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Handbuch jaguar f type

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Jaguar F-Type The Jaguar F-Type is a two-seat sports car, based on a shortened platform of the XK convertible, manufactured by Jaguar Cars from It is the spiritual successor to the famous E-Type. The convertible version of F-Type was first revealed in Sundance, London.

The F-Type uses an all-aluminium chassis, sound and vibration insulation is provided by the addition of a special underbody tray and engine mounts, and a double bulkhead between the engine bay and passenger compartment. Get notified for new files? We'll send you a quick email when a new Jaguar F-Type document is added. Related Models. Jaguar Official Website.

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By Tim Pollard. It's amazing how rarely we get to drive the lowliest models in car manufacturers' ranges. Cars on launch events, and frequently on press fleets, tend to come from the upper echelons, with spicier engines, trims and options galore. How refreshing then to test the latest Jaguar F-type in remarkably unadorned form. This is the F-type roadster in lower-powered bhp 3.

Note the relatively balloon-like inch tyres. The lack of the switchable Jaguar sports exhaust. This is F-type distilled. Not that this roadster is exactly poverty-spec. Far from it. Click here for CAR magazine's F-type vs Boxster twin test. As well as that aluminium-intensive structure and supercharged 3. It's not what you'd call stripped-out. Crucially, however, ours rolls on the standard inch Vela wheels.

And such is Jaguar's obsession with huge rims stemming largely from design chief Ian Callum's love of stancethat it's a rare chance to sample the F-type on - relatively - smaller alloys. The F-type still has wow factor in spades, even in this lowliest form.

The design hasn't dated one jot since launch in April and our roadster looks svelte, menacing, sharper than previous sporting Jags such as the XK. My preference remains for the gorgeously slick F coupe, but there's no denying the appeal of the roadster in these balmier summer months. The roof pops up and down electrically and, with wind break in place, you can conduct normal conversation even at surprisingly high speeds.

Just watch out for the rubbish boot; I can't think of a more disappointing loadbay, no matter what the figures say. You sit low down, hunkering in a high-sided leather-lined cocoon and the seats adjust well to give a good driving position. This is where it gets interesting. In an age where even hot hatches are starting to nibble into the five-seconds mph category, the lower-powered V6 doesn't feel markedly rapid.

This is actually A Good Thing, encouraging you to wring its bhp supercharged neck more often. It's the same reason I often prefer lowlier Porsches. Shorn of the switchable sports exhaust, the 3. The F-type range puts aurals at the heart of the experience, the S and V8 models being sonically extrovert, all parps and burps and screaming cacophony.

Sometimes it's too much - hence the switchable exhaust, letting drivers choose. On the base V6 there is no switch, just the regular sports exhaust - which still opens its lungs at rpm and provides some degree of scream, just less showy-offy. I think I prefer it. Those 18s bring added compliance, too, giving the chassis some handy absorption and they hardly disappear in the arches.

A welcome addition in my book. We've driven F-types aplenty check out further reviews in the Other Models tab above so here we're assessing the suitability of the six-speed manual 'box. DIY fits sports cars, so the logic goes. The problem is, the F-type's shift is just not quite as snickety as you might like. The automatic is so well tuned to the F-type's V6, I actually preferred the slusher to the stick shift. I don't think so, not any more.

Jaguar simply can't match the tactility, the quality of the throw that you'll find in a manual Porsche - and to make matters worse, my left hand bashed into the hand-grab every time I selected reverse. Not good. It seems I side with Ben Barry in this regard. Driving the manual V6 She too preferred the automatic F-type. It's still a fine car, but somehow missing a little bit of magic.

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Jaguar F-type roof up: snug! Unusually, we prefer the auto F-type Selecting reverse, your hand hits the grab handle every time.