Handbuch iphone 5c



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Handbuch iphone 5c

The iPhone doesn't come with a printed user guide, but that doesn't mean one doesn't exist. You just need to know where to look for it. All iPhone models are relatively similar when it comes to hardware. It's the software that's different. Apple releases a user guide that covers all models that can run the latest operating system every time a major new version of iOS comes out. Apple produces other instructional materials, such as product and safety information and QuickStart user guides, for each model.

Identify which model you have below, and then download the user guide you need. If you're looking for a traditional manual, this is it. Apple produces a new version for every major iOS release. Available editions of the user guide are here. For complete information, use the iOS guides to get full directions for all of your phone's features and abilities. The iPhone 12 is the latest edition of Apple's flagship smartphone. Here's some more information on this series. The version of the iPhone added more cameras and features to the smartphone.

These documents provide guidance on how to use the devices' features, safety information, and more. The iPhone X and the iPhone XR and XS marked a full decade of Apple smartphones. Here's more information on this series. Just as with the iPhone 6 and 6S, the documentation for the iPhone 7 and 8 consists of a single PDF with basic safety information in it.

You can also find that information for the wireless AirPod earbuds, as well as a quick start for the headphones. The documentation for the Plus models of these series is also a single document. You won't find much, just some basic safety and warranty details.

The iPhone SE looks a lot like the iPhone 5S, but it's stamped with the letters "SE" on the back beneath the iPhone name. That's probably the easiest way to tell which version you have. The iPhone 6 line included "S" upgrades and the first "Plus" versions of the phone.

The iPhone 6 Plus and 6S Plus are similar. You won't find much in their documents. It's basic legal information. The user guides above are more instructional and better for regular users. Like their larger siblings, the iPhone 6 and 6S are essentially the same device with some minor changes.

And, like those models, the information is almost strictly legal and won't help you learn how to use the iPhone. The iPhone 5 was the first iPhone with a screen larger than the 3. This one has a 4-inch screen. At the same time the phone debuted, Apple introduced its new EarPods, replacing the old earbuds that came with earlier iPhones. Documents here include some quick tips for using the iPhone 5 and instructions for using the EarPods.

You'll know the iPhone 5S as the first iPhone with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner. The available documentation for it is the same kind of basic legal information as for the 6 and 6S series models. The iPhone 5C can be identified by the brightly colored plastic housing used on its back. It's the same size as the iPhone 5; except for the housing, it's almost the exact same phone. Like the 5S and 6 series, its download is legal content. The iPhone 4 became famous—or, more rightly, infamous—for the "death grip" problem with its antenna.

You probably won't find mention of that in either of these downloads. The iPhone 4S introduced Siri to the world. When this model debuted, it was the only way to get Apple's personal assistant. The downloads here include quick tips for using the phone as well as basic legal information. The iPhone 3G's core improvement was support for 3G wireless networks, something the original model lacked. The PDFs here provide legal information and basic operating tips. The 3GS model introduced the iPhone's naming pattern to the world.

That is, the first model of a new generation is a number, and the second model adds an "S. The 3GS offered a faster processor and faster cellular data, among other things. Sam Costello. Sam Costello has been writing about tech since His writing has appeared in publications such as CNN. Facebook Twitter. Updated on March 02, Tweet Share Email. Was this page helpful? Thanks for letting us know! Get the Latest Tech News Delivered Every Day. Email Address Sign up There was an error.

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Apple takes a complete product life cycle approach to determining our environmental impact. Learn more. It is designed with the following features to reduce environmental impact:. Apple Product Environmental Reports detail the environmental attributes of our products. Apple takes a holistic view of materials management and waste minimization. Learn more about how to recycle your iPhone. For details on LTE support, contact your carrier and see www.

Some features may not be available for all countries or all areas. Click here to see complete list. Application and service availability and pricing are subject to change. A and Rev. A and Rev B. Connector Lightning Rating for Hearing Aids iPhone 5c Model A, A : M3, T4 iPhone 5c Model A, A : M3, T4 Mail Attachment Support Viewable document types. Recycling Apple takes a holistic view of materials management and waste minimization. Requires a plan which may include restrictions on switching service providers and roaming, even after contract expiration ; sold separately to qualified customers.

Credit check required; must be 18 or older. Wireless service is provided by and is the sole responsibility of your wireless service provider. Some capabilities are not available in all areas and depend on your wireless plan and service provider network. Service may not be available in all areas or at the signal strength, rates, speeds, or bandwidth as demonstrated.

Some features may require added fees. Contact your wireless service provider for more details. Customers who want to upgrade from another phone or replace a previous-generation iPhone should check with their wireless service provider for pricing options. For those who are not qualified customers, are not eligible for an early upgrade, are purchasing an unlocked iPhone, or wish to buy an iPhone as a gift, see your carrier, an Apple Retail Store Specialist, the Apple Online Store, or an Apple Authorized Reseller for pricing.

In CA and RI, sales tax is collected on the unbundled price of iPhone. Wi-Fi Internet access required for some features; fees may apply. Warranty information is also available at www. Unauthorized modification of your iPhone software violates the software license agreement.

Inability to use an iPhone due to unauthorized modifications is not covered under your warranty. Size and weight vary by configuration and manufacturing process. FaceTime calling requires a FaceTime-enabled device for the caller and recipient and a Wi-Fi connection.

Availability over a cellular network depends on carrier policies; data charges may apply. Siri may not be available in all languages or in all areas, and features may vary by area. Internet access required. Cellular data charges may apply. All battery claims depend on network configuration and many other factors; actual results will vary.

Battery has limited recharge cycles and may eventually need to be replaced by Apple service provider. Battery life and charge cycles vary by use and settings. See www. Downloading apps requires an Apple ID.

Wireless broadband recommended; fees may apply.