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Oki c810 handbuch deutsch

Manuals Brands Oki Manuals All in One Printer C Maintenance manual Oki C Maintenance Manual. Quick Links. See also: User ManualSetup Manual. Table of Contents. Chapters Table of Contents 5 Installation 32 Maintenance Menus Troubleshooting Procedure 7. Troubleshooting tRoUBLEsHootInG PRoCEDURE Before starting the repair work Troubleshooting method Preparation for troubleshooting Troubleshooting the abnormal images Network troubleshooting Printer Oki Cn Manual De L'utilisateur Reseau C guide de l'utilisateur reseau pages.

C safety, warranty and regulatory information 52 pages. All Rights Reserved Disclaimer Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this document is complete, accurate, and up-to- date. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for the results of errors beyond its control.

The manufacturer also cannot guarantee that changes in software and equipment made by other manufacturers and referred to in this guide will not affect the applicability of the information in it. Date Person in charge Changed items Rev. Page Description of change Date Person in charge Page Description of change Issue MD11 Wakana TH Rev. Oki Data will not hold itself liable for any damage that results or is claimed to have resulted from repair, adjustment, or modification of the printer conducted by the user using this manual.

Page 9: System Configuration 1. Cover- Duplex Front Rear Bottom Paper Hopping open sensor sensor sensor sensor sensor sensor sensor size SW sensor Centronics Duplex clutch Feed clutch Page Printer Configuration 1. Page Composition Of Optional Items 1. Page Specifications 1. Page 13 1.

Page 14 1. Page Interface Specifications 1. Page Network Interface Specifications 1. Network layer ARPIPICMPIPv Page Parallel Interface Specifications 1. Page Electrophotographic Process Mechanism 2. Page 20 2. Page 21 2. Page Printing Process 2.

When the paper is fed from the MPT, it is carried by the MPT paper feed roller 1. Page 23 2. As illustrated in Figurewhen the solenoid is OFF, the registration motor 1. As the transport belt motor rotates in the direction of the arrow, the transport rotates clockwisetransporting the paper until the IN2 sensor comes ON.

Page 24 2. M-ID unit Down y-ID unit Down 2. Page 25 2. As illustrated in Figurethe fuser unit and the eject roller are driven by the 1. Page 26 2. These Transport belt sensors are used to detect and correct color registration. Page 27 2. Section 5. Page 28 2. Page 29 2. The check errors. Page 30 2. Page 31 2. Page Cautions, And Do's And Don'ts 3. Page Unpacking Procedure 3. Since the printer weights approximately 40 kg, it should be lifted by two or more people. Page Printer Installation Instructions 3.

Page List Of Components And Accessories 3. Page Assembly Procedure 3. Removing the protective materials 1 Remove the desiccant and protective paper from the top of the printer. Page 38 3. Page 39 3. If the cartridges do not fit, check to see if the color of the lever on each of the toner cartridges corresponds to Note!

The toner cartridges supplied with the product are capable of printing the color of the label on each of the image drum cartridges. Page Loading Paper In The Paper Cassette 3. Do not remove the rubber from the plate. Page 41 3. Set button Multi-purpose tray storing Quick Guide 2 Move the manual feed guide to the paper size.

Page Connection Of The Power Cable 3. Page Turning Off The Power 3. Turning off the power without taking proper shutdown steps may damage and vacations or trips. Page Installation And Recognition Confirmation Of Options 3.

Place the printer on an additional tray unit. The printer weights approximately 40 kg. It should be lifted by two or more 1 Installation of an additional tray unit people. Page 45 For Windows Serverselect [Start] - [Printers and Faxes]. For Windowsselect [Start] - [Settings] - [Printers]. Right-click the [OKI C PS ] icon and select [Properties]. Screen of Windows XP Select [Obtain Printer Information] in [Installable Options] on the [Device Settings] tab and click [Setup] or [Obtain Printer Information].

Page 46 [Reconfigure]. Double-click [Application] - [Utilities] - [Printer Setup Utility] in the hard disk. Click [Configuration]. Select [OKI C] and click [Show Info] and open [Printer Info]. Select an appropriate value in [Number Select [Installable Options].

Page 47 3. Installing with the printer ON may damage the printer. When placing the printer on the floor, it is recommended to use a roller cabinet. The printer main unit, or printer with additional trays can be set on the cabinet. Page 48 3. Place the printer on the stack of additional trays. Install the support plate. Memo The plate can be installed only when two additional trays are used. It cannot Personal injury may occur. Page 49 3. Fix the side cover with the screw. Close the top cover.

