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Handbuch yamaha rx v481

Manuals Brands Yamaha Manuals Receiver RX-V Owner's manual Yamaha RX-V Owner's Manual. Quick Links. AV Receiver. Read the supplied booklet "Safety Brochure" before using the unit. Related Manuals for Yamaha RX-V Receiver Yamaha RX-V Owner's Manual Yamaha av receiver owner's manual 67 pages. Yamaha av receiver ampli-tuner audio-video owner's manual 73 pages. Receiver Yamaha RX-V Service Manual Av receiver 94 pages. Page 2: Table Of Contents CONTENTS BEFORE USING THE UNIT 4 Connecting the radio antennas Page 3 Playing back digitally compressed formats such as MP3, etc.

Page 4 First, check the following Page 6: Features FEATURES What you can do with the unit The unit is equipped with full of useful functions. Change the input source and Wide variety of supported favorite settings with one touch content via network Supports 2- to 5. Page 7 40 favorite radio stations as presets.

Page 9: Part Names And Functions Select the registered input source and sound program with one touch. Also, turns on the unit when it is in standby Standby indicator FM and AM keys RX-V or FM and DAB keys RX- mode p. VD Lights up when the unit is in standby mode under any of PROGRAM keys Switch between FM and AM p.

D Center speaker Bluetooth indicator F Surround speaker L Light up while the unit is connecting to a Bluetooth device. Page Rear Panel Rear panel RX-V U. Page Remote Control You can select directly each input source by pressing the VOLUME keys SETUP OPTION following keys.

Adjust the volume. Page Placing Speakers Placing speakers Select the speaker layout for the number of speakers that you are using and place the speakers and subwoofer in your room. This section describes the representative speaker layout examples.

Page Typical Speaker Layouts Typical speaker layouts 5. We recommend this speaker layout when the speakers can't be placed in back of the room. Page Other Speaker Layouts Other speaker layouts The following speaker layouts are also available.

Page Setting The Speaker Impedance Setting the speaker impedance U. Before connecting speakers, connect the power cable to an AC wall outlet. While holding down STRAIGHT on the front panel, press z power. Page Connecting Speakers Connecting speakers Connect the speakers placed in your room to the unit. The following diagrams provide connections for a 5. For other systems, connect speakers while referring to the connection diagram for the 5.

Page Connecting Speaker Cables Connecting speaker cables Connecting the subwoofer with built-in amplifier Speaker cables have two wires. One is for connecting the negative - terminal of the Use an audio pin cable to connect the subwoofer. If the wires are colored to prevent confusion, connect the black wire to the negative and the other wire Audio pin cable to the positive terminal. Page Connecting A Tv Connecting a TV Composite video connection When connecting any video device with a video pin cable, connect the TV to the Connect a TV to the unit so that video input to the unit can be output to the TV.

You MONITOR OUT VIDEO jack. Choose a set of input jacks on the unit depending on the consoles to the unit. ZONE A ZONE B SLEEP S C E N E MUTE Page Connecting Audio Devices Such As Cd Players Connecting audio devices such as CD players Connecting to the jack on the front panel Connect audio devices such as CD players and MD players to the unit. Depending on Use the AUX jack on the front panel to temporarily connect devices such as portable the audio output jacks available on your audio device, choose one of the following audio players to the unit.

Fix the end of the FM antenna to a wall, and place the AM antenna on a flat surface. Page Preparing For Connecting To A Network Preparing for connecting to a network Connect the unit to a router access point with a network cable, or prepare the Note wireless antenna for establishing a wireless network connection. Page Connecting The Power Cable Connecting the power cable Warning Taiwan, Brazil and General models only Make sure you set VOLTAGE SELECTOR of the unit BEFORE plugging the power cable into an AC wall outlet.

Improper setting of VOLTAGE SELECTOR may cause damage to the unit and create a potential fire hazard. Page Selecting An On-Screen Menu Language Selecting an on-screen menu language Select the desired on-screen menu language. To exit from the menu, press SETUP.

Press z receiver power to turn on the unit. Note The information on the front display is provided in English only. Turn on the TV and switch the TV input to display video from the unit HDMI OUT jack. Page Optimizing The Speaker Settings Automatically Ypao Optimizing the speaker settings automatically YPAO The Yamaha Parametric room Acoustic Optimizer YPAO function detects speaker Place the YPAO microphone at your listening position and connections, measures the distances from them to your listening position sand then connect it to the YPAO MIC jack on the front panel.

Auto Setup The measurement will start in 10 seconds. Press ENTER to start the Start measurement immediately. Page Error Messages The YPAO microphone this error occurs repeatedly, contact the cannot detect test tones. Front display ENO SIGNAL nearest authorized Yamaha dealer or service center. Procedure to handle errors EUser Cancel The measurement has been Retry or exit YPAO as necessary. Page Warning Messages Warning messages If a warning message is displayed after the measurement, you can still save the Warning message Cause Remedy measurement results by following on-screen instructions.

However, we recommend you perform YPAO again in order to use the unit with the optimal speaker settings. Page Connecting To A Network Wirelessly Connecting to a network wirelessly Connect the unit to a wireless router access point or a mobile device by establishing Connecting without a wireless router access point a wireless connection. Connect a mobile device to the unit directly. There are several methods to connect the unit to a wireless network. Select a connection method according to your environment.

Page 35 Using the WPS button configuration Select the network access point of which you want to share the settings with the unit. You can easily set up a wireless connection with one push of the WPS button. Tap here to start setup Press z receiver power to turn on the unit. If your wireless router access point does not support WPS button configuration method, follow the procedure below to configure the wireless network settings.

