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Gc sanitar handbuch 2017

Manuals Brands Zeiss Manuals Diagnostic Equipment CIRRUS HD-OCT User manual Zeiss CIRRUS HD-OCT User Manual. Quick Links Download this manual. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting FastTrac 12 Routine Maintenance Related Manuals for Zeiss CIRRUS HD-OCT Medical Equipment Zeiss CIRRUS HD-OCT Technical Specifications 2 pages.

Summary of Contents for Zeiss CIRRUS HD-OCT Page 1 B B CIRRUS HD-OCT User Manual — Models All rights reserved. Trademarks CIRRUS, AngioPlex, ChamberView, FastTrac, FORUM, GPA, and Live OCT Fundus. Page 3: Table Of Contents 1 Safety and Certifications Symbols and Labels Warning and Caution Definitions Page 4 Software Licensed Applications. Page 5 Daily Tasks Start of Day End of Day. Page 6 Center Corneal Scans on the Corneal Vertex Anterior Chamber and Cornea External Lenses Attaching an External Lens.

Page 7 Fundus Page 8 viii Advanced Export Page 9 Straighten Volume Data Page 10 High Definition Images Report Raster Scan Options. Page 11 LCD Monitor Screen Page 12 Data Analysis A Results. Page 13 xiii B CIRRUS Algorithm Studies Study 1: Retinal Segmentation and Analysis Page 14 Study 2: Repeatability and reproducibility of Wide Angle to Angle and HD Angle scan measurements in subjects with glaucoma, including repeatability, reproducibility, and comparison to Visante Purpose Data Collection.

Page Safety And Certifications 1- 1 Symbols and Labels 1 Safety and Certifications Before using the CIRRUS HD-OCT, you must fully understand potential safety hazards. Read the following safety warnings and cautions in their entirety before using the HD-OCT instrument. Additional warnings and cautions are found throughout the instructions for use.

Page Warning And Caution Definitions Warnings WARNING: To prevent electric shock, the instrument must be plugged into an earth grounded outlet. Do not remove or disable the ground pin. Only an authorized Zeiss service representative may install the instrument.

WARNING: Do not open the instrument covers. Exception: You may remove the rear cover to access labels and connectors. Opening the instrument covers could expose you to Page Cautions CAUTION: Users are not authorized to dismantle except to remove the rear cover or modify the CIRRUS HD-OCT hardware. To transport the instrument outside the office, you must consult with a Zeiss service technician.

CAUTION: Avoid tipping. Do not use the instrument on an uneven or sloped surface. Page Protection Of Patient Health Information Zeiss. Such actions could result in failure of the table height adjustment mechanism, instability of the table, tipping and damage to the instrument, and injury to operator and patient.

Page Cirrus Hd-Oct User Manual Rev. A Product Safety WARNING: To prevent electric shock, the instrument must be plugged into an earth grounded outlet. Opening the instrument covers could expose you to electrical and optical hazards. Page 20 Zeiss. Page 21 CAUTION: We strongly recommend you use peripheral devices supplied or approved by Zeiss, when available, because they will have been tested to work with the instrument. If you do use a peripheral device that conforms with the requirements in this section but is not supplied by Zeiss, do not install any unapproved third party software on the instrument.

Page 22 CAUTION: We strongly recommend you use peripheral devices supplied or approved by Zeiss, when available, because they will have been tested to work with the instrument. Page Record And Data Safety The following activities are prohibited using the CIRRUS HD-OCT instrument. CAUTION: Attempting to perform these prohibited activities may void your CIRRUS HD-OCT warranty and may result in damage to your CIRRUS HD-OCT system.

Zeiss is not responsible for software upgrades or repairs necessitated by the attempted performance of the following prohibited activities. Page Networking Guidelines NOTE: Users are responsible for network setup and maintenance, including installation and configuration of all necessary hardware and software. Zeiss Technical Support is limited to testing network connectivity of the CIRRUS HD-OCT. Technical Support cannot troubleshoot or repair problems with network connectivity.

The customer or user of the CIRRUS HD-OCT should assure that it is used in such an environment. Emissions Test Compliance Electromagnetic environment — Immunity Test IEC test level Compliance level Page Intended Operator Profile Intended Operator Profile Intended Operator Profile CIRRUS operators are clinicians or technicians with professional training or experience in the use of ophthalmic imaging equipment.

Specific assumptions regarding the profiles of individuals performing instrument operation are given below. Page Data Analyst Profile Installation and Setup If you have purchased a new CIRRUS HD-OCT instrument, it will arrive with licensed software fully installed. Your Zeiss Service Representative will arrive shortly thereafter, and CIRRUS HD-OCT User Manual Rev.

A Page User Documentation The User Manual is delivered in PDF format, but you may request a hardcopy manual at any time. Training is offered by Zeiss in the use of CIRRUS. Such training does include training in diagnostic interpretation of the data and analyses.

In addition, instructions and information are provided to ensure that data is safely managed and that the system is properly maintained. Page 32 User Documentation Rev. A CIRRUS HD-OCT User Manual Page System Overview Hardware 3 System Overview Hardware As shown in Figurethe CIRRUS HD-OCT system is delivered as a single unit, except for keyboard, mouse, and an optional height—adjustable worktable.

Page Power Up The software will start automatically, and run a Data Validation Check which, once passed, will allow you to begin setting up your instrument, by pressing Continue. Should the software fail for any reason, contact Zeiss Customer Service immediately. Power Down You can power down the system either through hardware or through software. See the for information on how to unlock licenses. See Chapter 6 "Acquiring Scans" for detailed descriptions.

Page Toolbar Options Software The Toolbar and Navigation Bar options are discussed below. The main Working portion of the screen will be described as they appear in the discussion of software functionality in the chapters which follow. Page 38 Software The table below identifies and describes the items in each menu, and indicates when each item is enabled. Note the keyboard shortcuts to the right of applicable menu items. Selecting DICOM Archive, user may disable Auto—Query of Modality Worklist.

Display Options allows change to default setting. The default is checked center lines visible. Components of Status The following components contribute to the overall status. NOTE: Mouse over the status indicator and popup text will explain the current status in terms of the status components below. NOTE: On rare occasions, the DICOM features may not actually be available even though the Status Indicator is green, indicating that you are connected to DICOM. If this occurs, CIRRUS HD-OCT Modelscheck the DICOM Gateway Configuration IP address see the Installation Guide Page 44 Software Rev.

Page System Administration Institution Setup 4 System Administration The person assigned as the Administrator for the CZMI network in your clinic will oversee the administrative functions of the software. Page Station Setup Station Setup 3.

Add the value of the Issuer of Patient ID in this field. The Issuer of Patient ID field denotes assigning authority of patient IDs entered at a particular site or practice. As a recommendation, it should be set to the same value on every instrument in the practice and to the same value as in the leading patient information system, if applicable.

Page Staff Accounts Staff Accounts 2. In the Station Name and AE Title fields, type in the desired information. The remainder of the information is already set. NOTE: The AE Title is originally determined during setup of the DICOM Gateway which is discussed in Chapter 11 "Data Management". Page Edit Staff Records Category Registration and Maintenance Edit Staff Records To edit medical staff records, follow these steps: 1.

In the Staff Registration dialog, select a staff record and click Edit. The Staff Edit dialog opens.

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