Screw Close the front cover. Close the multi-purpose tray. Page 50 3. Attach the anti-tip bracket covers. Attach covers to the anti-tip brackets by sliding the covers six places. Be sure to use Oki product. Page 52 3. Remove the side cover. Push the memory against the printer to fit it firmly. Loosen the screw one place.

In our site you use Java script. Please turn on the set of Java script. Since Microsoft ended support for Windows XP, OKI no longer guarantees the use of OKI products under unsupported OS. Hiper-C printer driver allows your software application to control your printer. Operating System: Windows 10 32bit ; Windows 8. Download Here. Operating System: Windows 10 64bit ; Windows 8.

This update is for macOS The structure is as follows. Please apply after installing printer driver. After clicking the "Add" button, please do not press the "Configure" button on "Setting up the device" screen and wait until the operation is completed. This is a Hiper-C printer driver. For macOS Operating System: macOS 11; macOS You don't need a unique driver for each model.

Operating System: Windows 8. The settings are saved in the printer driver and are selectable when printing documents. Operating System: Windows 10 32bit ; Windows 10 64bit ; Windows 8. Operating System: macOS This utility prints out a sample color chart to use as a reference to help print specific color. This software prints out a color sample chart to use as a reference to help you to print specific colors. Once you've picked a color from the chart, note it's RGB Red, Green, Blue values into your application's color picker to help you to get the exact color you saw on the chart.

This software changes the language of the device's LCD display panel from the default setting. Operating System: Windows Vista 32bit ; Windows Vista 64bit ; Windows Server ; Windows Server ; Windows Server 32bit ; Windows Server 64bit ; Windows Server 32bit. This utility is an add-on for the Print Control software. It provides user-definable summary information and charts of the main data recorded by Print Control and is designed to be used for the production of management reports on print costs.

Operating System: Windows 7 32bit ; Windows Vista 32bit ; Windows XP 32bit ; Windows Server 32bit ; Windows Server 32bit. This software enables the tracking of color and mono page printing, the types and quantities of paper used and provides a record of printing activity by department.

This utility is a client tool installed on the client PC to control printing. It is necessary to set-up a device in order to restrict printing by specific user from Print Job Accounting, Print Job Accounting Enterprise, Configuration Tool or an embedded web page from the device. Print Job Accounting or Print Job Accounting Enterprise track printing history and jobs which enables the reporting of the printer being misused or the printing of unpermitted documents.

A license key is required in order to use this software. The use of storage devices improves the internal performance of the printers and provides the facilities for customization and optimization of common resources. This utility is a fast and easy program for designing banners, business cards, labels and other specialized documents.

Support By Product Cdn. Where to buy Contact Us. Product Detail. User Manual. Safety Data Sheet. Select Operating System Target All Operating System Windows 10 32bit Windows 10 64bit Windows 8. All Language English Arabic Bosnian Brazilian Portuguese Bulgarian Catalan Croatian Czech Danish Dutch Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Italian Japanese Korean Macedonian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Simplified Chinese Slovene Spanish Swedish Thai Traditional Chinese Turkish.

Driver Printer Driver. Printer Driver. Printer Driver Updater Hiper-C. Operating System: Mac OS X Universal Printer Driver. XPS Printer Driver. This driver allows your software application to control your printer. Operating System: Windows Vista 32bit ; Windows Server 32bit Download Here. Operating System: Windows Vista 64bit ; Windows XP 64bit ; Windows Server 64bit Download Here. Utility Color Correct Utility.

Color Correct Utility. Color Swatch Utility. Colour Swatch Utility. LPR Utility. Network Extension. Network Setup Utility. Panel Language Setup. Version: 1. Operating System: Windows Vista 32bit ; Windows Vista 64bit ; Windows Server ; Windows Server ; Windows Server 32bit ; Windows Server 64bit ; Windows Server 32bit Download Here.

Print Control Report Tool. Operating System: Windows 7 32bit ; Windows Vista 32bit ; Windows XP 32bit ; Windows Server 32bit ; Windows Server 32bit Download Here. Print Job Accounting. Print Job Accounting Client. Print Job Accounting Enterprise. Version: 4. PrintSuperVision Enterprise Edition. PrintSuperVision MultiPlatform Edition.

Version: 3. Operating System: Linux Download Here. PrintSuperVision MultiPlatform Edition for Solaris SPARC. Operating System: Solaris Download Here. PrintSuperVision MultiPlatform Edition for Solaris x Storage Device Manager. Template Manager. Web Driver Installer. Connect with OKI Europe. Terms of use Privacy Policy.