Wireless Wi-Fi Select a setup method. Follow the procedure below to connect a mobile device to the unit directly. None, WPA2-PSK AES Next, configure the Wi-Fi settings of a mobile device. You can enjoy music from your smartphone, PC, NAS drive and music streaming service anywhere in your on screen instructions, then hold down CONNECT on the front house with one easy-to-use application. AUDIO Bluetooth CHARGE ENHANCER STEREO TUNED SLEEP MUTE VOL. Selecting a registered scene Perform the following operations to prepare the settings you want to assign to a scene.

Page Selecting The Sound Mode Selecting the sound mode The unit is equipped with a variety of sound programs and surround decoders that I want to enjoy enhanced bass sounds. Page Virtual Cinema Dsp Sound programs suitable for music MUSIC Sound programs suitable for stereo playback STEREO The following sound programs are optimized for listening to music sources. You can select stereo playback. This program simulates a Munich concert hall with approximately 2, Use this program to mix down multichannel sources to 2 channels.

When seats that uses stylish wood for the interior finishing. Page Enjoying Unprocessed Playback Enjoying unprocessed playback Playing back 2-channel sources in multichannel surround decoder You can play back input sources without any sound field effect processing. The surround decoder enables unprocessed multichannel playback from 2-channel sources. When a multichannel source is input, it works the same way as the straight Playing back in original channels straight decode decode mode.

Page Enjoying Pure High Fidelity Sound Direct Playback Enjoying pure high fidelity sound direct playback Playing back digitally compressed formats such as MP3, etc. Page Registering Favorite Radio Stations Presets Registering favorite radio stations presets Press TUNING repeatedly to set a frequency.

You can register up to 40 radio stations as presets. Once you have registered stations, Hold down the key for about a second to search stations automatically. ZONE A ZONE B SLEEP Page 52 Registering a radio station manually To start the Auto Preset process, press ENTER. Select a radio station manually and register it to a preset number. Page Selecting A Preset Station Selecting a preset station Clearing preset stations Tune into a registered radio station by selecting its preset number.

Clear radio stations registered to the preset numbers. Press PRESET repeatedly to select the desired radio station. To enable this function, follow the procedure below to set the traffic Radio Data System is a data transmission system used by FM stations in many information station. Page Listening To Dab Radio Rx-VD Listening to DAB radio RX-VD DAB Digital Audio Broadcasting uses digital signals for clearer sound and more Preparing the DAB tuning stable reception compared to analog signals.

You can select a DAB radio station from the stations stored by the initial scan. Page Registering Favorite Dab Radio Stations Presets Registering favorite DAB radio stations presets CHARGE ENHANCER SLEEP MUTE VOL. Once you have registered Preset number stations, you can easily tune into them by selecting their preset numbers. Note Note You can register up to 40 favorite radio stations each for DAB and FM bands. Page Displaying The Dab Information Displaying the DAB information Clearing preset DAB radio stations Clear DAB radio stations registered to the preset numbers.

The unit can receive various types of DAB information when it is tuned into a DAB radio station. Tune into the desired DAB radio station. Page Checking Reception Strength Of Each Dab Channel Label Checking reception strength of Frequency Channel label DAB frequency information

Anleitungen Marken Yamaha Anleitungen Receiver RX-V Bedienungsanleitung Yamaha RX-V Bedienungsanleitung Seite 3 Av-receiver. Seite von Vorwärts. Einstellen der Frequenzschritte Auswahl einer Empfangsfrequenz Speichern Ihrer Lieblings-Radiosender Festsender Abstimmung per Radio Data System DAB-Radio hören RX-VD Vorbereiten der DAB-Abstimmung Auswählen eines zu empfangenden DAB-Radiosenders Speichern Ihrer Lieblings-DAB-Radiosender Festsender Anzeigen der DAB-Informationen Prüfen der Empfangsstärke für jede DAB-Kanalbezeichnung FM-Radio UKW hören RX-VD Speichern Ihrer Lieblings-FM-Radiosender Festsender Wiedergabe von auf einem -Speichergerät gespeicherter Musik.

Wiedergabe von Musik mit AirPlay Wiedergabe von auf einem USB-Speichergerät gespeicherter Musik. Wiedergabe von Inhalten eines USB-Speichergeräts Einrichtung für die Medienfreigabe Wiedergabe von Musikinhalten vom Computer Internetradio hören Speichern Ihrer Lieblings-Internetradiosender Lesezeichen Wiedergabe mit noch besserer Tonqualität über Bi-Amping.

Wiedergabe von Musik in mehreren Räumen Bedienen des Verfahrens Zone B Nützliche Funktionen Speichern Ihrer bevorzugten Einträge Shortcut Konfigurieren der Wiedergabeeinstellungen für verschiedene. Wiedergabequellen Optionen-Menü Einträge im Optionen-Menü Konfigurieren verschiedener Funktionen Setup-Menü Einträge im Setup-Menü Konfigurieren der Systemeinstellungen ADVANCED SETUP-Menü. Einträge im ADVANCED SETUP-Menü Ändern der Lautsprecherimpedanzeinstellung SP IMP. Auswählen der Fernbedienungs-ID REMOTE ID Umschalten des Videosignaltyps TV FORMAT Auswählen des Signalformats HDMI 4K 4K MODE Wiederherstellen der Standardeinstellungen INIT Aktualisieren der Firmware UPDATE Prüfen der Firmware-Version VERSION Aktualisieren der Firmware des Geräts über das Netzwerk Häufig gestellte Fragen Inhalt sverzeichnis.

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