he tone r doorfirmly gr asp the le ft and right sides and pull the toner door tow ard y ou. EN Loading media int o t he input trays 21 Loading media into the input tra ys Main input tra y The main input t ra y hold s up to pages of 20 lb paper or f e w er pages o f hea vier media 25 m m or less sta c k.

Lo ad media w ith the top f orward and th e sid e to be pr inted facing up. If the pri nter requi res v olts, you can switch the pr inte r off th e s wit ch is loca ted on the left sid e of the pow er pl ug or unplug it. EN Accessing the pr inter properties drive r and help 25 Printer online help Printer pr oper ties online help The printer proper ties drive r online help includes spe cific inf orm ation ab out the functions in the pr inter proper ties.

Media input tra y guide s 2. The media guides 2which ar e located on the media input tr a yensure that the media is correctly f ed into the scanner and pre v ent sk ewing crooke d image. If y ou are using the str aight-throug h output path, load b u siness cards with the long side f orward. EN Getting to know the software 35 Getting to kno w the software HP LaserJet Director Windo ws 98,Millennium, NT 4.

Windows 1 Open the HP LaserJet Director. EN Getting to know the software 39 HP LaserJet De vice Configuration Adjusting settin gs from the softwar e is sometimes the easiest method. T o gain access to def ault settingsf ollo w these steps: Windows 9x,Millennium, and NT 4.

Windows 9x,Millennium, and NT 4. EN Installing and configuring the network software 47 Installing and configuring the netw ork software The installation pro gram on th e pr inter CD-R OM provid es the easiest and f astest wa y to set up your print ser v eralong with y our printer. Click Yes. Note If you purchased a pr int ser ver separatelymake sure that you install the pr int ser v er so ftware f ound on th e CD-ROM that came w ith your pr inter.

EN Starting t he embedded web server 49 Optionallyy ou can us e BootP Bootstrap Protoc ol or DHCP Dynamic Host Configur ation Protocol to automatically configur e the IP address ov er the ne twor k each tim e the pr int ser v er is tur ned o n.

EN Using BOOTP 51 Configuring the BOO TP server Note Hewlett-P ackard recommend s th at the BOO TP ser v er be loca te d on the same subnet as the pr inters it serves. Routers cannot f orwar d BOO TP broadcast pac k ets unless the rout ers are properly configured. EN UNIX systems 55 Windo ws systems HP JetDirect print ser vers suppo r t IP configur ation from a Windows NT or DHCP ser ver.

T o av o id the pr ob lems that result wh en IP addre sses changeHewlett- P ac kard recommends that y ou assign infinite leases to all of your printers. EN UNIX systems 59 e Specify another reser ved client, or click Close.

The reser v ed clients added are displa y ed in the Reser v ations fo l d e r fo r t h i s s c o p e. Y ou can change the settings f or the medi a that yo u are using to optimiz e the print quality. EN Printing tran sp arencies and labels 63 Printing transparencies and labels Only use tr ansparencies and labels that are r ecommended f or use in laser pr inters, such as HP transparency film and HP LaserJet labels.

See Printer med i a specifications f or more inf or mation. See Printer media specifications for more inf or mation. Note Use the prior ity input tra y f or printing one en v elope. EN Printing envelopes 65 Printing m ultiple en velopes Only use env elopes tha t ar e recommended f or laser printers. Use th e main input tra y f or printing multiple env elopes. Adjust th e media gui des to fit th e width of the paper. EN Printing custom-sized media or cardstock 67 Printing custom-sized media or car dstoc k The HP LaserJet Series can pr int on custom-siz ed media or cardst ock bet w een 76 b y mm 3 by 5 in.

Depending on the med ia, you can pr int up to 10 sheets from the prior ity input tr a y. Load an en v elope in the priority input tra y and load letterhead in the main inp ut t r a y. EN Printing on bo th sides of the paper man ual duplexing 71 Printing on both sides of the paper manual duple xing T o print on both sides of the paper man ual duple xingy ou must run the paper through the printer twice.

