Epson 9300 handbuch



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Epson 9300 handbuch

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Thread starter Bodie Start date Sep 23, Tags epson. Bodie Active Member. As these are now out and no one has setup an owners thread I'd thought I'd be the first I've had mine since Wednesday courtesy of Ricky at kalibrate and thought I'd post my thoughts so far as there's been a lot of pleasure and a little bit of pain.

The main pain coming from the linker which Ricky is going to look into but shouldn't be an issue top man. First the good points. The picture, it's gorgeous plain and simple. I do not have a bat cave just a normal lounge with blackout curtains and the black level is very good indeed. The thing with black level is it's hard for me to judge as I'm used to oled blacks. I can however compare it to my last projector which was a JVC X3 and when compared to that its as good as if not better.

Ultra Hd blurays are just amazing. The thing is its taken a few days and a lot of tweaking to find settings I like and After a lot of messing I actually like HDR on this. I find with HDR on this projector I use the bright cinema setting with HDR 1 and image enhancement preset 5 in Eco mode and I find it gives a brilliant picture in my room to my eyes.

Images just pop of screen, the level of detail is staggering and it's just a joy to watch. Very happy indeed Sky Q - pictures are very nice indeed and UHD footy only watched a bit briefly to check it worked but the level of detail was amazing on the big screen. Crystal clear images and motion good indeed. I will play around with this some more later on but at this moment it's better than my X3 and I liked that a lot.

Gaming - I play call of duty a lot and I've had a couple of hours on this now and again it's superb. Playing cod on my X3 online was not good due to lag, whereas this seems to be very good. Again time will tell the more I play but at this moment I'm very happy.

Now I've had some issues with linker which Ricky is going to sort out But it's mainly to do with settings as I couldn't get BT to go through. I also couldn't get 3D to work. I ended up going direct to my Yamaha and it solved all the problems. However the Yamaha must be doing something behind the scenes with regard to sky as I have that set to output p 10bit. When I look at the signal input on Epson it's showing the 4K resolution but only at 8bit so the Yamaha must be downsamping it.

Xbox one S - now this may be of interest to people. When I set the resolution on this to 4K output 10bit I get all green lights from my tv connection, however when I have this going to Epson I have some issues - I've attached a picture. The Epson can display bit on 4K24 up to sub sampling. The Xbox one S outputs at I spoke to Ricky about this and he says that once the linker is working correctly it will be fine and reduce sub sampling to When I play a UHD through Xbox one S I get the 4K resolution.

But only rec 8 bit colour. So anyone hoping to use an Xbox one s may need to have a think. Overall after a couple of days ownership and now I've settled on a resolution I like for HDR and UHD, I'm over the moon with it. Bar the little issue with linker and the Xbox one S which are both solvable this projector really does put a smile on my face.

Anyway back to more playng but I Hope this little review helps. I am just about to pick up a and stack it on top of my Sony 4K, really want to see how it performs with HDR. I hear UHD motion isn't the best but I want to see for myself. Thanks for your feedback it helped me pull the trigger to get a test unit. Exciting weekend ahead. Well went to see it and while it looked great I decided not to buy it.

Will get the LS Amar Active Member. Has anyone viewed the against a Sony HW45? I saw the Sony at a local Richer Sounds recently where the screen dropped in front of a 58" Panasonic DX and I found the projector to blow the TV out of the water. The overall contrast wasn't quite as good as the TV but in terms of motion and view angles, the projector was a clear winner. Now, the Epson seems a good competitor to the Sony HW Just watched point break in HDR and apart from it being a remake of an absolute classic, in HDR it's just gorgeous On this this projector.

Just need to make sure your in the right setting. Just love this thing. Ricky27 Well-known Member. Hi when these are ceiling mounteddoes anyone detect the fan noise gets louder compared to table mounted? I know the was known for being very noisy in normal lamp mode, and generally noisier when ceiling mounted. Hoping to get a soon but would hope this issue has been sorted on these new models.

Ricky27 said:. DodgeTheViper Moderator. Bodie said:. DodgeTheViper said:. Maybe I've missed it but you don't actually say what model you have. Timoweb Active Member. Demoed both of these at Ideal AV thanks Allan both the TW and TW were good. I think I preferred the and will upgrade to it soon the lens control from the remote it awesome, this means I can upgrade to a 2.

I've not seen the Sony 4K but I have seen the JVC X which I was very impressed with. I really thought That would be my upgrade but took a gamble after seeing the in action saw the vs x I'm so glad I did. Funny thing was I actually didn't like HDR On the projector but now I love it.

