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Handbuch renault grand scenic 2018

Manuals Brands Renault Manuals Automobile GRAND SCENIC Driver's handbook manual Renault GRAND SCENIC Driver's Handbook Manual. Quick Links. See also: HandbookDriver's Handbook Manual. Table of Contents. Chapters Table of Contents 5 Section 2: Driving 89 Section 3: Your Comfort Section 4: Maintenance Section 5: Practical Advice Section 6: Technical Specifications Related Manuals for Renault GRAND SCENIC Automobile Renault Scenic Handbook pages.

Automobile Renault Sandero Handbook pages. Page 2 RENAULT vehicles. RENAULT recommends the approved ELF lubricants for your oil changes and top-ups. Contact your RENAULT representative or visit the site: www. Enjoy driving your new vehicle. Translated from French. Copying or translation, in part or in full, is forbidden unless prior written permission has been obtained from RENAULT, 92 Billancourt Page 5: Table Of Contents Sections Getting to know your vehicle Your comfort Practical advice Technical specifications Alphabetical index Page 7 Section 1: Getting to know your vehicle RENAULT cards: general information, use, deadlocking Page 8: Doors refer to the information for a short while.

Refer to the information on tion 5. Page Remote Control Card Use If a door or the luggage compartment is open RENAULT card not detected or not properly shut, or if a RENAULT alarm card is still in the reader, the doors and If a door is opened when the engine Page Locking The Vehicle The vehicle will lock.

Note: a RENAULT card must be within the vehicle's access zone zone 1 to be able to lock the vehicle using the button. To reactivate the hands-free mode: restart the vehicle. Page 14 RENAULT cARd: deadlocking To deactivate deadlocking Unlock the vehicle using button 1 on the RENAULT card. The hazard warning lights flash once to indicate that the doors have been un- locked.

To activate deadlocking If the vehicle is equipped with a dead With the card in reader 2, press button 1. Page 16 Pull on the handle 2. In certain cases, the RENAULT card may not work: — when the RENAULT card battery is drained, flat battery, etc.

Page Front Headrests fRONT hEAdREsTs To remove the headrest Fit it in its highest position, press button 1 on each rod 3 and lift to re- lease. Note: when the headrest is removed, take care not to change the positions of rods 3. To refit the headrest If the setting of rods 3 has been altered, pull them fully upwards.

Lift handle 1 to release. Release the For safety reasons, make handle at the desired position and make these adjustments only sure that it is locked. On equipped vehicles, buttons 2 store the chosen driving posi- tion refer to the following page. Adjusting the seat position To move the seat forwards or back Move switch 4 forwards or backwards. You must also ing position, then ask all occupants comply with the legislation of the par- to adjust their seat belt to ensure op- ticular country you are in.

Page Rear Seat Belts REAR sEAT BELTs second row centre rear seat Unwind belt 2 slowly from its housing. On equipped vehicles, for your com- fort, you can pass the belt through belt guide 3. Click buckle 4 into black catch 5. Snap last sliding buckle 6 into the red catch 7. After a violent impact, it has two deploy- ment volumes and integrates a ventila- In a severe frontal impact, the air bags tion system: inflate rapidly, cushioning the impact Page To The Rear Seat Belts mEThOds Of REsTRAINT IN AddITION TO ThE REAR sEAT BELTs force limiter Depending on the vehicle and the posi- — Have the entire restraint tion of the seats, these may comprise: Above a certain severity of impact, this system checked following — Page Side Protection Devices sIdE pROTEcTION dEVIcEs side air bags These air bags are fitted to the front seats and are activated at the sides of the seats door side to protect the oc- cupants in the event of a severe side impact.

This warning light comes on when the engine is started and then The air bag is designed to complement the action of the seat belt. Page Child Safety: General Information chILd sAfETy: general information carrying children Using a child seat Set a good example by always fas- The level of protection offered by the Children, and adults, must be correctly tening your seat belt and teaching child seat depends on its ability to re- seated and strapped in for all journeys.

Authorised ISOFIX child seats are ap- chased for another vehicle, proved in accordance with regulation check that its installation is To access these anchoring points, push the rear seat forward and lift the cover if necessary. Note: for 7-seater vehicles, the rings are located on the luggage compart- ment floor and are visible.

The diagram on the follow- The laws concerning children travel- ing page shows you how to attach a ling in the front passenger seat differ in child seat. Check seats. Page 53 3 Stalk for: switch. This is due to the system is equipped with an electronic power assistance overheating. Ä Toxic fume filter system Warning Light This lights up when the ignition is switched on and goes out when the engine is started.