Y ou can print using the media output bin or the straight -through output pa th. See Printer prop erties drive r fo r instructions. On the Finishing tabclick Print on Both Sid esselect the Flip Pages Up check bo x, and click OK. EN Printing on bo th sides of the paper man ual duplexing 73 Manual duple x on heavy media or car d stoc k F or hea vy media, such as card stock, use the str aight-through output path. F or e x ampley ou might want to hav e large gra y letters reading Draft or Confiden tial printed diagonally across the fir st page or all of the pages of a document.

EN Printing m ultiple pages on a single sheet of pape r N-up printing 75 Printing m ultiple pages on a single sheet of paper N-up printing Y o u can select the number of page s that y o u want to pr int on a single sheet of paper. EN Printing booklet s 77 5 Place the pages from side on e back in the input tr a y.

Side one should be f acing down with the top ed ge tow ard the printe r. T o stop the printer immediatelyremo ve the r emaining paper from the pr inter. After th e pr inter sto p s, use one of the f ollowing options. EN Understanding print quality settings 79 Under standing print quality settings Print quality settings aff ect how light or dar k the print is on the page and the style that the graphics are pr inted. Y ou can also use the print quality settings to optimize the print quality f or a specific media type.

EconoMode uses subst ant ially less toner than nor mal pr inting. The printed image is much lighterb ut it is adequate f or pr inting dr afts or proof s. Note The HP Lase rJet Director is no t suppor ted f or Microsoft Windows If y ou are u sing Windows 95, see Acquiring an image. EN Scanning to e- mail 83 5 Select whether y ou w ant to scan all pages at once or scan page-b y-page. If yo u choose to scan all pages at once, clic k Scan. The edits are sa v ed and the rest of the pa ges are scanned automatically.

The entir e document is sent to th e destination. EN Editing scanned text Optical Character Recognition 85 Editing scanned te xt Optical Character Recognition Y ou can use the Edit f eature to edit f a x es, lettersne wspaper clippingsand man y other docum ents.

The scanned image ha s been optically rea d and is now r eady to edit. EN Storing scanned te xt or images 87 Storing scanned te xt or images HP softw are pro vides direct access t o your file management system, which me ans that y ou can qu ickly sto re scanned images in any di rector y you choose. Y ou can use HP LaserJet Director or HP LaserJet Document Ma nager to store scanned images.

EN Enhancing the sca nned image in HP Document Manager 89 Enhancing the scanned image in HP Document Manager Y ou can use HP LaserJet Document Manager to mak e the f ollo wing enhancements to scanned. Y ou can perf or m an y of the f ollowing t asks on your.

Y ou use each method f or diff erent p ur poses. EN Using the Quick Copy feature 93 Quic k Cop y settings Y ou can change the de f ault Quic k Cop y settings when y our computer is tur ned on. Q uic k Copy settings remain the same for all future Quick Cop y jobse ven when y our computer is tur ned offuntil y ou ch ange the defaults again. EN Using HP LaserJet Copier 95 Windows 9x,Millennium, and NT 4.

F or example, if y ou cop y a ye llow receipt with light gr ay pr int, the te xt might not be le gible. Since the y are not HP productsHP cannot influence their design or control th eir quality. EN Recycling toner cartri dges 99 Recyc ling toner car tridg es T o reduce landfill w aste, He wlett-P ac kard has adopted a recycling prog ram f or empty toner car tridges. A p ostage-paid shipping label is inside th e ne w HP LaserJet toner car tr idge bo x.

Y ou might be ab le to tempor ar ily impro v e pr int quality b y redistributing the tonerwhich means that y ou might be ab le to finish the current print job bef ore replacing the toner ca r tr idge. EN Changing the t on er cartridge Changing the toner car tridg e Note Y ou will f e el some resistance when y ou open the ton e r do or. Opening the to ne r door con venientl y lifts the toner car tr idge f or rem ov a l.

