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Eplan handbuch download

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Home Login Register Search. Report this link. EPLAN NEWSfor Version 2. KG assumes no liability for either technical or printing errors, or for deficiencies in this technical information and cannot be held liable for damages that may result directly or indirectly from the delivery, performance, and use of this material. This document contains legally protected proprietary information that is subject to copyright.

All rights are protected. The software described in this document is subject to a licensing agreement. The use and reproduction of the software is only permitted within the framework of this agreement. All other product names and trade names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

EPLAN uses the Open Source software 7-Zip 7za. The source code of 7Zip is subject to the GNU Lesser General Public License LGPL. The source code of Open CASCADE is subject to the Open CASCADE Technology Public License. The EPLAN Platform aims to support the goals of these initiatives lastingly. The aim: More efficiency in the product development and a high-quality documentation for manufacturing.

Extended support for the standard IEC with function. With consequences and new challenges for engineering and increased expectations for the design systems. Worldwide initiatives such as "Industry 4. The future increase in data and communication requires higher data quality. One the one hand through rapid acquisition and structuring of the data for engineering and on the other hand through higher quality and consistency of the data throughout all process steps of the product development and production.

The quality and structure of the documentation is also decisive — to this purpose the EPLAN Platform also supports the IEC standard. PDM and PLM solutions. Please visit our website at www. Get a head start and discover numerous further functionalities and improvements that have been integrated into the EPLAN Platform Version 2. In this form the extended functionality of the EPLAN Project Processing extension module contributes further to process optimization: Importing device tag and connections lists from other E-CAD or ERP systems or in the form of MS Excel lists.

For this reason we have strongly simplified some interactions in the current version — for example the definition of the PLC bus topology. In the field of fluid power we have further integrated the EPLAN Fluid Hose Configurator. We see an important obligation in the continuous attuning of our solutions to your processes in enclosure and switchgear design. With EPLAN Pro Panel 2. This hose line configurator now increases your productivity during the definition and creation of hydraulic hose lines lastingly.

We wish you much success with your new EPLAN platform 2. Pay special attention to the section "Software Requirements and Approvals" see page "". If you use a different program of the EPLAN Platform. For more information.

If you want to use an "older" parts database. If you want to use old projects that were created with previous EPLAN versions in EPLAN Version 2. Note: Text preceded by this image contains extra notes. We used "EPLAN Electric P8" when creating the images for this document. Before you begin reading. User interface elements are marked in bold and blue so they can immediately be located in the text.

For example. Example: Examples are highlighted by this symbol. To improve the flow of the text. Code examples. In order to find a particular program function. In combination with settings or fields e. Italic Italic or bold text provides particularly important information that you should definitely pay attention to. Function keys. EPLAN Preplanning is now available both as a stand-alone variant and as an add-on variant.

Based on pre-planning. For EPLAN Electric P8 Ultimate the add-on is part of the delivery scope by default. The goal is to determine the concept that is most advantageous technically speaking. After we presented the pre-planning as an optional extension for the EPLAN Platform for the last version. In the project phase of pre-planning. These function lists contain the information required for the planning and implementation of building automation systems and instrumentation and control systems.

In addition you can out reports for the segment templates. You can repeatedly use these predefined data when creating new structure elements. You can now predefine the relevant data for a specific segment in a so-called "segment template". Benefit: The segment templates allow you to create fundamental standards for the project planning.

It is now also possible to output function lists for building automation conforming to the standards VDI and DIN EN ISO in the preplanning. We make special master data project templates. Management and editing of the segment templates existing in a project are carried out in a new dialog — the segment template navigator. Special templates and master data allow the output of function lists for building automation conforming to the standards VDI and DIN EN ISO Extensions to the User Interface New features in the property dialogs Structure segments In the properties dialog of the structure segments the structure identifiers are now displayed in a well-structured form in the table Structure identifier.

This allowed the Properties group box to be moved from the Further tab to the first tab and the Further to be removed. This field displays the segment template which is assigned to the segment. Assigning a segment template In the properties dialogs of the segments the new Segment template box is displayed on the first tab.

The Macro tab has been moved between the two other tabs Parts and Templates. Delete to For more information on this topic. Accordingly the properties dialog of a container only disposes of the Container general tab. You use remove a selected page from the table. In process engineering. By means of the assignment of pages you can easily see at the segment on which pages there are associated data.

Containers as a New Segment of Pre-Planning The "Containers" are now available as new segments in pre-planning. The containers themselves can also contain PCT loops and planning objects in their structure. A container can be inserted in pre-planning below a structure segment. Containers are managed in parallel to general planning objects.

They can be a plant element and are inserted below a structure segment level. You use the New to open the dialog Page selection where you select the pages that are to be assigned to a segment. You can now carry out separate specifications for the automatic numbering of segments and PCT loops in the new fields Minimum number of digits.

In the case of PCT loops the settings for the PCT loops with identical designation are also taken into consideration during numbering. Start value and Increment. Filler character. For this you have the following new options: Assigning a change protection to pages during creation Placing several window macros next to each other on one page.

This means that the Change protection ID property is assigned automatically to these pages. Change protection when creating pages: If this check box is activated. The pages and the functions placed on them are thus protected against changes PCT loop functions with assigned macros into the page navigator. If the check box is not selected. Then a new page is generated and the next macros are placed there.

Changes through the pre-planning are possible by using the functionality Update detailed planning. The previous protection for devices. You can use the other two settings Distance to margin and Space between the macros to influence the distance when several window macros are to be placed on one page. In the course of this modification the setting for protecting functions in the pre-planning has been renamed to Device protection when creating functions. For more information on this topic.

If the check box is deactivated. Place several macros on one page: If you activate this check box. Notes: Objects for which the change protection has been activated are identified in the tree views of the navigators by the icon. In the process the part information at the main functions in the detailed planning is deleted and replaced by the part information of the assigned segments. The previously placed macro for the planning object marked in the pre-planning navigator is then deleted and the new macro subsequently placed.