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Online handbuch skoda superb

Skoda SuperB workshop manuals, repair manual and maintenance manual, wiring diagrams, instruction manual free download. See also: Skoda Owners Workshop Manuals. These workshop manuals contain many well-thought-out drawings in order to facilitate the user understanding and implementation of the theoretical and practical information given in the book, including the actions for the diagnosis and repair of Skoda SuperB.

In this case, all the instructions for the diagnosis and repair of the machine are given in as much detail as possible and in stages, from simple actions to more complex ones, and small intermediate actions are provided with footnotes to the page where they are considered in more detail. At the same time, the high professional training of the authors does not prevent them from presenting the material at a level accessible to any motorist. So follow the advice and recommendations of the manual will not be difficult, even noviku in the automotive world.

Alphabetical index will help you instantly find the desired chapter or paragraph. This Skoda SuperB repair manual begins with a statement of the basic information, without which it is difficult to imagine a motorist. This is data about the Skoda SuperB and the appointment of its main components and assemblies, recommendations on how to correctly use the car and thereby shed its service life.

Useful for the driver will be the instruction manual Skoda SuperBfamiliarization with which will help him thoroughly examine the car. But this is theoretical knowledge. As for practice, the issues of diagnosis and repair allotted entirely the second section of the manual. The authors of the book rightly believe that if the malfunction caught the driver off-guard right on the road, then, with minimal repair training, you can independently perform a number of diagnostic and repair procedures.

In this case, the car owner will not have to spend time and frantically search for the nearest car service center, as well as pay extra money for the repair of the car, the result of which in the end he may be dissatisfied. Using these workshop manualsthe driver will be able, without third-party assistance, to carry out not only diagnostics, but also assembly or disassembly, lubrication, adjustment, replacement if necessary and direct repair of all the main components of the car, including the engine, cooling or heating systems, braking system, transmissions, suspensions, gearboxes, bodywork, etc.

Even without being able to do repairs on their own, or if the damage was too capital, the driver will be able to learn from this manual what repairs the specialists need to do and discuss these issues with them on equal terms, without overpaying extra money for unnecessary actions on the machine. In the appendix caring car enthusiast will find a lot of useful information, including summary tables, tips on road safety, preparing the Skoda SuperB for a new departure.

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Manuals Brands Skoda Manuals Automobile SUPERB - Manual Skoda SUPERB - Manual. Quick Links Download this manual. SIMPLY CLEVER. Related Manuals for Skoda SUPERB - Automobile Skoda SUPERB Owner's Manual pages. Automobile Skoda Superb Owner's Manual pages. Recommended retail price list and technical specification 20 pages.

That is why, we recommend that you read this Owner's Manual attentively to enable you to become familiar with your car and all that it offers as quickly as possible. Page 6 Contents Driving Tips Brake fluid Page 7 Contents Page 8: Layout Of This Owner's Manual Explanations Layout of this Owner's Manual explanations Layout of this Owner's Manual explanations The Owner's Manual has been systematically designed, in order to make it easy for WARNING you to find and absorb the information you require.

The most important notes are marked with the heading Warning. These Chapters, table of contents and subject index Warning notes draw your attention to a serious risk of accident or injury. Page 9: Using The System Using the system Using the system Safety Driving Tips General Maintenance Breakdown assistance Technical Data Page 10 Cockpit Fig.

Page Cockpit Cockpit Cockpit General view Deactivating boot lid remote release Fuse box on side of dash panel This general view is designed to help you to quickly become familiar Bonnet remote release. When the lights are switched on, the instrument cluster is illuminated. An irregular fuel supply can result in poor ignition or misfiring. Unburnt fuel may get into the exhaust system and damage the catalytic converter. Digital clock Fig. The trip counter safety reasons!

This work is carried out by a specialist garage. New data will also flow into the calcula- the individual memories. Press rocker switch for at least 1 second to switch the display on again. The Information CAR STATUSflashes in the menu if there is something which is not in proper order on the vehicle e. A red symbol signals danger.

Yellow symbols A yellow symbol signals a warning. The controls for the navigation system, radio, CD player are located in the centre Check the relevant function as soon as possible. The functionality of the airbag system is also monitored electronically, when one The symbols shown in the following functional description are to be found as indi- airbag has been switched off cator lights in the instrument cluster. OIL PRESS. STOP MOTOR!

SERVICE MANUAL STOP! OWNER'S MANUAL unlocked. It should go If there is a fault in the ABS which also influences the function of the normal brake out after the engine has started. Page Unlocking And Locking Unlocking and locking Unlocking and locking Key ring The key ring only has the key number on it which is essential for producing other keys.

The key ring with the number should be separately and securely kept in safe keeping since keys can only be replaced if they are lost or damaged by giving this number. Page Changing The Key Battery Unlocking and locking Changing the key battery — Take the used battery out of the housing cover. The correct polarity is also shown on the cover of the transmitter housing. Page Child Safety Lock Unlocking and locking So long as the child safety lock is switched on it is not possible to open the door Note from the inside with the door opening lever.

