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Tomtom 510 handbuch

Manuals Brands TomTom Manuals GPS GO User manual TomTom Go User Manual Tomtom go user guide. Quick Links. See also: Manual. Table of Contents. TomTom GO. Related Manuals for TomTom Go GPS TomTom GO User Manual pages. GPS TomTom GO Basic User Manual pages. Summary of Contents for TomTom Go Page 1 TomTom GO Page 5: Everyone Loves Tomtom Go Always store your GO in the carry case to protect the screen. You can make a backup using TomTom HOME. Page 7: Getting Started Follow the instructions on the Installation Poster to dock your TomTom GO in your car.

The first time you switch on your TomTom GO, it may take up to 20 seconds to start. Page 8: Finding Your Position Faster Finding your position faster To find your position faster, use the home dock in combination with TomTom HOME on your computer.

When connected to the Internet, TomTom HOME automatically downloads information which helps your GO locate your position faster. For more information about GPS, see How Does Navigation Work? Page 9: Docking Your Tomtom Go GO to your computer. Connect the home dock to the home charger and your computer as shown below. Place your TomTom GO in the home dock in the same way as you place it in the windshield dock. Page Making Your First Trip Chapter 5 Making Your First Trip Making Your First Trip Planning a route with your TomTom GO is very simple.

To plan your first route, follow the steps below. Tap the screen to bring up the main menu. Tap Navigate to Page 12 Your TomTom GO will immediately start guiding you to your destination with spoken instructions and visual instructions on the screen. Note: Before you can plan a route in this way, your TomTom GO must first locate your current position. Page What Are The Other Navigation Options TomTom page Buddy Tap this button to navigate to the location where your TomTom GO was last docked in the windshield dock in your car.

This option helps you to find your car if you have problems remembering Last docked where you parked it. You have to specify the maximum speed. Your TomTom GO plans the route between the two locations you selected. More information about a route To find out about your route in detail, tap the Details button on the route summary screen.

Page 15 You can then select from the following options: Tap this button for a list of all the turn instructions on the route. Browse as text Tap this button to see each turn in the trip. Tap the right and left arrows to move forwards and backwards through the trip. Page Driving View Normally this area shows the remaining trip time, remaining distance, and arrival time. To set which information is displayed, tap Status bar preferences in the Preferences menu. Indicator of the strength of the GPS signal.

Page 19 TomTom GO looks and behaves. For more information, see Preferences on page Hidden buttons and features When you first start using your TomTom GO, not all of the buttons will be displayed in the menu. Many buttons and some more advanced features are hidden because you will not need these features very often. Page Finding Alternative Routes Chapter 8 Finding alternative routes Finding alternative routes Once you have planned a route, you may want to change something about the route, without changing your destination.

Tap Find alternative Page 22 Your GO will check if there are any traffic problems on your route and work out the best route to avoid the problems. Minimise For more information about using TomTom Traffic, see TomTom Traffic on traffic delays page Page Itinerary Planning Chapter 9 Itinerary planning Itinerary planning What is an Itinerary?

An Itinerary is a plan for a trip with more stops than just your final destination. Page Organising An Itinerary 3. Tap Add and select a location. You can add items to your Itinerary in any order and change the order later. Once you have added some items, you can organise them into the Itinerary. Organising an Itinerary Tap an item on your Itinerary to open a page of buttons for editing the item.

The buttons shown below are available. Page Start Using An Itinerary Start using an Itinerary Tap Options, then tap Start navigation. To save an Itinerary, tap Save Itinerary. To load a saved Itinerary, tap Load Itinerary. To create a new Itinerary, tap New Itinerary and to delete one, tap Delete Itinerary. Page Using The Map Using the Map Using the Map Every time you use your TomTom GO to plan a route, you are using the map. However, you can use the map in many other ways.

To open the map, tap Browse map in the Main Menu. Page 28 Tap this button to navigate to the cursor position. Your GO will calculate the route there. Navigate there Tap this button to find a POI near the cursor position. For example, if you have found a restaurant to go to, you can search for a parking garage nearby.