Put the tab in the toner car tr idge bo x to return for re cycling. For cop ying or sc anning problems, see Finding the solution. EN Finding the solution Printer light patterns Contr ol panel light messa g e Light status Condition of t he printer Action Ready The printer is ready to pr int. No action is necessar y. T o pr int a configuration page, press and release the Go button on the printer control pane l. EN Finding the solution Common Macintosh Pr oblems Symptom P ossible Cau se Solution Pr oblems in the Chooser Printer dr iv er icon does not appear in the Chooser th e LaserWr iter 8 dr iver is used f or the HP Lase rJet printer.

Softw are not instal l e d correctly. Mak e sure the cab les are connected correctlyth e printe r is on, and the Ready light is o n. Mak e sure the correct printer dr iv er has been selected in the Chooser. EN Finding the solution Printing Err ors A pri nt job was not sent to your desired printer.

Anleitungen Marken HP Anleitungen Drucker LaserJet series Bedienungsanleitung HP LaserJet Bedienungsanleitung. Seite von 44 Vorwärts. Verwandte Anleitungen für HP LaserJet Drucker HP LaserJet n Leitfaden Zur Inbetriebnahme 24 Seiten. Drucker HP hp LaserJet Handbuch Seiten. Hp color laserjet serie; hp color laserjet serie Seiten.

Inhaltszusammenfassung für HP LaserJet Seite 1 LaserJet Seite 2 Part 15 of FCC rules. For more regulatory information, see the HP LaserJet electronic user guide. Seite 3 Review package contents. Make sure all parts are included. Prepare the location. Place on a sturdy, level surface. Allow space for 1 HP LaserJet series printer.

Allow space behind the printer for output from the 3 Getting Started Guide. Seite 4 Regulate the environment. Do not place in direct sunlight. Ensure the environment is free from abrupt temperature or humidity changes. Kontroller omgivelserne. Pull the sides of the door forward until the door Remove the left side panel.

Leave the door open until step 7. Seite 6 Collegare il cavo parallelo o USB alla stampante. La stampante Rimontare il pannello laterale sinistro. Collegare un cavo pannello laterale sinistro dietro i bordi del pannello frontale. Seite 7 Prepare the toner cartridge. Remove the toner cartridge from the plastic Install the toner cartridge. Insert the cartridge into the printer, making bag. Remove the mylar tape by breaking the tab on the left and pulling the sure that the toner cartridge is in position.

Seite 8 Close the toner door. The toner cartridge engages when the door is Install the printer trays. Seite 9 1 Place the media into the media input tray. Slide the guides until they are Test the printer. Wait until the ready light is illuminated and press the Go flush with the media. Seite 10 Install the printer software. Insert the CD for your software installation or Installing on Windows.

HP Printer USB. Klicken Installation auf dem Macintosh USB. Seite 12 Go button. Dit HP LaserJet produkt er klar til brug. Se den Fejlfinding af printeren. Seite 13 DIMM, if necessary. If errors still exist, call HP Customer Support. Hardware wizard, click Next. Seite 15 Installing on Windows USB. Seite 16 Installing on Windows 9X and Millennium Parallel. Seite 17 Installing on Windows NT Parallel. Note: You must have administrator Installing on Windows Parallel.

Seite 18 5 Select Specify a location. Seite 27 mm Seite 28 Hewlett-Packard Co. Use of a shielded interface cable is required to comply with the Class B limits of Part 15 of FCC rules. Make sure all parts Locate parts. Turn off the printer power are included. Attach the Reattach the left side panel.

Seite 34 Close the toner door. Connect the power engages when the door is closed. Seite 35 Sie das Druckerkabel und stecken es wieder Scanner eingezogen werden. Die Kopie ein. Wiederholen Sie dann den Test. Falls der erscheint im Druckerausgabefach. Fehler immer noch besteht, rufen Sie den HP Kundendienst an. Pruebe la copiadora. Seite 36 XXXmax Install the software. Choose and install the 1 Select Install from the autorun screen. If 2 Follow the instructions on the screen.

Click appropriate CD for your software installation. Votre nouvelle acquisition imprimante dans le champ Destination. En sur OK. Seite 41 XXXmax Seite 44 Hewlett-Packard Co. Seite 1 drucken Dokument drucken 44 Seiten. Abbrechen Löschen.

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