Handbuch siemens iq 700



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Handbuch siemens iq 700

Manuals Brands Siemens Manuals Washer IQ Operating and installation instruction Siemens IQ Operating And Installation Instruction. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Operating and Installation Instructions. Related Manuals for Siemens IQ Washer Siemens IQ Series Instruction Manual And Installation Instructions 64 pages. Washer Siemens WM14EGB series Instruction Manual And Installation Instructions 40 pages.

Summary of Contents for Siemens IQ Page 1 Operating and Installation Instructions IQ Page 2: Table Of Contents Table of Contents Information concerning waste disposal. Introducing your washing machine. Page 4: Information Concerning Waste Disposal Information concerning waste disposal The shipping package has protected your new Disposing of the appliance on its way to your home. All utilised packaging materials are ecologically harmless and recyclable. Please contribute to a better environment by dis posing of packaging materials in an environmentally conscious manner.

Page 6: General Safety Instructions General safety instructions Your washing machine is intended for - use in the household only, - for washing machine washable fabrics in washing lye, - operation with cold drinking water and commer cially available detergents and cleaning products which are suitable for use in washing machines. Do not leave children unsupervised near the washing machine.

Dispenser II: Detergent for main wash, soaking agent, water softener, bleach or stain remover. Dispenser 2: Additives, e. Can be rotated in either direction. The programme selector does not rotate while the programme is running, the programme sequence is electronically controlled. Page 9: Preparing Washing Machine Before using your washing machine for the first time Attention Preparing your The washing machine must have been installed and washing machine connected properly refer to page To remove any water left over from testing procedures, the first washing cycle should be carried out without laundry in the machine.

Page Preparing, Sorting And Loading The Washing Preparing, sorting and loading the washing Warning Preparing the Loose debris e. Page 11 Degrees of dirt Lightly soiled No visible soiling or stains. Washing has probably absorbed body odour. First dab with a soapy solution. Do not rub. Then select the appropriate programme and wash the item.

Only wash laundry that is labelled with the Sorting washing according to the instructions on the Page 13 d Risk of explosion! Loading Items of clothing that have been pretreated with the washing solvent based cleaning agents, e.

Before loading the laundry, rinse thoroughly by hand. Warning Foreign objects in the drum may damage the laundry. Page Detergents And Cleaning Products Detergents and cleaning products d Risk of poisoning! Dosing detergent Keep detergents and additives out of the reach of children. Dose detergent according to q the water hardness. You can find out the water hardness from your water utility company.

Dispenser 2 Cleaning product, e. Page Programme Selector Programmes and functions Select the desired programme. For maximum spin speeds of the programmes see Page Page Additional Options Buttons Programme options Soaking Single wash cycle without drain and spin cycle. Single rinse Rinse cycle with subsequent spin cycle for rinsing hand washed items or for starching.

Single spin Spin cycle for spinning hand-wash items. Washing water or rinsing water is drained before the spin cycle. Additional options buttons Intensive Wash In the Easy-Care, Delicates and Wool u programmes the washing machine spins at a low speed for gentle treatment of delicate laundry.

Page Start Programme Washing q Turn on water tap. Start programme q Turn the programme selector to the desired programme. The indicator light of the selected button is on. Page Changing The Programme If you have accidentally selected the wrong Changing the programme: programme q Turn the programme selector to Off.

Page Special Applications Special applications q Load laundry of the same colour. Soaking q Pour soaking agent into dispenser II according to the manufacturer's instructions. The programme starts. Page 23 Only use dyes that are environmentally compatible Dyeing and suitable for use in washing machines.

Caution Washing in subsequent wash cycles may become discoloured. After dyeing: q Pour approx. Page Cleaning And Care Cleaning and care Risk of electric shock! First, always disconnect the appliance from the power supply. Never clean the appliance with a water jet. Risk of explosion! Never clean the appliance with solvents. As required: Clean the appliance q Use hot soapy water or a mild, non abrasive housingand control cleaning agent.

