Bmw 635 csi werkstatthandbuch



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Bmw 635 csi werkstatthandbuch

Email Adresse. The car retains its original 3. Service and multi-point inspection including new transmission seals, alternator belt, bushings, recently performed. Sold with service documentation dating back more than 15 years. The car starts drives and stops as it should and can be enjoyed as is for many years to come. Inside, the cabin is all original with a tight-fitting headliner, a dash free of cracks, good carpeting, and original cloth upholstery in front and back.

Gauges, lights, window lifts, sunroof, electric locks, and all other accessories are all functional. Documentation includes a copy of the original title, owners manual, supplemental books and a stack of service records. The original tool kit, spare, and jack are included. The E24 was produced solely in a 2-door coupe body style.

The MCSi is the first of the BMW M6 model line and is the second BMW M car. In North America, the vehicle is badged as "M6" and uses the less powerful BMW S38 engine. Although the BMW 8 Series was released as the production of the E24 was ending, the 8 Series is considered a separate model line and therefore not a successor to the E Tilmeld dig vores nyhedsbrev Email Adresse. Coronavirus Coronavirus. Referencer Referencer. Email : salg dkclassiccars. BMW CSi. Prisen er uden afgift Dit navn:.

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Sign up to receive the weekly newsletter featuring the very latest from Petrolicious. The car has fantastic handling, a luxurious feel, and beautiful angles. The steering is tight, making it comfortable at high speeds—this car is truly about power and control. Michael inherited the car from his father-in-law, who originally became interested in BMWs after living across the street from Max Hoffman, one of the first men who brought BMW to the states.

When Michael first picked the car up in Reno, it was in near perfect condition. Since he acquired the car, Michael has driven it from Reno to Los Angeles several times, claiming this drive as his favorite. As much as he enjoys the pretty scenery with its mountains and rivers along the way, above all Michael loves to go fast, and on this drive are a fair share of straight-aways where he can allow the 3. Michael replaced the stock wheels with the BBS set, because he liked that the BBS wheels offered more options in regards to tires.

These wheels also give the car a slightly more aggressive tone. Sitting in the drivers seat, this car feels sturdy and sometimes large but not too heavy. Remembering wanting an M6 parked next to my office right out of college- was the unreachable dream car at the time. I like it wheels, bumpers and all.

I bought an west coast car with no rust good solid body with 97k miles seems solid, runs well. No question, the bumpers are a killer. Ugly and just wrong. But so are the lattice wheels. My wife and I waited over two years to find a nice, rust-free, low-mileage 5-speed example. The E24 is such a beautiful car. Yes, the W is yet another example of a beautiful car made ugly. Unfortunately there are a lot of them.

Absolutely correct, which is why I went looking for one of the somewhat improved late model cars. However, the cars with the improved bumpers were only slightly less powerful than the Euro-spec cars — they were quite a bit more powerful than the big bumpered, US-spec cars vs. Unforunately it is an ocean away from me, but thanks anyway! What a vehicle!

It just oozes character. Quite effortlessly too. Good job Petrolicious! As an E24 6 series owner I should recuse myself, in the interest of avoiding bias, from commenting about how great these cars are to own and to look at, how classic the design is, and the copious amounts of pride one feels from caring for these classics. Facebook Google. Subscribe to newsletter. Sign Up.

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