In this case the door can be opened only from the outside. The doors can be opened from the inside if the vehicle is locked and the safe securing system is deactivated: WARNING It must be locked separately after closing — All the doors and the boot lid are locked. After turning the lock cylinder back into the horizontal position, the boot lid is again integrated in the central locking system. The transmitter with the battery is housed in the handle of the master key. The locked doors make it The anti-theft alarm system increases the level of protection against people seeking more difficult for rescuers to get into the vehicle in an emergency - hazard!

Page Power Windows Unlocking and locking How is the alarm switched off? You can switch the interior monitor off if, for example, an animal or other moving objects inside the car might trigger the alarm. You switch the alarm off if you unlock the car with the radio remote control in the key or if you switch the ignition on.

The closing process will be stop if door. The process stops when one releases the button. Page 44 Unlocking and locking Closing windows with the key A button for the relevant window is provided in these doors. Page 47 Unlocking and locking Emergency operation — Press on the cover again by first of all inserting the plastic lugs and then pushing the cover up. The symbols which mark the switch positions are identical, however.

The parking lights and headlight flasher are also switched on and off using the turn signal and main beam lever. Page Interior Lighting Lights and Visibility Switching the interior light off — Switch off the ignition. Page 53 Lights and Visibility Rear interior lighting Luggage compartment light Fig. The rear window heater operates only if the ignition is switched on. Page Windshield Wiper And Wash System Lights and Visibility Sun visors The rear sun screen is located in a housing below the luggage compart- ment cover.

Using the sun visors can contribute to increasing road safety. Page 56 Lights and Visibility Finger-operated wiping The windscreen wipers and the windscreen washer system only operate if the igni- tion is switched on.

Clean a wiper blade with a sponge or cloth if it is very dirty, for example from insect residues. The movement of the mirror The lighting is positioned on the bottom edge of the exterior mirror. The light beam is aimed at the entry area of the front doors after the car is unlocked. Not maintaining this minimum distance will mean that the airbag system will not be able to prop- The front seats have a wide range of different settings and can thus be matched to erly protect you - hazard!

The front seats and the head restraints must Page 63 Seats and Stowage buttons. After pressing switch once again, the seat can be reset with the WARNING continued memory buttons. The backrests must not be angled too far back when driving otherwise this will affect proper operation of the seat belts and of the airbag system - If the car is used only by one driver, it is not necessary to store particular settings in risk of injury!

Folding up the central back rest — When using the foldable central part of the back rest the protective sack reduces dirt getting on the passenger seat. If the rotary controls are in the 0 position, the seat heater is switched off. When the seat heater is switched on, the numerical marking of the rotary control is illumi- nated.

Caution Do not place any objects with sharp edges in the nets - risk of net damage. Folding double hooks Fig. Page 72 Seats and Stowage Side compartment Fig. Page 73 Seats and Stowage Blocking the unlock knobs WARNING — Fold the seat backrest back into position and ensure that it is correctly No objects should be placed on the luggage compartment cover, the vehicle interlocked.

The battery will not run Using the system down fully, however, since the system is fitted with a device which monitors the battery charge level. Page 76 Seats and Stowage Removing and installing the cool box — Unplug the plug connector the plug connector is located in the luggage compartment in the lower part of the fixing frame for the cool box.

Installing — Place the cool box on the luggage compartment partition and plug in the plug. If correctly locked, the snap handle moves back into its initial position the top red Lowering and securing folding box surface of the handle is not visible. Page 78 Seats and Stowage Opening folding box — Grasp the folding box at the handle and push it in direction of arrow 1 against the partition of the luggage compartment into the secured position.

The lock below the button must be heard to engage. Page Cup Holder Seats and Stowage ments. It is therefore essential to pay attention to the fitting instructions supplied You cannot make full use of the permissible roof load if you use a roof luggage rack with the roof luggage rack system.

If the vehicle moves, Do not place any hot beverages into the cup holder while the car is the hot beverages may spill - risk of scalding! Page Cigarette Lighters And Power Sockets Seats and Stowage Cigarette lighters and power sockets The 12 volt power socket can also be used to supply power to electrical accessories with a power uptake up to watts.

Cooling of storage compartment on front passenger side Fig. You can use this stowage compartment, for example, for inserting the car documentation. Use the stowage compartments in the door panels only for small items Opening umbrella which do not project out of the compartment in order to avoid any interfer- ence with the proper operation of the side airbags.

Page 89 Seats and Stowage Armrest with stowage compartment Opening cooling air inlet in stowage compartment — Turn the rotary switch to the left as far as the end position You can use the cover of the compartment as an armrest. Clothes hooks You will find a clothes hook above each of the rear doors. Page Heating And Air Conditioning System Heating and air conditioning system Heating and air conditioning system Air conditioning system After switching on the cooling Condensation from the evaporator of the air condi- tioning may drip down and form a puddle below the vehicle.

This is quite normal and not an indication of a leak! Page 92 Heating and air conditioning system Using the system switching cooling on and off — Press the switch. It recommended to open the windows or the doors of a vehicle for which the inte- The Climatronic system is a combination of an automatic heating, fresh air and rior has been strongly heated through the effect of direct sunlight in order to allow cooling system which provides optimal comfort for the occupants of the car.

Page 96 Heating and air conditioning system An acoustic signal for depressed buttons stage - also during the cold season of the year - in order to remove such odours. Also open a window for a short time.