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Aprilia rs handbuch

Manuals Brands APRILIA Manuals Motorcycle RS Workshop manual APRILIA RS Workshop Manual. Quick Links. See also: Manual. Table of Contents. RS Chapters Introduction 0 3 General Information 1 9 Technical Information 2 22 Fuel System 3 59 Engine 4 66 Chassis 5 Cooling System 6 Electric System 7 Related Manuals for APRILIA RS Motorcycle APRILIA RS - Manual pages.

Motorcycle APRILIA RS TUONO - Manual pages. REFERENCE MANUALS Page 4: Introduction This manual provides the information required for normal servicing. This publication is intended for use by aprilia Dealers and their qualified mechanics; many concepts have been omitted on purpose as their inclusion would be superfluous. Since complete mechanical explanations have not been included in this manual, the reader must be familiar with basic notions of mechanics, as well as with basic repair procedures.

SAFETY WARNINGS GENERAL RULES BASIC SAFETY RULES DANGEROUS ELEMENTS Refer to the index of sections when consulting the manual. SAFETY WARNINGS The following precautionary warnings are used throughout this manual in order to convey the following messages: Safety warning. This symbol appears, whether in the manual or on the vehicle itself, to indicate a personal injury hazard. DANGER Indicates a potential hazard which may result in serious injury or even death.

GENERAL RULES 1. BASIC SAFETY RULES CARBON MONOXIDE Should it be necessary to perform some operations with the vehicle running, make sure to work outdoors or in a well- aerated room. Avoid starting the engine indoors. In case you are working indoors, use a gas exhaust system. It may ignite and produce invisible flames. Wear latex gloves when servicing. Although toxic, it has a sweet taste that might attract animals. Never leave coolant in open container or in a position easily reachable by animals.

Page 14 CAUTION All bearings must rotate freely with no hard spots or noise. Replace any bearings that do not meet these requirements. Use ORIGINAL aprilia SPARE PARTS only. Use the specified lubricants and consumables. Where possible, lubricate a part before assembly. DANGEROUS ELEMENTS 1. WARNINGS FUEL DANGER The fuel used to operate engines is highly flammable and becomes explosive under particular conditions.

Refuelling and engine service should take place in a well-ventilated area with the engine stopped. Do not smoke when refuelling or in the proximity of sources of fuel vapours, avoid open flames, sparks and any element that could ignite fuel or provoke explosions. Each braking system is operated by an independent hydraulic circuit.

The information provided below applies to both braking systems. DANGER Do not use the vehicle in case brakes are worn out or do not work properly. The brakes are the parts that most ensure your safety and for this reason they must always be perfectly working. In the event of contact with your skin or eyes, rinse repeatedly with abundant water and seek medical advice. In the event of ingestion, induce vomiting, rinse mouth and throat with abundant water and seek medical advice immediately.

In addition, the roadworthiness, mainly on wet surfaces and during cornering, will be impaired. Flat tyres insufficient pressure can slip on the rim and make you lose the control of the vehicle. In this case too, both vehicle roadworthiness, manoeuvrability and brake efficiency will be impaired. POSITION OF THE SERIAL NUMBERS These numbers are necessary for vehicle registration. NOTE Altering the vehicle identification numbers is a legal offence.

Altering the frame number invalidates the warranty. FRAME NUMBER The frame number is stamped on the right side of the steering column. TECHNICAL DATA LUBRICANT CHART SPECIAL TOOLS Seat height mm Wheelbase mm Minimum ground clearance mm 6. Rear Adjustable hydraulic mono-shock absorber Wheel stroke BRAKES Front As an alternative to recommended oils, top brand oils meeting or exceeding A.

GL-4 specifications can be used. SPECIAL TOOLS In order to perform assembly, reassembly and settings correctly, special tools suitable for the task must be used. Front brake fluid reservoir Rear brake master cylinder The odometer cannot be reset. Press and hold the MODE button while the motorcycle is moving to enter acquisition mode, or - at standstill - to view stored lap times.

Page 39 Afterwards: every Km 1. CHECK CAUTION Place the vehicle on a firm and flat surface. CHANGING GEARBOX FLUID Check gearbox fluid level every km mi ; change fluid after the first km mi and every km mi afterwards. BRAKE FLUID NOTE Check brake fluid after the first km mi and every km mi or 12 months afterwards; change fluid every year. WARNING In case of excessive stroke of the brake lever, excessive elasticity or air bubbles, bleed the air out of the circuit.

