Acer h5360 handbuch



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Acer h5360 handbuch

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Thread starter Digiman Start date Mar 24, Digiman Active Member. I finally took the plunge and have ordered the Acer HBD. I thought I would order early with Japan problem. I had a H for a few weeks last summer and really enjoyed the 3d but couldnt live with non-native support. I needed to carry my PC downstairs each time too and its a big PC. My PS3 was not compatible with it either. The 3d-XL was a consideration and the DLA-X3 was my preference but alot more expensive.

I already have a JVC DLA-HD1 which is a great projector and only about 3 years old so I am not quite ready to get rid of it for peanuts. Plus I have 3d glasses from when I had the H I do need to put the Acer on the coffee table for 3d movies but I will have to live with that. Anyway, I imagine that the PQ will be very similar to the 2d version but will let you know what I think when it arrives.

Maybe a bit of a review! All the best. Zone Moderator. Moved to the 3D PJ Forum. Arrives mid next week so I am told. Be great to hear that others are thinking of getting it. Please let us know what you think about it,maybe a short review.

Digiman said:. Hi, I was interested in this projector as well for just 3D. I knew it was coming out soon but havent been able to find a retail price for it. Do you mind telling me where you ordered it and the retail price?

Thanks, Mike. I have original pdf file and on dlp 3d ready mark which is on left side is about 3d set top-box thet it can be done. Last edited: Mar 25, I was going to go for this also but I understand it does not come with glasses! Is that true? Not sure if i could be bothered to wait for a pair! Going to demo a hd67 and 3dxl today. Will feedback on what I think also. In the pdf file it is thet no glasses are in box with projector.

It has 6 wheel this is most important for rbe not to be seen. Thanks for all your posts. I bought it from Amazon. It went up by a few euros when I checked out. I have been waiting so long I decided not to wait top see best UK price. Its shipped and on its way.

Early next week hopefully. If you are interested in the manual its at Download 6th one down, H series. Info on 3d and hdmi1. I think the changes are minimal with previous model but will get back with setting it up with a PS3 and anything of any interest. It needs DLP-Link glasses. Optoma and Xpand do some. Last edited: Mar 27, As I stay in Malaysia, I don't think it is feasible for me to send back to Germany for firmware upgrade to fix the problem. Hey all, It arrived today and took only minutes to get a 3d picture.

At the moment I have only my ps3 connected HDMI to projector and optical to amp. The picture is very bright and colourful. While getting to the main movie there are alot of Acer splash screens as res and hz change. I needed to invert 3d one time too - maybe a consideration if you own various brands of 3d glasses - not sure. You can turn off that annoying 3d warning message H too. The 3d is excellent but I noticed that certain movement in 3d can be more tricky to reproduce on Acer.

I need more time to get overall effect but I have not noticed much cross talk YET. My problem at moment and why I am not watching a movie right now is that optical output is STEREO only on DTS-HD soundtrack. I read I need to changet optical audio to bitstream it would appear. Any help here appreciated. I will let you know what the answer is. I saw a post which suggested everything will be OK. Avatar 3d is too expensive on ebay. If anyone has Avatar 3d and would like to swap with another title for a week say, that would be good.

PM me. I have complete shrek, how train dragon, Monsters Aliens etc. Will update once I have watched a couple of movies and played Killzone and Motorstorm. Regards, PS It say on box NVidia TV ready. Thanks for the info mate - I'm tempted with one of these. Looking forward to see how you get on with PS3 games.

Hey all, My problem at moment and why I am not watching a movie right now is that optical output is STEREO only on DTS-HD soundtrack. Hi all! I have also recently bought the Acer HBD - mainly for the built in hdmi 1. However the projector only supports DLP-LINK mode in the 3D options for both hdmi and computer signals - whereas the previous acer H used to support both DLP-LINK and Nvidia Vision.

So you can't use IR glasses with this model it seems! If anyone has compared the picture quality in H using both DLPLink and 3Dvision IR glasses Please let me know your findings. I am mainly concerned about 3d image quality here - I can live with sync issues or occasional rainbows.

