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Werkstatthandbuch honda fes 125 download

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Published on Nov 22, Toda la informaci n de esta publicaci n se basa en la honda fes s wing manual pdf document tagged with honda fes pantheon manual. Gold Wing. HONDA SCOOTER. Pantheon honda fes pantheon - wikipedia, the free Honda FES Pantheon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Get Honda motorbike insurance for the honda pantheon Vital Statistics Engine. Engine: honda fes pantheon parts - genuine motorcycle The Honda FES Pantheon is a 2 stroke, Scooter bike with a Profile Author:kjzoqbjm Welcome to FC2!

Manuals Brands Honda Manuals Scooter FES S-wing Owner's manual Honda FES S-wing Owner's Manual. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Related Manuals for Honda FES S-wing Scooter Honda FES Owner's Manual Honda pages. Scooter Honda Click i Owner's Manual pages. Never exceed the maximum weight capacity as shown on the accessories and loading label. Page 4 All information in this publication is based on the latest production information available at the time of approval for printing.

Honda Italia Industriale S. Page 5 This information is intended to help you avoid damage to your scooter, other property, or the environment. When servicing is required, remember that your Honda dealer knows your scooter best. Page 7 A FEW WORDS ABOUT SAFETY Your safety, and the safety of others, is very important and operating this scooter safely is an important responsibility.

To help you make informed decisions about safety, we have provided operating procedures and other information on labels and in this manual. This information alerts you to potential hazards that could hurt you or others. To make responsibility for your own safety and yourself more visible, wear bright reflective understand the challenges that you can clothing, position yourself so other drivers Page 13 Never exceed n WARNING load limits and only use accessories that have been approved by Honda for this scooter.

Not wearing a helmet increases the See page 5 for more details. Page 14 Helmets and Eye Protection Additional Riding Gear Your helmet is your most important piece of In addition to a helmet and eye protection, riding gear because it offers the best we also recommend: protection against head injuries.

Page 15 ALWAYS wear a helmet. You should also wear a face shield or goggles. Clothes should be close-fitting. Wear bright or reflective clothing. Wear gloves. Shoes should be close-fitting, have low heels and offer ankle protection. Page 16 Follow all load limits and other loading stability. Non-Honda accessories, improper guidelines in this manual.

Page 17 Load limits Following are the load limits for your scooter: Maximum weight capacity: kg lbs Includes the weight of the rider, passenger, all cargo and all accessories. Maximum cargo weight: 19 kg 42 lbs The weight of added accessories will reduce the maximum cargo weight you can carry.

Putting too much weight in individual storage compartments can also affect stability and handling. Page 19 Before consider making specifically designed and tested for your modifications or adding an accessory, be scooter. Because Honda cannot test all other sure to read the following information. Page 22 Shopping hook Helmet holder Air cleaner housing Belt case air cleaner Coolant reserve tank Side stand Center Passenger stand footpeg Their functions are described in the tables on the following pages.

Page 25 Ref. Description Function 1 Fuel gauge Shows approximate fuel supply available page The fuel gauge needle will swing to the maximum scale on the dial once when the ignition switch is turned ON. Page 26 Ref.

Description Function 4 Multifunction display The display includes the following functions; This display shows the initial display page Odometer Shows accumulated mileage page 21 Tripmeter A and B Shows trip mileage page 21 Digital clock Shows hours and minutes page 23 Shows current fuel consumption Fuel consumption meter page Page 27 Ref. Description Function 6 Tachometer red zone Never allow the tachometer needle to enter the red zone, even after the engine has broken in.

NOTICE Running the engine beyond recommended maximum engine speed the beginning of the tachometer red zone can damage the engine. Page 28 Ref. Description Function 11 RESET button This button is used to reset the tripmeter A or B to zero page This button is also used to reset the oil change indicator page 28 and adjust the time page Page 29 It should also light for a few seconds and then go off when the ignition switch is turned ON.

If it comes on at any other time, reduce speed and take the motorcycle to your Honda dealer as soon as possible. Page 30 Initial display When the ignition switch is turned ON, the multi-function display 1 will temporarily show all the modes and digital segments so you can make sure the liquid crystal display is fuctioning properly. Digital clock 2 and tripmeter 3 will reset if the battery is disconnected. Shows mileage per trip. There are two tripmeters, tripmeter A 2 and tripmeter B 3.