TOPPING UP THE FRONT BRAKING SYSTEM WARNING Danger: brake fluid could leak out. Do not operate the front brake lever when the brake fluid reservoir plug has been loosened or removed. BRAKE PADS NOTE The information provided below applies to both braking systems. LIFTING THE FUEL TANK DANGER Allow for the engine and exhaust silencers to cool down completely before proceeding. Fuel vapours are harmful to human health.

Ensure that the room is adequately ventilated before proceeding. Do not inhale fuel vapours. Do not smoke or use naked flames. WARNING Check the coolant level and top up the expansion tank with cold engine. CAUTION Place the vehicle on a firm and flat surface.

REMOVING THE BATTERY NOTE Removing the battery will reset the digital clock. WARNING Fixed references for wheel centring are provided on the inside of the tensioner seats on the arms of the swinging arm, before the wheel shaft. Carry out the maintenance operations more frequently if you use the vehicle in rainy and dusty areas or under severe conditions. Page 58 FUEL SYSTEM RS FUEL SYSTEM 3 - Page 59 FUEL SYSTEM RS SUMMARY 3. FUEL SYSTEM FUEL SUPPLY SYSTEM DIAGRAM REMOVING THE FUEL TANK REMOVING THE OIL TANK AIR FILTER REMOVING THE AIR FILTER Page Fuel System FUEL SYSTEM RS 3.

FUEL SYSTEM 3. FUEL SUPPLY SYSTEM DIAGRAM Key: Fuel tank Fuel sensor Fuel cock Fuel tank cover Oil reservoir Oil level indicator Oil tank plug Rubber block 3 - Page Removing The Fuel Tank FUEL SYSTEM RS 3.

Page Removing The Oil Tank FUEL SYSTEM RS 3. Page Air Filter FUEL SYSTEM RS 3. AIR FILTER 3. Page 65 ENGINE RS ENGINE 4 -

Manuals Brands APRILIA Manuals Motorcycle RSV R Manual APRILIA RSV R FACTORY Manual. Quick Links. See also: Workshop ManualManual. RSV R - RSV R FACTORY. Related Manuals for APRILIA RSV R FACTORY Motorcycle APRILIA RSV R - Manual pages. Motorcycle APRILIA RSV4 FACTORY Manual pages. Summary of Contents for APRILIA RSV R FACTORY Page 1 RSV R - RSV R FACTORY Page 2: Safety Warnings Non-compliance w i t h t h e i n d i c a t i on s g i v e n i n t h e use and maintenance RSV R - RSV R FACTORY Page 3 I n s o m e c o u n t r i e s t h e purchase of spare parts or specific antipollution and noise regulations in force acce ssories of th e mod el you have require periodical inspections.

Page 5 safe drive Page 7 Avoid standing up or stretching your and other driving conditions. Never use the vehicle when the amount of damage it has suffered endangers your safety. Page 9: Clothing RSV R - RSV R FACTORY Page Accessoriesi n o r d e r t o r e d u c e especially when riding at high speed. Furthermore, make sure that the load is firmly secured to the vehicle, especially during long trips.

Page 11 RSV R - RSV R FACTORY When this is the case, stop the engine immediately and contact an aprilia Official dealer use and maintenance RSV R - RSV R FACTORY Page 17 Engine Control Unit has detected an anomaly. In most cases, thengine will keep running, although performance will be somewhat reduced. Contact an aprilia Official dealer immediately. Page Multifunction Computer CAN line between dashboard and Engine Control Unit.

Contact a dealer. Page 20 Trip meter indications reflect the TRIP 1 distance covered since last resetting. NOTE The clock may only be set when the key is set to " " and the motorcycle is at standstill. The display will return to the clock display. The rev counter pointer 2 will point the corresponding rpm for three seconds. Page 24 Press briefly to increase setting by rpm. Hold down a little longer to increase by rpm. After reaching full scale value 12, rpmthe pointer will go back to zero automatically.

STARTING for starting procedure. Page Ignition Switch Do not keep the spare key on the vehicle. The engine It is not Extract the key. Page Special Tools Front wheel stand 3see page 71 PLACING THE Front wheel VEHICLE ON THE FRONT disassembly. Click clamp 4 installation Click clamp pliers, see page 63 CLICK installation. Page Main Components Avoid contact with skin.

