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Solidworks cam handbuch

Error: You don't have JavaScript enabled. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. Log in to follow, share, and participate in this community. Share space. Jackson Wiebe in CAM 6 days ago Show more Show less. Cant get Pocket In - Core to work properly.

I am trying to do the external perimeter on an oddly shaped part using 3D Area Clearance and "Pocket In - Core" Pattern. The template image shows the pattern i want but its not generating correctly. If you look at the top down image attached, my tool path will do 1 perimeter pass from the stock then 1 contour pass exceeding the stepover.

Terry Hillyer in CAM 1 week ago Show more Show less. How to put the tools used at the beginning of the gcode? SW CAM outputs the tool list to a. I would like this tool list to appear at the beginning of my gcode right under the O line. This video from shows how to do this starting at Unfortunately the HAAS ST files I downloaded from the CAMWorks Post Processor Library does not have a Section… Show more Show less. Tim Rosendal Halvorsen to Terry Hillyer 7 days ago Show more Show less.

Often times, post processors will be edited in a text editor, Notepad or the EC Edit, potentially causing issues loading the SRC to UPG. It could simply become corrupted or UPG will crash on you. In most cases,…. Like Show 0 Likes 0 Actions. All operations with same tool are lumped together in the gcode. The gcode generated by SW CAM appears to combine adjacent operations together which have the same tool. For example, a Face Rough1 operation and the Face Finish1 operation use the same tool.

Similarly, the very next two operations are Turn Rough1 and Turn Finish1. All four operations use the same 80 degree diamond CNMG insert. All four… Show more Show less. Craig Serkanic to Matt Juric 7 days ago Show more Show less.

Matt thanks for the reply. My understanding of the original questions from Terry was basically when posted there is no distinction between the first operation and the third, or fourth or 10th in the code using the same tool in each operation. This is a post issue and would not be solved by sorting. I could be wrong but based on his reply that…. Burkhard Wolff in CAM 3 months ago Show more Show less. How to make the tools move faster when the tool is not cutting anything in Solidworks CAM?

Hello, I am drilling a set of holes on Stainless Steel. Since it is stainless steel, the speed and feed for the tool is very less. When the tool goes to the next hole after drilling 1 hole, it should go faster. Because it is cutting nothing there. But the movement speed is very slow. I found out that it is moving at the same speed set for the… Show more Show less. Burkhard Wolff to Jackson Wiebe 2 weeks ago Show more Show less.

N8 X N9 Y N10 X N11 Y N12 X N13 X N14 X N15 X Matt Juric in CAM 3 weeks ago Show more Show less. CAMWorks Virtual Machine Vs Vericut. Anyone here have experience, information or general overall knowledge of these two products? We are currently using Vericut. We've had it for several years but it has never been completely, properly or effectively implemented. I'm working toward doing just that as well as looking to expand it's use into other departments.

We currently use… Show more Show less. Matt Juric to Craig Serkanic 3 weeks ago Show more Show less. You should reach out to your VAR and they can give you a better idea of everything. Yes, I knew the Virtual simulator was a G-Code based simulator which is why I was asking…. Jordan Calderon in CAM 1 month ago Show more Show less. Help on a research component! I am still trying to continue a project for research and was wondering how to complete this sloped cut for this component, which is seen in Screenshot 2.

When I try doing a Z-level on the sloped face, I get quite an odd result, which is seen in Screenshot 1. Also, I tried Area Clearance and that definitely was not right. The actual part… Show more Show less.

Jordan Calderon to Tim Rosendal Halvorsen 1 month ago Show more Show less. Mads Hilligsoe in CAM 1 month ago Show more Show less. Feed Speed Editor. Cant seem to fix it. Any help? The feed speed editor isn't available from solidworks. The above post recommends downloading from other websites, which I'm not comfortable with. Tim Rosendal Halvorsen to Mads Hilligsoe 1 month ago Show more Show less.

After that, I can get back here and add a public reply to others. SolidWorks CAM API Access. I want to create an add-in that can automate some of our workflow in SolidWorks CAM Is it possible to access the SolidWorks CAM module through a custom add-in? Preferably through C code.

But I cant find any documentation of this. Mads Hilligsoe to Craig Serkanic 1 month ago Show more Show less. I tried both with no luck. But I'm pretty sure it's because I'm doing it the wrong way. Adding references to the Solidworks CAM Type Library includes a…. Jackson Wiebe in CAM 2 months ago Show more Show less. CAM Multi setup origin frusterations. I am getting frustrating learning how to built my CAM for parts with multiple setups.

So the first setup I can use any coordinate system. That's great and easy. For the second setup I want to use a different setup corner. Why can't I use a new coordinate system?! Options I see are as follows: Arbitrary user coordinates: This is pretty good… Show more Show less. Jackson Wiebe to Tim Rosendal Halvorsen 1 month ago Show more Show less.

Thanks for the reply Tim, Using stock edges and predefined part vertexs are my current strategy but I find they get forgotten or jump around sometimes when making part changes. I just find it frustrating we cant use another Coordinate System. The Part Model options are more limited thank the Stock Vertex options which is also weird.

Why not…. Robert Wicks in CAM 1 month ago Show more Show less. Side Entry Option for Open Pocket. How do I specify to lead into an open pocket from outside an open edge?

After selecting the pull down from the Stock Manager, the Material you are programming is not included in the list, How Do You Add Material to the Library? This will open the Micro Estimating Material Library Splash tableselect the Install Tab. Click the checkbox by Rycut, then select the Folder Icon from the menu to update to the Material List Library.

After selecting, the Library file will start updating. As of today, there is no process for adding new Material to the selection list. If you would like to add your email address in support of this enhancement please let Technical Support know. Your support will help push this closer to the Top of the enhancement list.

We hope this series has given you an insight on how to successfully add materials to your Library Database and Stock Manager. Ronnie Flaugh CATI Support Engineer Computer Aided Technology, Inc. INDUSTRY EVENTS Live Local Events Live and Recorded Online Events.

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