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Biotronik handbucher

The business unit CRM captures implantable devices, leads and accessories as well as external devices to treat and manage arrhythmias-related deseases. Specifically designed implantable devices for either too slow a heart rhythm pacemakers or too fast a rhythm cardioverter defibrillators help patients benefit as their overall health status can be improved.

Our broad range of products work to restore blood flow to vessels of the heart coronary and body peripheral that are narrowed or blocked. We produce a full range of stent systems, balloon catheters and guide wires for patients with coronary and peripheral artery disease. BIOTRONIK is a true innovator in the field, having introduced Pulsar, the world's first 4 F-compatible stent for treating long lesions, in and Orsiro, the industry's first hybrid drug-eluting stent, in By clicking the links below to access the news on our International website, you are leaving this website.

Products and Technologies. Learn more about BIOTRONIK's products and technologies. Our Technologies. BIOTRONIK Home Monitoring. DX Technology. Cardiac Rhythm Management. Arrhythmia Monitoring. Cardiac Resynchronization. Conduction System Pacing. Delivery Systems. External devices. Vascular Intervention. Coronary Vascular Intervention. Peripheral Vascular Intervention. Ablation Catheters. Diagnostic Catheter. Product Manual Library. Product Performance Reports. Home Monitoring Service Center.

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Anleitungen Marken BIOTRONIK Anleitungen Medizinische Ausstattung Reocor S Gebrauchsanweisung BIOTRONIK Reocor S Gebrauchsanweisung Externer herzschrittmacher. Seite von Vorwärts. Reocor S. Inhalt sverzeichnis. Verwandte Anleitungen für BIOTRONIK Reocor S Medizinische Ausstattung BIOTRONIK Reocor D Gebrauchsanweisung Externer herzschrittmacher Seiten. Medizinische Ausstattung BIOTRONIK Passeo HP Gebrauchsanweisung Peripherer dilatationskatheter 32 Seiten. Führungsdraht für koronare und periphere arterien 32 Seiten.

Seite 2 J Seite 4: Inhaltsverzeichnis Pulse Amplitude and Pulse Width Seite 6: General Description This system offers a secure connection of transvenous catheters and myocardial leads, which are applied either as unipolar or bipolar. Potential users are technical and medical hospital staff and physicians.

For safety reasons, the patient should be paced by another source during the battery replacement. Reocor S reminds you to replace the battery with the ERI signal Low Battery LED flashes. Seite 10 — The set energy should not be higher than necessary for defibrillation. Seite Visual And Acoustic Signals — Move the interference source to a location where the interference cannot have an affect on the Reocor S. Seite Operating Notes The connections of Reocor S and the temporary pacing leads must be secured and checked regularly.

Self-test After the device is switched on, Reocor S performs a self-test for a few seconds. Seite Operating Devices And Leds Operating Devices and LEDs Figure 1: Reocor S operating panel Seite Protective Cover Sens. Seite Lead Connection Push the cover all the way down to the stop and then remove Caution! During use of Reocor S, the protective cover must be locked to prevent inadvertent resetting of the rotary switch and con- trol dial, and thus of the programmed parameters.

Seite 17 Patient cable PKL and PKS Patient cable PKL 2. On the Reocor S side you have a Redel plug use the Redel adapter and on the patient side a connection for the adapter according to Figure 13 and for the single-use cable according to Figure 9. Seite 18 Reocor S can also be used with patient cables with 4 connec- tions for dual-chamber pacemakers.

Reocor S only uses the ventricular channel of these cables. The leads should be connected with the ventricular con- nection of the adapter labeled V. Figure Adapters for the patient cables PKL and PKS Seite 20 Temporary catheters with 2-mm plugs or heart wire with 2-mm adapter You have the option to connect Reocor S directly to a tempo- rary catheter with touch-proof 2-mm plug or to a heart wire with 2-mm adapter, without any other cables or adapters.

Polarity Reocor S principally paces in bipolar mode, but it can be used with bipolar or unipolar temporary pacing leads. If unipolar leads are used, two leads must be connected. During use of Reocor S, the heart rate of the patient must be monitored with an ECG monitor with alarm function. Attachment Reocor S must be operated either horizontally on a non-slip It is possible to exchange a battery while Reocor S is in use.

Seite 24 Insert the new battery with the bottom Figure 14 down first into the battery compartment. Figure Inserting the battery Close the drawer and press the blue slider down until it snaps in place with an audible click. Note: If the pacemaker is stored or will not be used for a long period of time, it is recommended to remove the battery to prevent damage due to leakage.

Seite Pacing Modes And Parameters There are three pacing modes available: S00, SSI, SST as well as high-frequency pacing Burst. For disturbances caused by electromagnetic interference EMIafter certain limits are exceeded Reocor S will switch to operating mode S00 for the duration of the disturbance.

Mode S00 The pacemaker sends pulses with a constant rate. Seite Pulse Amplitude And Pulse Width Pulse Amplitude and Pulse Width The pulse amplitude can be set with the Ampl. If a value less than 1 V is set, the device will sound a warning signal for two seconds.

The pulse width is 1 ms. Seite 27 Various risks have to be considered in association with high- frequency atrial pacing. The risks possible ventricular pacing and ventricular tachycardia or fibrillation. This can be caused by poor placement of the leads or the presence of anomalous stimulus conduction paths that circumvent the normal atrio- ventricular stimulus conduction e. Seite Handling, Care And Maintenance After cleaning or disinfection, Reocor S must not be used for one hour.

Sterilization Reocor S cannot be sterilized. If the device needs to be used in a sterile environment, it can be packed into a sterile cover. Annual checks of the device by manufacturer-authorized technicians are recommended. Seite Reusable Patient Cables Reusable Patient Cables Prior to opening, the package of a sterile cable must be inspected for damage to determine whether sterility has been compromised. Cleaning The reusable patient cables can be cleaned and disinfected with hospital cleaning agents following many different methods.

