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Eaton de1 handbuch

Manuals Brands Eaton Manuals Controller PowerXL DE1 series Manual Eaton PowerXL DE1 series Manual Variable speed starter vss dxe-ext-set — configuration module. Quick Links Download this manual See also: Manual. Related Manuals for Eaton PowerXL DE1 series Controller Eaton PowerXL DE1 Quick Start Manual Variable speed starter 15 pages.

Controller Eaton NFX User Manual Adjustable frequency drives 28 pages. Size 3 and 4, three phase non-reversing magnetic motor starters and contactors. Electric fire pump controllers with transfer switch ft80 reduced voltage - wye delta star-delta closed 18 pages. Page 2 3. Page 3 Danger! Dangerous electrical voltage! Page 5: Table Of Contents Safety and switching Page 6 Commissioning with default settings Page 7 DX-COM-PCKIT interface card Page 8 Fault messages Page Writing Conventions All the specifications in this manual refer to the hardware and software versions documented in it.

Page De1 There is also the PC-based drivesConnect parameter software, which helps prevent data loss, makes it possible to make custom changes and adjustments, and reduces the time it takes to commission and maintain a DE1 device. Page System Overview DX-LN… mains choke, DX-LM3-… motor choke, DX-EMC… external radio interference suppression filter c DXE-EXT-SET configuration module d DX-NET-SWD3 SmartWire-DT interface e DX-COM-STICK communication module and accessories e.

Page Rating Data On The Nameplate Variable speed starter with variable output frequency VSS IP20 Degree of protection of the enclosure: IP20 Software: 0. Page Selection Criteria Max. Page Proper Use Always observe the technical data and connection conditions! Any other use will be considered to be an improper use of the device. Page Charging The Internal Dc Link Capacitors Information concerning the guarantee can be found in the Terms and Conditions Eaton Industries GmbH.

Page 26 1 DE Page Engineering All applicable laws and local standards must be complied with when planning and carrying out the installation. Not following the recommendations provided may result in problems what will not be covered by the warranty. Page Electrical Power Network non-earthed, insulatedthe filter must be deactivated by removing the two EMC jumpers.

Page Mains Voltage And Frequency DE This means that it is not necessary to use a mains choke in order to reduce THD levels. NOTICE The specified minimum PE conductor cross-sections EN must be maintained. Page Residual Current Circuit-Breaker Rcd Other protective measures against direct and indirect contact can be used for DE Page Mains Contactors T1 DE Page Emc Measures You should also route cables separately from each other if there are large differences in voltage.

Page 36 Analog signal cables measured values, setpoints, and correction values must be routed inside screened conduit. Page Circuit Types With Three-Phase Motors Temperature monitors in the motor windings thermistor, thermo-Click are not to be connected directly to DE Page Mounting Position 75 2.

Page 41 DE Page Fixing Use screws with a washer and split washer with the permissi- ble tightening torque of 1 Nm in order to protect the enclosure while safely and reliably mounting the device. Page 43 Then grab the DE Finally, lift it up and away from the mounting rail [3]. Pay attention to hazard warnings!

Page Connection To Power Section U, V, and W. NOTICE The DE NOTICE Do not use any of the sealed-off connection terminals in the power section. Page 47 DE1… Page Emc Jumper they will be closed. Page 51 The two EMC jumpers must be removed! Operating the device with only one EMC jumper is not permissible!

Extending the three-phase connection by turning the three- phase commoning links around when installing them is not possible when connecting DE Page Motor Connection Screened, four-wire cable is recommended for the motor cables. The green- yellow line of this cable connects the protective ground connections from the motor and the variable speed starter and therefore minimizes the equalizing current loads on the shielding braid. Page 55 PES in such a way that electrical contact is established across a large surface area.

Unscreened connection cables should not be longer than approx. Page 58 The control cables should be twisted. Page 59 The terminal capacities and stripping lengths are listed in the following table. Table 8: Connection cables at the control terminals Lb-in 0.

Page 61 Connection example showing an external analog reference value source Parameter P can be used to scale the analog input values, while parameter P can be used to invert them. Page 64 e. Page Led Indicators Lights up with a continuous red light in combination with the Status LED in the event of an internal communication fault DE All emergency switching off functions and safety functions are in an appropriate condition. Page 73 If motors are to be operated with frequencies higher than the standard 50 or 60 Hz, then these operating ranges must be approved by the motor manufacturer.

The motors could be damaged otherwise. Potentiometer R1 can be used to set the desired speed value for the motor. Page Dxe-Ext-Set Configuration Module Ramp selector switch — used to change the ramp times acceleration and deceleration h Fixed Freq.

Then pull the configuration module forward while continuing to press on the mounting clips [2]. Page Description And Use P to 1 parameter lock. Page 78 In order for this transfer to stop, the SET button needs to be pressed again. Page 81 Fixed frequency 20 Hz P 30 Hz P 40 Hz P 50 Hz P An external fault message EXTFLT can be connected to input DI3 see mode 1.

