Ducati st4 handbuch



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Ducati st4 handbuch

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CNC Racing is one of the leading producers for high-quality ducati motorcycle accessories. Stein-Dinse GmbH Waller See 11 SchwülperNiedersachsen. Ducati Workshop manual - ST4 until Zoom image. Fits the following models: This article can among other things be used on the following motorcycle models. Ducati Ducati ST4BJ - Customers who bought this product also bought the following products:.

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Quick Links. See also: Owner's Manual. Owner's manual. Motorcycle Ducati Streetfighter Owner's Manual pages. Page 3 Ducati motorcycle for long whatsoever for any mistakes incurred in drawing up this journeys as well as short daily trips. Ducati Motor Holding manual. The information contained herein is valid at the S. Page 4: Table Of Contents TABLE OF CONTENTS Rear brake pedal 24 Gear change pedal 24 Setting the gear change and rear brake pedals 25 Main components and devices Location 27 Tank filler plug 28 Seat catch and helmet hooks 29 General Side stand 30 Warranty 6 Lifting handgrip 31 Symbols Page 5 Cleaning and changing air filters 53 Suspensions 81 Checking the coolant level 54 Exhaust system 81 Checking brake and clutch fluid level 55 Available colours 81 Checking brake pads for wear 56 Electric system 82 Lubricating cables and joints 57 Throttle cable adjustment 58 For United States of America version Only 87 Charging the battery Page 6: General Ducati Motor Holding S.

In case of any doubts, please call a Ducati dealer or authorized workshop. The information contained herein will prove useful on your trips - and Ducati Motor Holding S. Page 7: Useful Information For Safe Riding Useful information for safe riding lane in good time using the suitable turn indicators.

Be sure you are clearly visible and do not ride within the Warning blind spot of vehicles ahead. Read this section before riding your motorcycle. Be very careful when tackling road junctions, or when riding in the areas near exits from private grounds, car Accidents are frequently due to inexperience.

Page 8: Carrying The Maximum Load Allowed Carrying the maximum load allowed Information about carrying capacity Your motorcycle is designed for long-distance riding, The total weight of the motorcycle in running order carrying the maximum load allowed in full safety and including rider, pillion passenger, luggage and additional comfort.

Page 9 Do not insert any objects you may need to carry into the gaps of the frame as these may foul moving parts. If you install the side panniers available from Ducati Parts Department : sort luggage and accessories so to distribute weight evenly and then arrange them in the panniers so that they are well balanced; Page Identification Data Identification data All Ducati motorcycles have two identification numbers, for frame fig.

Frame number Engine number Note These numbers identify the motorcycle model and should always be indicated when ordering spare parts. Be sure to read this information carefully before you use the controls. Page Instrument Panel Instrument panel fig. If this light stays on, stop the engine or it may Gives road speed. Gives total distance covered. Page 13 8 Digital display. Offers four functions see page Comes on and flashes when the motorcycle is stopped Immobilizer on it is also used for immobilizer diagnosis.

Note When the Immobizer has been activated, this light keeps flashing for 24 hours and then goes out. The Immobilizer is still working. Page Digital Display Digital display fig. When there is only 1 full bar left on, it will start blinking while the reserve light 4, fig.

Page Code Card A fig. Warning Keep the CODE CARD in a safe place. Page Operation Operation Duplicate keys When the ignition key is turned to OFF, the immobilizer If you need any duplicate keys, contact the DUCATI inhibits engine operation. Service network with all the keys you have left and your When the ignition key is turned back to ON to start the CODE CARD. Page Key-Operated Ignition Switch And Steering Lock Key-operated ignition switch and steering lock fig.

Note To move the key to the last two positions, press it down before turning it. Page Left Switch Left switch fig. To cancel turn indicators, return switch to central position and push in. Page Clutch Lever Clutch lever fig. When you pull in the lever, you will disengage the engine from the gearbox and therefore from the driving wheel.

Using the clutch properly is essential to smooth riding, especially when moving off. Page Cold Start Lever Cold start lever fig. It will increase the engine idling speed after starting. Lever positions: A closed B fully open. The lever can be opened and closed gradually to adjust speed until engine is fully warm. Page Right Switch Right switch fig. Page Throttle Twistgrip Throttle twistgrip fig. When released, it will spring back to the initial position idling speed.

Front brake lever fig. Page Rear Brake Pedal Rear brake pedal fig. The system is hydraulically operated. Page Setting The Gear Change And Rear Brake Pedals Setting the gear change and rear brake pedals fig. To set the gear change pedal, lock linkage 1 and loosen the check nuts 2 and 3. Note Nut 2 has a left-hand thread. Page 26 To set the rear brake pedal, loosen check nut 4. Turn pedal travel adjusting screw 5 until pedal is in the desired position.

Tighten check nut 4. Work pedal by hand to make sure it has 1. Page Tank Filler Plug Tank filler plug fig. Lift the OPEN plug. Closing Refit the plug with the key in it and push it down into its seat. Page Seat Catch And Helmet Hooks Seat catch and helmet hooks Opening fig. Pull the seat backwards to slide it off its front holders 1. Page Side Stand Anti-theft padlock fig. Remove strap 2 to take padlock out. Important Use the padlock in addition to the steering lock when Put the motorcycle on the side stand only when parking your motorcycle in unsafe areas.

Page Lifting Handgrip Lifting handgrip Note A handgrip 1, fig. Page Centre Stand Centre stand Always use the centre stand 1, fig. It is designed to support the motorcycle even when carrying the maximum load allowed. Warning Before putting the motorcycle on the centre stand, make sure the bearing surface is hard and flat. Page Rear View Mirrors Important If either of the mirror parts comes off, have the mirror repaired or replaced by a Ducati Dealer or Authorized Workshop.

Warning Never ride with a missing rear view mirror: the fig. Page Front Fork Adjusters Front fork adjusters The front fork has rebound and compression damping adjusters. This adjustment is done using the outer adjusters: 1 fig.

Turn the adjuster 1 on fork leg top with a flat screwdriver to adjust rebound damping. Page 35 STANDARD factory setting is as follows: compression: 12 clicks; rebound: 11 clicks. The setting range is 14 clicks both for rebound and compression. The 14th click gives the softest damping.

To change the preload of the spring inside each fork leg turn the hex. Page Shock Absorber Adjusters Shock absorber adjusters The rear shock absorber has outer adjusters that enable you to adjust your motorcycle to the load. The adjuster 1, fig. The adjuster 2, fig. Page 37 Warning The shock absorber is filled with gas under pressure and may cause severe damage if taken apart by unskilled persons. Important When carrying a passenger and luggage, set the rear shock absorber spring to proper preload to improve motorcycle handling and keep safe clearance from the ground.

Furthermore, the drive chain should be inspected frequently. Page 39 Warranty Card should be observed carefully. Have the service inspections performed as recommended in the Warranty Card. Failure to comply with these rules will release Ducati Motor Holding S. Page Pre-Ride Checks Warning Fuel level in the tank In case of malfunctioning, do not start the Check fuel level in the tank.

Engine oil level Check oil level in the sump through the sight glass. Top up with recommended oil if needed page Warning Before starting the engine, become familiar with the controls you will need to use when riding. Page 42 2 Move the cold start lever to the B position fig. Let the engine start without using the throttle control. Important Never operate the electric start button more than 5 seconds at a time. Page Braking Braking Warning Slow down in time, shift down to engine-brake first and Use both brake lever and pedal for effective then brake applying both brakes.

Pull the clutch lever braking.