If the IR glasses would provide better quality then I don't see the point of this model and acer sticking to DLPLink for 3d! Can you try to set the DLP-Link mode to off in 3D options and hack your pc with H As long as the projector can received p hz without the white flash, I believe the inf hack will work as previous model.

Dlp vs infra red glasses IR Emitter Pro's: 1. ViewSonic PGD Active Stereographic 3D Shutter Glasses 2. Optoma BG-ZD DLP Link 3D Glasses 3. Thanks everyone for their reply I was worried that using DLP Link glasses I might be missing out on picture quality - as I read somewhere that in 2d mode the projector uses all the segments in the color wheel ie. RGBWCY for BrilliantColor and in 3d dlp mode it uses only RGB - and the W is used for generating a white flash for syncing the dlp glasses.

Manuals Brands Acer Manuals Projector HBD Series User manual Acer HBD Series User Manual Acer projector. Quick Links Download this manual. Acer Projector. Related Manuals for Acer HBD Series Projector Acer H Series User Manual Acer projector h series user's guide 53 pages. Projector Acer HBD series User Manual 62 pages. Summary of Contents for Acer HBD Series Page 1 Acer Projector HBD Series User's Guide Other companies' product names or trademarks are used herein for identification purposes only and belong to their respective companies.

Page 3 Information for your safety and comfort Read these instructions carefully. Keep this document for future reference. Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product. Turning the product off before cleaning Unplug this product from the wall outlet before cleaning. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners.

Page 5 Product servicing Do not attempt to service this product yourself, as opening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltage points or other risks. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. Page 6 Do not stand the projector on end vertically.

It may cause the projector to fall over, causing injury or damage. Only use acer ceiling mount kit for mounting the projector and ensure it is securely installed. Page 9: Table Of Contents Adjusting the Height of Projected Image How to optimize image size and distance How to get a preferred image size by adjusting distance and zoom User Controls Installation menu Acer Empowering Technology Onscreen Display OSD Menus Color Image Setting Management Page Package Overview Contact your dealer immediately if any thing is missing.

Page Remote Control And Control Panel Layout SOURCE Changes the active source. ZOOM Zooms the projector display in or out. HIDE Momentarily turns off the video. Press "HIDE" to hide the image, press again to display the image. Empowering Unique Acer functions: eView, eTimer, eOpening, ePower Management. Four directional Use up, down, left, right buttons to select items or make select keys adjustments to your selection.

Illustration 1 Ensure that the power cord and signal cable are securely connected. The Power indicator LED will flash red. Turn on the projector by pressing "Power" button on the control panel, and the Power indicator LED will turn blue. Page Turning The Projector Off Turning the projector off To turn the projector off, press the power button. This message appears: "Please press the power button again to complete the shutdown process.

The LED power indicator will turn RED and blink rapidly after the projector is turned off, and the fan s will continue to operate for about 2 minutes to ensure that the system cools properly. Page Adjusting The Projected Image Adjusting the Projected Image Adjusting the Height of Projected Image The projector is equipped with elevator feet for adjusting the height of image.

Tilt adjusting wheel Page How To Optimize Image Size And Distance How to optimize image size and distance Consult the table below to find the optimal image sizes achievable when the projector is positioned at a desired distance from the screen. Example: If the projector is 3 m from the screen, good image quality is possible for image sizes between 80" Page How To Get A Preferred Image Size By Adjusting Distance And Zoom How to get a preferred image size by adjusting distance and zoom Height Form base to top of image 1.

Example: to obtain an image size of 50" set the projector at a distance 1. Page User Controls The new settings will be saved automatically upon exiting the menu. Push the menu button anytime to exit the menu and return to the Acer welcome screen. Page Acer Empowering Technology Acer Empowering Technology Acer Empowering Key provide four Empowering Acer unique functions, they are "Acer eView Management", "Acer eTimer Management""Acer eOpening Management" ,and "Acer ePower Management" respectively.