Do lower edge of the filler neck see figure. Do not swallow fuel. Do not transfer fuel between different Refuel. Page Brake Fluid - Recommendations If in doubt about the braking efficiency finished parts or they will damage. Page Disk Brakess e e p a g e 1 1 6 LUBRICANT CHART. NOTE This vehicle is fitted with front and rear disk brakes. Each braking system is operated by an independent hydraulic circuit.

Page Front Brake "MIN" mark. Page 36 Keep the brake fluid reservoir open JUST LONG ENOUGH to top up level. Raise and remove the cover 3 together with the screws 1 and the gasket 4. Page Rear Brake 92 CHECKING THE absorb moisture from the air. BRAKE PADS FOR WEAR. Keep the brake fluid reservoir open JUST LONG ENOUGH to top up level. Page Clutch Fluid - Recommendations In the event of accidental contact with eyes, contact an eye specialist or seek medical advice. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

Page Clutch CAUTION Danger: clutch fluid could leak out. Never operate the clutch lever when the reservoir cap is loose or has been removed. Page Coolant Check coolant level before each ride - see page 42 CHECKING AND TOPPING UP. Have coolant changed every two years by aprilia Official dealer. Page 41 Take care not to spill coolant onto hot depositing in the radiator, which helps engine parts. It may ignite and produce preserve the efficiency of the cooling invisible flames.

Wear latex gloves when servicing. Page Tyres The tyre may even come off the rim puncture is larger than 5 mm. The wheel must be balanced after each Lastly, the vehicle may skid in a bend. Page Engine Oil CH A R T a n d p a ge 6 5 C H A N G I N G ENGINE OIL AND THE ENGINE OIL FILTER for oil change instructions.

NOTE Use high-quality 15W - 50 oil, see page LUBRICANT CHART. Page Adjusting The Front Brake Lever And The Clutch Lever CAUTION After the adjustment, make sure that the wheel rotates freely with the brake released. Check braking efficiency. Page Adjusting The Rear Brake Lever And The Gear Shift Lever Partially unscrew the screw 1.

Rotate the eccentric 2 until finding the optimal position for the pedal 3. Tighten the screw 1 and make sure that the eccentric retains its position. Page Instructions For Use Always mount and dismount from the left side with the vehicle on the side stand. Page 48 Choose the parking area, see page 57 movements while getting on and off. CAUTION PARKING. Stop the vehicle, see page 57 STOPPING.

Make sure that the vehicle is stable. At any rate, contact an aprilia Official dealer immediately. Change bulbs or fix a failure, if necessary. Page Starting "Safe Riding", see in neutral. If you try to engage a gear with page 32 FUEL. Page 52 Pull the clutch lever 7 fully in and select Keep at least one brake lever pulled and dealer immediately.

Page Moving Off - Riding 4. Refuel as soon as possible, see page 34 FUEL. Page 54 3 and lift the gear kilometres. This will allow the engine to shift lever 4. Release the clutch lever warm up. Repeat the last two operations and shift use and maintenance RSV R - RSV R FACTORY Using the use and maintenance RSV R - RSV R FACTORY Page Stopping When stopping for a short time, keep at WARNING switch on unexpectedly and your clothing least one brake on.

Make sure that the vehicle is stable use and maintenance RSV R - RSV R FACTORY Page Placing The Vehicle On The Stand Turn the handlebar fully to the left WARNING Make sure that the vehicle is stable. TELEPHONE NO. NOTE In most cases, stolen vehicles are identified through the data written on the Owner's Manual. Page Maintenance Some to have a new key enabled, will have to components are harmful or toxic. Page Periodic Maintenance Chart Drive chain slack and every km mi : lubrication every km before each ride and every Brake pad wear mi : km mi : use and maintenance RSV R - RSV R FACTORY CAUTION On refitting, replace the click clamp that has been removed with a new one of the ap ril ia same size, available from Official dealer.

Page Checking And Topping Up Engine Oil Level CAUTION In the vehicle is used for racing, change the engine oil every km mi. Change oil more frequently if the vehicle is used in dusty conditions. Page Changing Engine Oil And The Engine Oil Filterc h a n g e t h e o i l m o r e Unscrew and remove the filler cap 3.

Page 66 Refit the cover 6. Refit and tighten the cu cm under the drain plug 2 on two screws 5. Unscrew and remove the drain plug 2 on the tank. If you use a funnel or other tool, ensure they are perfectly clean.