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Toshiba regza 42rv635d bedienungsanleitung

Manuals Brands Toshiba Manuals LCD TV REGZA 32RVU Owner's manual Toshiba REGZA 32RVU Owner's Manual Integrated high definition lcd television. Quick Links. See also: Owner's Manual. For a noverview ofSteps f orSetting u p yournew TV,see page 9. Note:To display a High Definition p icturel theTVmustbereceiving a. High Definition s ignal such asanover4he,air High Definition T V.

Related Manuals for Toshiba REGZA 32RVU LCD TV Toshiba 46RVU Service Manual Lcd color television 16 pages. LCD TV Toshiba REGZA 32RVR Specifications p full hd lcd tv with cinespeed 2 pages. Note:To display a High Definition p icturel theTVmustbereceiving a High Definition s ignal such asanover4he,air High Definition T V broadcast, a High Definition d igital c able program, era High Definition digital s atellite program ; Page 2 Page 2 Wednesday, January 30 PM Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing this Toshiba LCD TV.

This manual will help you use the many exciting features of your new LCD TV. Before operating your LCD TV, please read this manual completely, and keep it nearby for future reference. Page 3 32 52RVU EN. Keep these instructions. Heed all warnings. Follow all instructions. Do not use this apparatus near water. Clean only with dry cloth. Do not block any ventilation openings. Install in accordance with the manufacturer's Do not install near any heat sources Page 4 Failure to follow this WARNING may result in death or serious injury.

Refer all servicing not specified in this manual to a Toshiba Authorized Service Center. Page 5: Choosing Location 32 52RVU EN. CAUTION: Before beginning pedestal assembly, carefully lay the front of the LCD Panel face down on a flat, cushioned Caution: Changes or modifications expressly approved by Toshiba could void the user's authority to operate this equipment.

Page 7: Table Of Contents 52RVU EN. Installation, Care,andService Chapter 1: Introduction. Features of your new TV Overview of steps for installing, setting up, and using your new TV TV fiont and side panel controls and connections TV back panel connections Chapter 2 : Connecting yourIV Page 8 LED indications Chapter g: Appendix Limited Canadian Warranty for Toshiba Brand Flat Panel Televisions Index Page Tv Back Panel Connections Cable TV QAM signals.

Dolby and the double-D symbol are registered Laboratories. TVback Power cord Page About The Connection Component video cables come in sets of three and are for use with video devices with component video output. These cables are typically color-coded red, green, and blue. Separate audio cables are required for a complete connection. Page 13 32 52RVU EN.

Page 14 32 52RVU EN. Page 15 You can use the TV's IN OUT terminal infrared pass- through to remotely operate through the TV many infrared remote-controlled devices such as Toshiba infrared remote- controlled VCRs or DVD players enclosed within an entertainment center or similar cabinet. Without the IN OUT connection, the device typically would need to be visible to operate it remotely.

However, Toshiba is not liable for those operations. Refer to the individual instruction manuals for compatibility information. Page 18 32 52RVU EN. Page Connecting Pc 32 52RVU EN. To connect a PC to the PC IN terminal When connecting Page 20 VCRs, DVD players, and HTIBs home theater in a boxeven if they are different brands. POWER turns the TV on and off. When the TV is on, the green LED indicator on the TV front will be illuminated.

Page Usingthe Remote Control To Control Your Other Devices 32 52RVU EN. Page Remote Control 32 52RVU EN. Page 24 Your Toshiba TV remote control is preprogrammed to operate most Toshiba devices. To program your TV remote control to operate a non-Toshiba device or a Toshiba device that it is not preprogrammed to operatefollow the steps below.

For details on using the remote control to operate the device, see page Page 26Sony ,, ,, , ,, SylvaniaSymphonic ,,Tandy Tashiko Tatung Teac , Technics Teknika , Toshiba ,, ,, ,,Totevision , Unitec Unitech Vector Research ,, ,, Concepts,, ,, ,, ,,Westinghouse Page Main Menu Layout 32 52RVU EN.

Page 28 32 52RVU EN. Channel Browser Favorites Page Selecting The Menu Language 32 52RVU EN. Page Into The Tv's Channel Memory 32 52RVU EN. Follow the steps below to program channels channel Page Labeling Channels 32 52RVU EN. To remove all channels from the channel Highlight Reset and pressand then highlight Done and press.

Page 32 32 52RVU EN. Press Al! Page Viewing The Digital Signal Meter 32 52RVU EN. To view the digital signal meter: From the Setup menu, highlight Installation and press. Page Viewing The Systemstatus 32 52RVU EN. A new set of Installation menu icons will appear. Open the System Status menu, highlight System Information, and press. Page Selecting The Video Input Source To View 32 52RVU EN.

Page Tuning Channels 32 52RVU EN. If a particular input is not used, you can select Hide as the label, which will cause that input to be "grayed out" Page 37 32 52RVU EN. Page Setting The Channel 32 52RVU EN. Page Switching Between 32 52RVU EN. Select the first channel you want to view.

Page 40 32 52RVU EN. TheaterWide 1 for format programs i3o o i i3 o 3i The center of the picture remains close to its original proportion, but the left and right edges are stretched wider to fill the screen. Page Usingthe Auto Aspectratiofeature 32 52RVU EN. Page Selecting The Cinema Mode 32 52RVU EN. Page The Picture 32 52RVU EN. Page Ccselector 32 52RVU EN. Caption Size Auto, Small, Standard, Large Auto, Default, Mono w.

Serif, Prop. Caption Text Serif. MTS also can transmit second audio program SAP containing music, or other audio information when provided individual stations. When the TV receives a stereo or SAP broadcast, "STEREO" Page Selecting The Optical Audio Output Format 32 52RVU EN. Similarly, the rating of programs in an additional rating system is not determined, by the TV or Toshiba.

Page Blocking Channels 32 52RVU EN. L Crude or indecent language activity V Graphic violence Parents Strongly Cautioned This program contains some material that many parents would find Page Usingthe Input Lock Feature 32 52RVU EN. Page Usingthe Pcsettings Feature 32 52RVU EN. When a PC is connected to the TV's PC IN terminal, you can use the PC Settings feature to make adjustments to the image.

If the edges of the picture are cut off, readjust the Horizontal Position and Vertical Position. Page Other Regza-Link 32 52RVU EN.

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