Press " " key for more than one second to launch the Onscreen display main menu to modify its function. Page 26 Acer ePower Management Press " " to launch "Acer ePower Management". Please refer to Onscreen Display section for more detail. Page Onscreen Display Osd Menus Onscreen Display OSD Menus The projector has multilingual OSD that allow you to make image adjustments and change a variety of settings.

Page Color Color Display Mode There are many factory presets optimized for various types of images. Page Image Saturation Adjusts a video image from black and white to fully saturated color. Tint Adjusts the color balance of red and green. Page 30 Use this function to choose your desired aspect ratio. Page 31 3D Warning Choose "Yes" to display the 3D warning message.

Message Note: "H. Position", "V. Position", "Frequency" and "Tracking" functions are not supported under DVI or Video mode. Note: "Sharpness" function is not supported under DVI or Computer mode. Note: "3D Format" is not supported under Computer or Video mode.

Note: It needs correct settings on graphic card 3D application program for correct 3D display. Page Setting Use this function to select your desired startup screen. If you change the setting, the changes will take effect when you exit the OSD menu. Screen Capture Use this function to customize the startup screen. Page 33 Security Security This projector provides a useful security function for the administrator to manage usage of the projector.

Press to change the "Security" setting. If the security function is enabled, your must enter the "Administrator Password" first before changing the security settings. Page 34 Administrator Password is. If lock user startup screen is "ON", users cannot change startup screen anymore Page Management Management Choose "On" to dim the projector lamp which will lower power ECO Mode consumption, extend the lamp life and reduce noise. Choose "Off" to return normal mode. Choose "On" to turn on High Altitude mode.

Operate the fans at High Altitutde full speed continuously to allow for proper high altitude cooling of the projector. Page Appendices Appendices Troubleshooting If you experience a problem with your Acer projector, refer to the following troubleshooting guide. If the problem persists, please contact your local reseller or service center. Page Osd Messages OSD Messages Condition Message Reminder Message Fan Fail - the system fan is not working.

Projector Overheated - the projector has exceeded its recommended operating temperature and must be allowed to cool down before it may be used. Replace the lamp - the lamp is about to reach its maximum lifetime. The projector will detect the lamp life. You will be shown a warning message "Lamp is approaching the end of its useful life in full power operation.

Replacement Suggested! Page Ceiling Mount Installation Ceiling Mount Installation If you wish to install the projector using a ceiling mount, please refer to the steps below: Drill four holes into a solid, structurally sound part of the ceiling, and secure the mount base.

Note: Screws are not included. Please obtain the appropriate screws for your type of ceiling. Page 44 Use the appropriate number of screws for the projector size to attach the projector to the ceiling mount bracket. Screw Type B Smaller Washer Large Washer Projector Bracket Supports projector and allows - for adjustments Spacer - For heat dissipation Note: It is recommended that you keep a reasonable space between the bracket and the projector to allow for proper heat distribution.

Page 45 Adjust the angle and positioning as necessary. Tightening Screw Allen Key Allen Key Tightening Screw Note: The appropriate type of screw and washer for each model is listed in the table below. Models Screw Type B Washer Type Page Specifications Specifications The specifications listed below are subject to change without notice. For final specs, please refer to Acer's published marketing specifications.

Page Compatibility Modes Compatibility modes A. VGA Analog VGA Analog - PC Signal Modes Resolution V. Frequency [Hz] H. Frequency [KHz] x Page 49 VGA Analog - Extended Wide timing Modes Resolution V. Frequency [KHz] WXGA x Page 51 p x Frequency H. Frequency Formats Requirement in Modes Resolution [Hz] [KHz] HDMI 1. Page Regulations And Safety Notices Regulations and safety notices FCC notice This device has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC rules.

These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. Compliant with Russian regulatory certification Page Declaration Of Conformity Taipei HsienTaiwan Declaration of Conformity Acer Incorporated 8F, 88, Sec. Page 55 .