It requires you to stop immediately, for your own safety, as soon as traf- fic conditions allow. Contact an approved Dealer. If the level is at the minimum, the warning light integrated in the indicator comes on, accompanied by a beep. Examples of selections Interpreting the display selected a Total mileage and trip mileage recorder.

Fuel consumed since the last reset. Average fuel consumption since the last reset. Examples of selections Interpreting the display selected current fuel consumption. Estimated range with remaining fuel. Examples of selections Interpreting the display selected c mileage before service. Distance remaining until the next service displayed in miles kilometres and monthsthen when the service nears, several scenarios are possible: — Examples of selections Interpreting the display selected d Tyre pressure monitor.

If you fail to follow this recommendation, you risk damaging your vehicle. They disappear when the display selection key is pressed or after several seconds and are stored in the computer log. Examples of warning messages are given in the following pages. If the electrical supply is cut battery disconnected, broken supply wire, etc. Page Door Mirrors REAR VIEW mIRRORs folding door mirrors The door mirrors automatically fold in when the vehicle is locked switch 2 in position D.

In this case, they will fold out when the ignition is next switched In any case, you can make the door mirrors fold in switch 2 in position E or out switch 2 in position C. Page Audible And Visual Signals AUdIBLE ANd VIsUAL sIgNALs direction indicators Move stalk 1 parallel to the steering wheel and in the direction you are going to turn it. When driving on the motorway, the steering wheel is not often turned enough to return the stalk automatically to 0.

This indicator light on the instrument panel comes on. To return to the dipped headlight posi- tion, pull stalk 1 towards you again. Page 82 ELEcTRIcAL AdJUsTmENT Of ThE dIppEd BEAm hEAdLIghTs for manual settings Examples of positions for adjusting control A according to the load driver alone or with front passenger driver with one front passenger and one rear passenger On vehicles fitted with this function, con- trol A allows you to adjust the height of the beams according to the load.

Page Windscreen Wipers WINdscREEN WIpER, WAshER Vehicle fitted with front windscreen wiper rain sensor A park B automatic wiper function When this position is selected, the system detects water on the wind- screen and triggers the wipers at a suitable wiping speed. It is possi- ble to change the triggering thresh- old and the time sweeps by turning ring Page Headlight Washers WINdscREEN WIpER, WAshER headlight washers headlights on On equipped vehicles, hold stalk 1 Do not try to lift the wiper blades.

Page 88 1. Page 89 Section 2: Driving Advice on use relating to fuel economy and the environment Running in Starting - stopping the engine. After complet- or 3, to 3, rpm. When you get into the vehicle, insert the the tailgate open RENAULT card fully into card reader 2. Page Special Features Of Petrol Versions SPECIAL fEATURES Of PETROL vERSIONS The following operating conditions If you notice any of the above operating should be avoided: faults, have the necessary repairs car- ried out as soon as possible by an ap- — driving for long periods when the low proved dealer.

Page Special Features Of Diesel Versions SPECIAL fEATURES Of DIESEL vERSIONS Diesel engine speed Precautions to be taken in winter Diesel engines are fitted with injection equipment which prevents the engine To avoid any faults in icy weather: speed being exceeded irrespective of — ensure that the battery is always fully the gear selected.

To apply: Pull the lever 2 upwards and make sure the vehicle is immobilised. Make sure that the hand- Selecting reverse gear brake is properly released when driving red indicator Page Manual Operation 3 at the same time; You can control the electronic parking To manually activate the electronic park- — remove the RENAULT card from the brake manually.

If you an- strument panel will indicate if ticipate an obstacle or bend in ad- there are any faults in the system: vance, you may then simply release This lights up when the ignition is the accelerator pedal. For vehicles fitted with manual air conditioning, switch off the system when it is not required. Page Environment ENvIRONMENT Recycling Make your contribution towards Your vehicle has been designed with respect for the environment in mind for protection of the environment too.

If tyre pressures cannot be checked when the tyres are cold, the recom- Operating principle The tyre pressure is not suitable for the speed of travel. Because the valves are specially de- Contact an approved Dealer to fit new signed, only use equipment approved tyres and to find out about available ac- by the approved network.

To do this: press the similar to driving a vehicle without the accelerator pedal firmly and fully speed limiter function. This function is an addi- tional driving aid.

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