Switch between the A and B displays by pressing the Mode button 4 repeatedly. Page 33 Resetting the tripmeter To reset the tripmeter, push and hold the RESET button 1 when the display is in the tripmeter A or tripmeter B 2 mode. Page 34 Digital Clock 1 Shows hour and minute. To adjust the time, 3. Turn the ignition switch ON. Page 35 4. Press the MODE button. The minute 5. To set the minute, press the RESET display will start flashing. Page 36 Fuel consumption meter 1 Shows fuel consumption in the following way: 1.

Page 37 Fuel gauge The fuel gauge 1 shows the approximate fuel supply available in a graduated display. When the gauge needle enters the red band 2fuel will be low and you should refill the tank as soon as possible. The amount of fuel left in the tank,with the vehicle set upright, when the needle enters the red band is approximately Page 38 Coolant temperature gauge The coolant temperature gauge 1 shows coolant temperature.

Page 39 Oil change indicator The first oil change is at km milesThe oil change indicator 1 illuminates when but in this case the indicator should not be the distance covered by the scooter arrives reset. The indicator will appear after the at the oil change interval specified in the user scooter has covered approximately 4, km and maintenance schedule page Use a pin spanner 2 to adjust the rear shock.

Always adjust the shock absorber position in sequence or Page 41 BRAKES Combined Brake System CBS This scooter is equipped with a Combined Brake System. Operating the rear brake lever applies the rear brake and a portion of front brake. This model is also equipped with an Anti-lock It is important to follow the tyre Brake System ABS designed to help prevent recommendations page Page 43 If it does not go off, ABS is not functioning, but the brakes still work the Combined Brake System and provide normal stopping ability.

However, you should have the system checked by your Honda dealer as soon as possible. Page 44 As the brake pads wear, the brake fluid level drops. The recommended brake fluid is Honda There are no adjustments to perform, but DOT 4 brake fluid from a sealed container, fluid level and pad wear must be inspected or an equivalent.

Page 45 page Worn pads must be replaced. If the pads are not worn, have your brake system inspected for leaks. The recommended brake fluid is Honda 1 LOWER level mark DOT 4 brake fluid from a sealed container, or an equivalent.

This coolant solution is recommended for The owner must properly maintain the most operating temperatures and provides coolant to prevent freezing, overheating and corrosion. Page 47 If the reserve tank is empty, or if coolant loss is excessive, check for leaks and see 1 while the engine is at the normal your Honda dealer for repair. If the coolant level is Page 48 FUEL Fuel tank The fuel tank is located above the step board.

The fuel tank capacity including the reserve suplly is: To open the fuel tank lid 1 insert the ignition key, push in at the OFF position and turn it clockwise. Page 49 To open the fuel fill cap 2turn it counterclockwise. Do not overfill the tank. There should be no fuel in the filler neck 3.

After refueling, be sure tighten the fuel fill cap firmly by turning in clockwise. Close the fuel tank lid. If spark knock or pinking persists, consult your Honda dealer. Failure to do so is considered misuse, and damage caused by misuse is not covered Honda cannot endorse the use of is at least as high as that recommended by Honda.

Page 52 ENGINE OIL NOTICE Engine oil level check Running the engine with insufficient oil Check the engine oil level each day before pressure may cause serious engine damage. Page 53 TUBELESS TYRES Air pressure To safely operate your scooter, your tyres Keeping your tyres properly inflated must be the proper type and size, in good provides the best combination of handling, condition with adequate tread and correctly tread life and riding comfort.

Generally, inflated for the load you are carrying. Page 55 Tread Wear Replace tyres before tread depth at the centre of the tyre reaches the following limit: Minimum tread depth Front: 1. Page 56 Tyre repair Even if a tyre is professionally repaired with If a tyre is punctured or damaged, you a permanent internal patch plug, it will not be as good as a new tyre. Excessive heat build-up can cause the tube to burst.

The rims are designed for tubeless tyres and during hard acceleration or braking a tube-type tyre could slip on the rim and cause the tyre to rapidly deflate.