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Eaton mfd handbuch

Manuals Brands Eaton Manuals Monitor MFD-Titan Operating instructions manual Eaton MFD-Titan Operating Instructions Manual Multi-function display. Quick Links Download this manual. Operating Instructions. Related Manuals for Eaton MFD-Titan Monitor Eaton MFD-Titan MFD-CP4-CO Instruction Leaflet 8 pages.

Monitor Eaton XV Ceag remote display for central power supply systems 24 pages. Page 3 Danger! Dangerous electrical voltage! IEC VDE Part or HD Page 5: Table Of Contents Main menu without activated password protection Page 6 2. Page 7 General information on COM-LINK Page 8 Adding function blocks to the circuit diagram for the first time Page 9 CI, High-speed incremental value counter Page 10 5. Page 11 Wiring of the function block Page 12 5. Page 13 Date and time entry Page 14 Changing the menu language Page 15 Page 16 Function block output operands Increased retentive range on MFD-CP Page Target Group 2.

Page 19 4. The manufacturer cannot accept any liability for any damages that are caused by customers not using the example programs provided in accordance with the conditions of use specified under points 1 to 3. Page Device Designation MFD-CPME and the MFD-CPNT easyNet-compatible module. Page Writing Conventions Draws your attention to interesting tips and supplementary information. Page 22 0 About This Manual 0. Page Mfd 1. DIN; ANSI or easy format. You enter your password to protect your know-how.

Page Led Display The remotely controlled device is in STOP mode, power supply is present. Flashing The remotely controlled device is in RUN operating mode, supply voltage is present. Page 29 S. In this case the buttons are assigned the function selected in the application. Page Status Display For The Mfd Basic Device Display operating mode, Terminal mode I Page 34 In the initial status display, line 3 shows the weekday and the time.

Pressing ALT displays the weekday and date in line 3. MO I Page Menu Structure PROGRAM Page Main Menu Without Activated Password Protection 1 Change only on initial call of the function block. MM Page Setting Values 1 MFD 1. Page 42 1 MFD 1. Page Installation "Mounting the expansion unit", page Page Mounting The Mfd 1.

Figure 7: clearances to the Different installation steps must be carried out and sometimes in a different order, depending on the MFD combination you wish to use. In food industry applications, there is the risk of bacteria building up underneath the membrane. The protective cover can be mounted in two different positions. Choose the position that is most suitable for the application at hand and your requirements.

Page 48 You can fit a wire or similar material through these holes in order to seal the cover. If the wire is provided with a lead seal, the cover is sealed. The cover can then only be opened by breaking the seal or the wire. The tightening torque must be between 1. If the tightening torque is too low or high, this may impair the seal. Press down lightly on both the device and the top-hat rail until the unit snaps over the lower edge of the top-hat rail.

The MFD device will clip into place automatically. Other devices such as contactors must not be mounted on this top-hat rail. Attach the expansion unit before fitting the top-hat rail. The fixing brackets are available as an accessory.

Page Mounting The Expansion Unit With remote expansion, the expansion unit is connected via a two-wire or multi-core cable up to 30 m in length to the EASYEASY coupling device, which is connected directly to the basic device via the easyLink terminal.

Page Local Expansion Module Figure Mounting local expansion module on MFD-CP Specific system information is shown in the status display of the basic device e. DC, AC or GW depending on the expansion unit that is connected and operational. Page Terminations The devices run a system test for one second after the supply voltage has been switched on.

After this time the device switches to RUN or STOP operating mode depending on the default setting. Page Mfd-Ac 2. Page Mfd However, you must ensure the correct polarity so that the devices function reliably and safely. Page Connecting Inputs - without any configuration.

Page 66 Ensure that the diode is pointing to the input as shown in the circuit diagram; otherwise the device will not be able to detect the 1 state. Page 67 When using a nF capacitor, the drop-out time of the input increases by 80 A resistor can be connected in series with the circuit shown in order to restrict the inrush current. Page 68 Limitation of the input current with a resistor at the AC expansion unit EASYAC-RE Complete devices for increasing the input current are available under the part no.

Page Connecting Easy Dc Digital Inputs I1 to I6, I9, I10, R1 to R 3. Page 74 The analog voltage inputs can also be used as digital inputs. Page 75 MFD-R. Page 76 With three-wire measuring, the line resistance is compensated by means of a measuring bridge in the temperature module. With two-wire connections, connect a short-circuit bridge between terminals I5 and I6 or I8 and I9.

Page 78 Currents are measured in the 4 - 20 mA 0 - 20 mA signal range. Page Connecting Outputs The respective relay coils are actuated in the circuit diagram via the Q 01 to Q 04 or S 01 to S 06 S 08 output relays. Page Connecting Digital Transistor Outputs 2. Page Connecting Analog Outputs Connect the actuator to QA1 and to the 0V terminal on its left. Page 85 Analog output QA1 EASY The bus terminating resistor for the last easyNet station is plugged in socket 2 accordingly.

Page Net-Topologies Parameter setting", page Otherwise communication via easyNET may be impaired. Spur lines are not permitted when using the EASYSWIRE gateway. Page 90 Example 2: Physical location is not the same as the station number apart from location 1 being the same as station 1.

Station 1 is the only station which must be present. Page 94 Connect the MFD device to the modem via an EASYMO-CAB. Table Tab. Page Connecting For Point-To-Point Communication MFDCAB5, MFD-CPCAB5 for operation on an MFD- up to Page 96 Fitting the connection plug: left MFD The serial interface only functions if the MFD device is providing the power feed required for the interface cable.

Page Inserting The Memory Card With MFD devices you can also remove or insert the memory card when the power supply is switched on without any risk of data loss. Page 98 2 Installation 2. Page Operating Modes In this mode, a circuit diagram can also be transferred from and to easySoft-Pro. Page If programs in the MFD and on the memory card are different, the program in the MFD is overwritten when the supply voltage is switched on with a memory card fitted.

Page The First Circuit Diagram If after power up, a different display appears instead of the status display, the MFD is either showing a visualization screen or the start screen of TERMINAL MODE.

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