Page 82 An external fault message EXTFLT can be connected to input DI3 see mode 1. Page Dx-Key-Led Keypad RJ45 interface, which is located at the front of the device. Page Key Combinations 6. Page Setting Parameters f-REF is zero. Page Drivesconnect by printing and saving parameter lists and transfer data.

The program can be downloaded from the Internet www. Older Windows operating systems are not supported. Page Parameter Description P P t-dec 0. If deceleration ramp P is active, this frequency increase will result in the ramp being lengthened. Page 96 3, rpm for 50 Hz — this is the synchro- nous speed of a 2-pole motor.

The DE Note: If the output frequency is higher than the motor frequency set in P, the output voltage will remain constant at the value set in this parameter. The voltage boost configured with P will be effective up to approx. Page In this case, the speed behavior of a three-phase asynchronous motor is comparable to operation on a constant AC supply system. Page Dc Braking Percentage of the motor voltage for DC braking.

P 0 - P 0. Page Control Terminal Configuration ST AT US 0. Pressing the START button again will automatically reverse the operating direction. Page F. EXTFLT n. Page An additional option is to set parameter P to a value of 2 or 3. Page Parameter Lock Locked parameter sets can be copied to a DE Page Displaying Operational Data DI2, DI3, DI4. They can be used to monitor whether a control signal e.

This is an easy way to check wiring wire breakage. Page Modbus Rtu Und Canopen Bus Systems CANopen bus system can only be used with DE11 variable speed starters! Page 7 Modbus RTU und CANopen bus systems 7. Page 0. Page Solid or 30 - 16 30 - 16 30 - 16 30 - 16 30 - 16 30 - 16 stranded Strip length tool 0.

Page Dimensions in in in 1. Page 8 Technical Data 8. Page Accessory Devices The DX-KEY-LED keypad is designed to be installed in a control panel door.

The DE1 was designed for customers who have basic application but still require variable frequency and advanced motor protection. The design allows customers to simplify their design and reduce installation and commissioning time while introducing an innovative solution to their system. With industry-leading ease-of-use and a narrow, compact housing, the DE1 is designed to be used in flexible applications with value propositions unique to each application.

Combine the increased protection of the PowerXL DE1 variable frequency drive with the following. Combine the small yet powerful PowerXLTM DC1 compact variable frequency drive with the following. Voice : ETN-CARE OPTION 2, OPTION 7, then select one of the following: OPTION 1: pre-sale OPTION 2: networking OPTION 3: startup OPTION 4: troubleshooting.

Voice for emergencies after hours : p. Central Time U. Variable frequency drives PowerXL DE1 variable speed starter. Overview Configure Resources. Technical support. Back to search. Serial Number Verified :. Authenticated: The product is verified as being authentic; however, this does not guarantee the condition or fit for purpose of the product. PowerXL DE1 variable speed starter. Contact me about this product. Eaton VFD training portal Eaton industrial control line card Locate a distributor Variable frequency drives - VFD.

Core features for the DE1 variable speed starter. How much could you save in energy costs? Lower your energy costs. Download the energy savings estimator to see how your energy consumption can be reduced by applying a VFD instead of an across-the-line starter. Download the energy savings estimator.

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PowerXL DE1 Variable Speed Starter Introduction. Industrial controls line card. Number 1 in efficiency The easiest way of variable motor speed. PowerXL Series DE1 economic variable speed starter. PowerXL Series for pumping applications. Simple, flexible and safe! Distribution system for motor-starter combinations. Adjustable frequency drives. Product Overview for machinery. Automation Power Management command and signalling Motor Applications. VFD consulting application guide.

Certification reports. PowerXL DE1 CE Declaration of Conformity. PowerXL DE1 cUL E NMMS7. PowerXL DE1 UL E NMMS. PowerXL DE1 FR1 PDF. PowerXL DE1 FR1 2D. PowerXL DE1 FR1 3D DWG. PowerXL DE1 FR1 3D DXF. PowerXL DE1 FR2 PDF. PowerXL DE1 FR2 2D. PowerXL DE1 FR2 3D DWG. PowerXl DE1 FR2 3D DXF. Remote Keypad STP.

Installation instructions. DE and DE instructions. DXE-EXT-SET instructions. Product specification guides. Solid State Starter DE1 VSS. Software, firmware, and applications. DC1DE1 EthernetIP EDS. DX-NET-MODBUSTCP-2 - Field bus connection for Variable Frequency Drives DA1. IPconfig for DX-NET-MODBUSTCP User guides. DE1 Smartwire manual. PowerXL DE1 Variable Speed Starter quick start guide. Need product support? Technical Support Country United States of America. How to buy from Eaton.

Products Industrial controls, drives, automation and sensors Variable frequency drives PowerXL DE1 Variable frequency drives-NA. We provide sustainable solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical power — more safely, more efficiently, and more reliably.

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