Fujitsu t904 handbuch



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Fujitsu t904 handbuch

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Manuals Brands Fujitsu Manuals Laptop LIFEBOOK T Ultrabook Operating manual Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T Operating Manual. Quick Links Download this manual. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting and tips 83 Troubleshooting the WLAN Related Manuals for Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T Laptop Fujitsu Lifebook T User Manual Tablet pc pages. Laptop Fujitsu LifeBook T Series User Manual Tablet pc 90 pages. Summary of Contents for Fujitsu LIFEBOOK T Page 1 System Operating Manual FUJITSU LIFEBOOK T Page 2 Contact address in North America FUJITSU AMERICA INC: East Arques Avenue Sunnyvale CAU.

Email us at: "AskFujitsu us. All rights reserved. Page 3 FUJITSU LIFEBOOK T Operating Manual Fujitsu Contact Information Notational conventions Ports and controls Important notes First-time setup of your device Working with the notebook Security functions Connecting external devices Removing and installing components during servicing Settings in BIOS Setup Utility Page 4 Copyright and Trademark Information Fujitsu America, Incorporated has made every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of this document; however, as ongoing development efforts are continually improving the capabilities of our products, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the contents of this document.

Page 5: Table Of Contents Fujitsu Contact Information Page 6 Starting the BIOS Setup Utility Page 7 Characteristics of the WLAN Device Page 8 Index Page 9: Fujitsu Contact Information Fujitsu Software Download Manager FSDM utility.

The FSDM utility is available from the Fujitsu Support site. FSDM will allow you to view a list of the most current drivers, utilities, and applications to determine whether you have the latest versions. Page Important Notes Wash your hands after using the device. This notebook complies with the relevant safety regulations for data processing equipment.

You save money and help protect the environment. Page Traveling With Your Notebook Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States CISmuch of Europe, parts of Latin America, the Middle East, parts of Africa, Hong Kong, India, much of south-east Asia United Kingdom, Ireland, Malaya, Singapore, parts of Africa China, Australia, New Zealand Fujitsu Page Transporting The Tablet Pc This situation may occur due to pre-operating system boot password security settings or some other application running on the Tablet PC.

Page Cleaning The Tablet Pc Tablet PC and cause a malfunction. Do not continue to use the Tablet PC. You may need to reuse the packaging in future, for example if you need to transport your device. Page Installing Bonus Apps There are also cases in which if multiple applications are selected to install but one of them needs a reboot, the system will reboot and continue installing the rest of the selected applications.

Page Working With The Notebook Please refer to the notes in the chapter "Important notes", Page Status indicators Statusindicators Symbols The status indicators provide information about the status of the power supply, the drives and the keyboard functions, etc. Page 24 The indicator is not lit up: There is no battery installed. Drive indicator The indicator is illuminated: The hard disk drive is being accessed. Page Switching The Notebook On Windows 8.

Detailed information can be found in the chapter "Security functions", Page Fujitsu Page Different Ways To Use Your Notebook You must note that the screen cannot be turned completely on its own axis! Stop turning the screen when you feel resistance. No guarantee claims can be met for damage caused by wrong turning. Page Select Display Orientation Portrait Or Landscape Format You can choose to use either portrait or landscape format for the display.

Windows 7 You can change these settings in the Fujitsu menu or under Start - Settings - Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Display - Settings. Under Windows 8. Page Lcd Screen LCDscreen Notes High-quality LCD screens TFT are installed in Fujitsu notebooks. An optimal, clear picture can only be ensured in the resolution intended for the particular screen. In each case, use the calibration tool described in the supplementary sheet.

The context menu appears. Page 38 Moving an object Drag with the left mouse button Place the stylus tip directly on the or window object or window. Keep the stylus tip pressed. Drag the desired object or window. You need to calibrate both portrait and landscape formats. Page 40 You can secure the stylus with a stylus tether to prevent accidentally dropping it or losing it. Switching the Clickpad on and off You can switch the Clickpad on and off using a key combination, "Key combinations", Page Fujitsu Page Keyboard The following illustration shows how to access the different characters on keys with overlaid functions.

The example applies when the Caps Lock key has not been activated. The illustration may differ from your device variant. Alt Gr Fujitsu Page Key Description The cursor keys move the cursor in the direction of the arrow, i. Cursor keys Cursor control Windows key The Windows key switches between the start screen and the last used application.

Windowskey Menu key The Menu key opens the menu for the active application. Page Key Combinations This key combination decreases the brightness of the screen. Increase volume This button increases the volume of the internal speakers.

Decrease the volume This button decreases the volume of the internal speakers. Page Webcam The webcam automatically adjusts itself to the current light level. Further information on use of the webcam and additional settings for your webcam can be found in the help function of the program using the webcam.

Page Rechargeable Battery Never store batteries in the device. Removing and installing the battery Only use batteries approved by Fujitsu for your notebook. Make sure that no foreign bodies get into the battery connections. If necessary, lay an anti-slip cloth on this surface to prevent the device from being scratched. Page Memory Cards see the documentation for your operating system. If you have ordered a 4G module, your device will already be prepared when you receive it.

The network cable is not included in the delivery scope. This type of cable can be obtained from a specialist dealer. Protect the port replicator from dust, humidity and heat. The notebook will switch off. However, any unsaved data may be lost in the process. Page Security Functions If you forget your passwords you will need to contact our Service Desk.

Deletion or resetting of passwords are not covered by your warranty and a charge will be made for assistance. Security function Type of protection The Kensington Lock Cable is available as an accessory. Fujitsu recommends the use of a combination lock. Please note that the user HDD password only provides access to a few of the BIOS settings.

The system is no longer password-protected. Page Assigning The User Password The passwords for entry via the tablet buttons usually consist of a combination of buttons, e. Page Connecting External Devices 1. Switch off the notebook and all external devices. Unplug the AC plug of the notebook and all affected devices from the power outlets.

Disconnect the cables for all the external devices following the instructions. Devices, Peripherals, Fujitsu Page Connecting An External Monitor To The Port Replicator You can also switch back and forth between the external screen and the LCD screen of the notebook, see chapter "Key combinations", Page You can display the same picture on the external monitor and the notebook LCD screen simultaneously.

Page Connecting Usb Devices Additional information can be found in the documentation for the USB devices. Device drivers USB devices will be automatically recognized and installed by your operating system. Page Headphones Port If you buy a cable from a retailer, please note the following information: The headphones port on your notebook is a "3. If you want to connect headphones or speakers you will need a "3. Incaseofservice Components Fujitsu Your device is shut down.

The ID number is found on the type rating plate on the back or underside of the casing. When you do this, please have ready the ID number and serial number of your system. External monitor or television set connected.

The AC adapter is not properly connected. Page The Notebook Stops Working The wireless component is switched on. SmartCard lost Cause Troubleshooting SmartCard lost. Acoustic warning Acoustic warnings Errors Cause Troubleshooting A beep sounds every few seconds. Page Technical Data 1.