Page What Are Favorites Chapter 11 Favorites Favorites What are Favorites? Favorites are places that you go often. How can I create a Favorite? From the Main Menu, tap Add Favorite. Page 30 For example, if you stop somewhere you like, while you are there you can tap this button to create the Favorite. GPS postion Tap this button to create a Favorite using the map browser.

Select the location of the Favorite using the cursor, then tap Done. Page How Can I Use A Favorite Tap this button to make a Favorite of the current position of a TomTom Buddy. For more information about TomTom Buddies, see TomTom PLUS on TomTom page Buddy Tap this button to save the location where your TomTom GO was last docked in the windshield dock in your car.

Page How Can I Change The Name Of A Favorite How can I change the name of a Favorite? Tap Change preferences to open the Preferences menu. Tap Manage Favorites. Tip: Tap the arrow to move to the next page buttons. To find out how to activate Radar Camera detection, see the TomTom PLUS services leaflet included with your GO. Page Navigating To A Poi Navigating to a POI 1. Tap Point of Interest. Narrow your choice of POIs by selecting the area where the POI is.

Page Managing Pois If you know the name of the POI, tap Find and type the name. Select it from the list when it is shown. Once you have selected a POI, the route to the POI is calculated by your TomTom GO. Managing POIs Tap Manage POIs from the Preferences menu. Page 36 Tap this button to create a POI by entering latitude and longitude values.

Latitude Longitude Tap this button to make a POI of the current position of a TomTom Buddy. For more information about TomTom Buddies, see TomTom PLUS on page Page How Can I Set Warnings For Pois Tap this button to save the location where your TomTom GO was last docked in the windshield dock in your car. If your GO loses GPS reception for the last part of the trip, for example, if Last docked you park in underground parking, the last-known position will be used.

In this case, it would probably be the entrance to the parking lot. Page Internal And External Speakers Bluetooth Hi-Fi headset. Using the audio cable The audio cable is included in the box with your TomTom GO. To play sound through your car stereo, do the following: 1. Plug the audio cable into the line out connector on the windshield dock, as shown below. Page 42 How do computer voices work? Your TomTom GO makes use of text-to-speech technology to generate computer voices. Note: Not all phones are supported.

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Manuals Brands TomTom Manuals Car Navigation system GO Manual TomTom Go Manual Traffic receiver. Quick Links Download this manual See also: User Manual. This guide explains how to set up the TomTom RDS-TMC. Traffic Receiver, for receiving traffic information to help. Before connecting the RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver for the first. Attach the TomTom device to the Windscreen Holder.

Plug the TMC receiver into your TomTom device or the. Position the TomTom device at the bottom left corner of. Press the transparent suction cup at the tip of the. Press the second transparent suction cup firmly against. Place the egg shaped receiver with the black suction cup. The Traffic bar is shown in the Driving View and your. TomTom device searches for a radio station that carries.

While your TomTom device is searching for a radio station. If you want to tune to a particular radio station, you can enter. Your TomTom device looks for the radio station. If it does. Note: If radio reception is poor, for example when you are. Related Manuals for TomTom Go GPS TomTom Go Quick Start Manual pages.

GPS TomTom ONE User Manual 67 pages. Summary of Contents for TomTom Go Page 1 TomTom device is switched off. Plug the TMC receiver into your TomTom device or the Windscreen Mount, depending on your product 3. Position the TomTom device at the bottom left corner of the car windscreen. Page 2 Setting the country If you are driving close to a country border, your TomTom device may tune to a radio station from a neigbouring country.

If this happens you will only receive RDS-TMC traffic information for the neighbouring country. To avoid tuning to a radio station in another country, set the required country as follows: 1. This manual is also suitable for: Go Go Go Go Go Go Show all Go Go Go x20 Go live One xl Rds tmc - traffic receiver - tmc module Rds-tmc traffic receiver.

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