Hope you have fun playing with it, but as far as I've seen so far with UHD footy and action 4K films I can't see any issues with motion. I appreciate everyone is different though. After more use and getting the settings however wrong they maybe to suit my non bat cave viewing environment, the picture is superb. Hi Bodie, did you prefer the TW over the X? I've read so far of most people favouring the X I couldn't demo either, but have been with JVC for years now Epson before JVC. I went for the X - unfortunately its got a very annoying noise problem, which I had before on an X Thanks for that, I follow.

I'm still hoping to demo the Tw or TW I also upgraded from a JVC X3. I was not expecting the blacks to be so washed out, even in my room, which are medium coloured terracotta white ceilingblack furniture, terracotta carpet. As though I know the X is much brighter, my X3 seemed much better at blacks out of box and calibrated.

Will see how things go. Someone told me their manager chose the X over the ls10k. Absolutely jaw dropping picture, demoed Fury Road last night and me and my friend were just astounded. I think it's a considerable improvement over the X3 in 2D. I know 3D will be amazing too - which I thought was amazing even on the X3 but became unwatchable for me at around hours.

I've owned a few JVCs that suffered this more loudly than others, at the moment this one has it moderately loud - my ears pick up frequencies and sounds very well.

Manuals Brands Epson Manuals Projector EH-TWW User manual Epson EH-TWW User Manual. Quick Links Download this manual. User's Guide. Related Manuals for Epson EH-TWW Projector Epson EH-TW Specifications Brilliant larger-than-life, 2d and 3d home entertainment 2 pages. Brilliant wireless 2d and 3d entertainment at home 2 pages. Projector Epson EH-TWW User Manual Home cinema pages.

Summary of Contents for Epson EH-TWW Page 1 User's Guide Page 2: Organization Of The Guide And Notations In The Guide Configuration menu, and handling problems and performing routine maintenance. Quick Start Guide Page 3: Notations Used In This Guide Organization of the Guide and Notations in the Guide Notations Used in This Guide Safety Indications The documentation and the projector use graphical symbols to show how to use the projector safely.

The following shows the symbols and their meanings. Please understand and respect these caution symbols in order to avoid injury to persons or property. Page 4: Table Of Contents Contents Remote Control Operating Range Page 5 Pairing 3D Glasses Page 6 Problems with HDMI Caution While projecting, do not put your face or hands near the air exhaust vent, and do not place objects that may become warped or damaged by heat near the vent.

Page 8: Control Panel Introduction Control Panel When the Illumination function is set to Off, all indicators are off under normal projection conditions. Extended - Operation - Illumination p. Shows the projector's status through a combination of other indicators lit and flashing.

The adjustment items are as follows. Page Remote Control Introduction Remote Control The remote control varies depending on the projector model you are using. Button Function Turns the projector on. Page 11 RGBCMY color. Turns on the WirelessHD Transmitter, or switches the input and output.

Make sure you point the remote control at the WirelessHD Transmitter when performing operations. Page 12 Introduction Button Function Displays the Image Enhancement menu. Picture in Picture p. Page Rear Introduction Rear Name Function a Security slot The security slot compatible with the MicroSaver security system manufac- tured by Kensington. Page Base Introduction Base LENS Name Function a Ceiling mount fixing Attaches the optional ceiling mount here when suspending the projector from a ceiling.

Use the fixing points when installing next to a wall in a small room. Page Preparing Preparing Installing Projected Image and Position of Projector Install the projector as follows. Installing in parallel with the screen If the projector is installed at an angle to the screen, keystone distortion occurs in the projected image. Adjust the projector's position so that it is installed in parallel with the screen.

If the projector cannot be installed in front of the screen, you can adjust the position of the image by using lens shift. If it is not installed correctly, it could fall causing an accident and injury. Extended - Projection p. Use the table below to setup the projector at the optimum position from the screen.

Page 18 Preparing When adjusting the projection position horizontally in lens shift Lens center movement distance when the projector is moved when lens shift is set to maximum left Lens center movement distance when the projector is moved when lens shift is set to maximum right Projection distance from the projector to the screen Size of the projected image Unit: cm Page 19 Preparing Overhead view If you force a connector of a different shape into the port, it could cause damage and a malfunction to occur.

Removing the Terminal Cover Depending on the model you are using, the projector may have a terminal cover for the connector section on the rear to improve the overall appearance of the projector. Page Connecting External Equipment Trigger Out port. When set to on, a signal 12 V DC is output from this port to communicate the projector's status On or Off to connected devices such as electric screens.