Seite Disposal Disposal Reocor S is marked with the symbol of a crossed-out garbage can on its type plate. Seite Technical Safety The closed protective cover protects the pacemaker against dripping water. The temporary leads that are connected to Reocor S repre- sent a low-impedance conductor to the myocardium for elec- tric current.

Therefore line-powered devices that are oper- ated in the patient's vicinity must be grounded in accordance with established guidelines. Seite Technical Data Technical Data Symbols Follow the instructions for use in the technical manual. Indication of the placement of the battery in the compartment Disposal according to the WEEE directive Applied part classification: CF cardiac floatingdefibrillation pro- tected IP31 Water-repellent, protection degree IP31 Off on the Mode dial Adjustable parameters Pacing modes Seite Conformity According To Iec Conformity According to IEC Manufacturer guidelines and declaration - electromagnetic radiation IEC Table 1 The device is intended for use in an electromagnetic environ- ment as described below.

The user should make sure that the device is used in such an environment. Emissions test Compliance level Guidelines for the electromagnetic environment HF emission Seite 37 Test of resistance Test level according to Compliance Guidelines for the electromagnetic to interference IEC level environment P is the maximum rated power of the transmitter in watts [W] accord- ing to the information from the transmitter manufacturer and d is the recommended safe distance in meters [m] The field strength of stationary Seite 38 Recommended safe distances to portable and mobile RF communications equipment IEC Table 5 The device is intended for use in an electromagnetic environ- ment, in which the RF interference is controllable.

The user of the device can help to prevent electromagnetic interference by maintaining the safe distance to mobile RF communication equipment transmitters - depending on the power output of the communication equipment. Seite Scope Of Delivery And Accessories Scope of Delivery and Accessories Note: Reocor S may only be used with the accessories developed and tested for this pacemaker.

Scope of delivery Item description Number of Comments Order no. Reocor S Battery Duracell Plus, 6LR61 — Armband Seite 40 Item Order no. Description Connection Reocor armband, Standard armband — standard Reocor armband, Smaller-sized armband.

Suitable for small — arms. Seite Legend For The Label Legend for the Label The label icons symbolize the following: Symbol Meaning Reocor S Redel adapter BIOTRONIK order number Serial number of the device Date of manufacture of the device Acceptable temperature range for storage Acceptable atmospheric pressure range for storage Seite 59 Reocor S. Aerodesin nebo Lysoform D. Sterilizace Reocor S nelze sterilizovat. Seite 82 Frequenz Seite Allgemeine Beschreibung Bedienelemente, um unbeabsichtigte Änderungen der Parameter zu vermeiden.

Temporäre Katheter, Herzdrähte, Elektroden mit 2-mm- Steckern können direkt an Reocor S angeschlossen werden. Ferner stehen verschiedene Patientenkabel und Adapter zur Verfügung. Dieses System bietet einen sicheren Anschluss von transvenösen Kathetern und myokardialen Elektroden, Seite 86 Reocor S interagiert mit dem menschlichen Herzen. Seite 87 Kontaktstifte und metallischen Kon- taktflächen nicht berührt werden oder in Kontakt mit elektrisch leitenden oder feuchten Oberflächen kommen.

Seite 88 Schrittmacherinhibierung durch Interferenzsignale zu vermeiden. Während der Behandlung sollte der periphere Puls des Patienten fort- laufend kontrolliert werden. Nach der Behandlung muss die Schrittmacherfunktion überprüft werden.

Mit dem Signal ERI LED Low battery blinkt erinnert Reocor S an den Batterieaustausch Seite 89 Wert der durchschnittlichen Ampli- tude des intrinsischen Signals zu einer korrekten Empfindlichkeitseinstellung. Seite Optische Und Akustische Signale Allgemeine Beschreibung — Wenn gefahrlos möglich: Reocor S aus- und wieder einschalten, um so den Schrittmacher in den unge- störten Betrieb zurückzusetzen.

Seite Bedienungshinweise Fall muss der Schrittmacher ausgeschaltet und an BIOTRONIK geschickt werden. Wenn der Selbsttest keinen Fehler entdeckt hat, erlöschen die LEDs und die Warnsignale und Reocor S beginnt entspre- chend der eingestellten Parameter Stimulationsimpulse abzugeben. Die negative Elektrode Kathode sollte deshalb Seite Bedienelemente Und Leds Bedienungshinweise Bedienelemente und LEDs Bild 1: Bedienfeld Reocor S Seite Bedienfeldabdeckung Drehregler Ampl.

Einstellung der Impulsamplitude Drehregler Sens. Einstellung der Empfindlichkeit Start burst Start der Burst-Funktion Gurthalterung Befestigung Reocor S an Patient, Bett oder Infusions- ständer Drehregler Burst rate Einstellung der Burst-Frequenz Select burst Wahl der Burst-Funktion Drehregler Rate Einstellung der Stimulationsfrequenz Seite Elektrodenanschluss Verstellen der Drehschalter und -regler und damit der Programmparameter zu verhindern.

Elektrodenanschluss Reocor S verfügt über 2 Buchsen für den direkten Anschluss von Elektroden mit berührungsgeschützten 2-mm-Steckern. Für den Anschluss von Kabeln mit Redel-Stecker muss der Redel-Adapter seitenrichtig aufgesteckt und verschraubt werden Bild 4. Bild 5: Patientenkabel PKB Seite 97 Remington Medical Inc. Bild Nur USA: Remington-Einmalkabel und Adapter Reocor S kann auch mit Patientenkabeln mit vier Anschlüs- sen für Zweikammerschrittmacher verwendet werden.