Page 25 In the event that residual detergents or additives have Cleaning the deter accumulated: gent dispenser q Pull out the detergent drawer all the way, q press down the insert and q remove the detergent drawer. Page Cleaning Drain Pump This is necessary if the washing solution has not been Cleaning the drain completely drained. The pump is blocked by either pump loose debris or fluff which accumulates if fluff giving fabrics are washed.

Drain the water Up to 20 litres. Have a suitable container ready. Risk of scalding! Allow the hot water to cool down beforehand. Page Cleaning Water Inlet Strainers This is necessary if very little or no water flows into the Cleaning water inlet washing machine. Page Descaling The Washing Machine Attention Descaling the Descaling agents contain acids which may corrode washing machine the components of the washing machine and discolour the laundry.

Provided that you use the correct amount of detergent, it is not necessary to descale the washing machine. If descaling is nevertheless required, please follow the instructions supplied by the manufacturer of the descaling agent. Page Troubleshooting Minor Faults Troubleshooting Minor Faults Risk of electric shock! Repairs may be carried out by customer service or authorised technicians only. If repairs are needed, and assuming that you cannot eliminate the fault yourself with the aid the following table: q Turn the programme selector to Off.

Page 30 Fault Cause Remedial action Page 31 Fault Cause Remedial action The washing has not Large laundry items have become Always load large and small items been spun correctly. For safety reasons, the high speed final spin cycle was automatically cancelled. Page Customer Service Customer service Before you call customer service, please check whether you can eliminate the fault yourself see from page A technician who is called out to give advice will charge you, even if the appliance is still under guarantee.

You can find your nearest customer service in the enclosed address list. Page Installing, Connecting And Transporting Installing, connecting and transporting d Risk of injury! Safety instructions The washing machine is heavy. Take care when lifting it. Do not install the washing machine in an area where there is a risk of frost or outdoors. Page 35 Standard - Water inlet accessories Useful tools Dimensions Page 36 Installation surface Built under or built in appliance installation Attention Page 37 d Caution Removing the The transport bolts must always be removed before transportation pro using the appliance for the first time and must be tection devices retained for any subsequent transport e.

Page Hose And Cable Lengths Hose and cable lengths Connection on left side Connection on right side Other hoses Available from specialist dealers: - Extended supply hose approx. Page 39 d Risk of electric shock! Connecting the To prevent leaks or water damage, it is essential to water follow the instructions in this chapter!

Water inlet hose Warning Operate the washing machine with cold drinking water only. Do not connect to the mixer tap of an unpressurised hot water apparatus. Page Aligning The Washing Machine Water drainage hose Warning Do not bend or pull the water drainage hose. Height difference between the placement area and drainage point: maximum cm. Page 41 Caution Connecting the Connect the washing machine only to an alternating power current via a correctly installed earthed socket. The mains voltage must correspond to the voltage specification on the washing machine nameplate.

Connection specifications as well as the required fuses are stipulated on the appliance nameplate. Page 42 Before transporting the washing machine: Transport, - Turn off the tap. This manual is also suitable for: Wm07gin.

Zoeken resetten. Hoe vervang ik de toevoerslang van de Siemens WM16WNL - iQ wasmachine en met name het stuk aan de binnenkant van de wasmachine. Gesteld op om Wat betekent de melding E29? Na de toevoer van water bij het begin van de wasbeurt gaat het wassen gewoon verder en de foutmelding verdwijnt. De wasmachine is midden in het programma gestopt.

Wegpompen water doet het niet. Reageert nergens meer op. Wat kan ik doen? Machine is nog geen jaar oud. Beste Ik heb een Siemens iq extra classe. Machine begint water te nemen bij de start van het programma en na 1 minuut stopt dit. We hebben het filtertje in de aqua nagekeken. Danku Gesteld op om U kunt hieronder aangeven waarom deze vraag ongepast is. Wij controleren de vraag en zonodig wordt deze verwijderd. Bijvoorbeeld antisemitische inhoud, racistische inhoud, of materiaal dat gewelddadige fysieke handelingen tot gevolg kan hebben.

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