Page Connecting To The Lan Port Preparing You can operate smartphones or tablets from the projector remote control. You can also view video and listen to music while charging a smartphone or tablet. During charging, the smartphone or tablet could generate heat, cause a liquid leak, explode or generate other conditions that could result in a fire. Page Connecting An Hdmi Cable Clamp Download EasyMP Multi PC Projection from the following Web site. Remove the battery cover.

Page Basic Operations Basic Operations Projecting Images Turning On the Projector Connect the equipment to the Press the button on the remote projector. Connect using the power cord Remote control Control panel supplied.

Page If The Target Image Is Not Projected Basic Operations If the target image is not projected If the image is not projected, you can change the source using one of the following methods. Remote control Control panel Press the button for the target port. Press the button and select the target port. Press the button to confirm the selection. Page Turning Off Basic Operations The Home screen disappears after 10 minutes of inactivity.

Turning Off Turn off the connected equipment. Press the button again. Press the button on the remote control or the button on the control panel. Projection ends, and the lens shutter closes Remote control Control panel automatically. Page Adjusting The Projected Image 2. Press the button again to end the test pattern display. Page Adjusting The Focus Basic Operations Adjusting the focus Press the button on the remote control.

Adjust Focus is displayed on the screen. Press the buttons to adjust the focus. Press the button three times to finish making adjustments. Adjusting the projection size Zoom Adjustment Press the button on the remote control twice. Page Adjusting The Position Of The Projected Image Lens Shift Adjustment Basic Operations Adjusting the position of the projected image Lens Shift Adjustment If the projector cannot be installed directly in front of the screen, you can adjust the position of the image by using lens shift.

Press the button on the remote control three times. Adjust Lens Shift is displayed on the screen. Page Adjusting The Projector's Tilt Basic Operations Adjusting the Projector's Tilt If the projected image is horizontally tilted the left and right sides of the projected image are at different heights when the projector is setup on a table, adjust the front foot so that both sides are level with each other.

Correcting Keystone Distortion You can use the buttons on the control panel to correct keystone distortion. Page Adjusting The Image Adjusting the Image Adjusting the Image Selecting the Projection Quality Color Mode You can obtain the optimum image quality to suit your surroundings when projecting.

The brightness of the image varies depending on the mode selected. Press the button. Page Switching The Screen Between Full And Zoom Aspect Adjusting the Image Switching the Screen Between Full and Zoom Aspect You can change the input signal's type, aspect ratio, and resolution to match the Aspect of the projected image.

The available settings vary depending on the image signal currently being projected. Note that using the aspect ratio function of the projector to reduce, enlarge, or split the projected image for commercial purposes or for public viewing may infringe upon the rights of the copyright holder of that image based on copyright law. Page Adjusting The Sharpness The margins at the top and bottom of the screen image are used for subtitles. Set Anamorphic Wide and attach a commercially available anamorphic lens to enjoy DVDs, Blu-rays, and so on of images recorded at Cinema Scope size.

Page Adjusting Image Resolution Image Enhancement Adjusting the Image Press the button to exit the menu. Adjusting Image Resolution Image Enhancement You can adjust the resolution of the image using the Image Enhancement function. The following content can be adjusted. Page Setting Auto Iris Frame Interpolation is available under the following conditions.

Page Adjusting The Color Adjusting the Image Adjusting the Color Adjusting the Color Temp. You can adjust the overall tint of the image. Make adjustments if the image is a little too blue or too red and so on. Press the button to display menus in the following order. Page 39 Adjusting the Image Press the button. Use the buttons to select Hue, Saturation, or Brightness. Use the buttons to make adjustments.

You can make settings from the Configuration menu. Image - Advanced - RGBCMY p. Page Adjusting The Gamma Adjusting the Image Adjusting the Gamma You can adjust slight coloration differences that may occur due to the device being used when the image is displayed. You can set it by using one of the following three methods. Page Adjust Using The Gamma Adjustment Graph Adjusting the Image Press the button to display Use the buttons for menus in the following order. Customized - Adjust it from the image Move the cursor on the projected image to the part where you want to change the brightness, and then press Page Viewing The Image At The Saved Image Quality Memory Function Adjusting the Image Viewing the Image at the Saved Image Quality Memory Function Saving a Memory By using the memory function, you can register the following adjustment values, and then load them when necessary.

Page 43 Adjusting the Image Function Explanation Load Memory Loads the saved memory. When you select a memory and press the button, the settings applied to the current image are replaced with the settings from the memory.