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Handbuch siemens 840d

Manuals Brands Siemens Manuals Control Unit SINUMERIK D Maintenance manual Siemens SINUMERIK D Maintenance Manual. Quick Links Download this manual See also: Operation and Programming ManualProgramming Manual. Corporate Office Programming Support Related Manuals for Siemens SINUMERIK D Controller Siemens sinumerik D sl Function Manual pages. Industrial Equipment Siemens SINUMERIK D Series Diagnostics Manual pages.

Page 4 FADAL MACHINING CENTERS Dimensions represent in inches and millimeters. Page Vmc FADAL MACHINING CENTERS 1. Top of head cover at cold start position. XX HHB FT-LBS Page Table FADAL MACHINING CENTERS 1. Page Foundation FADAL MACHINING CENTERS 2. The VMC MUST be placed on a surface that will support the combined weight of the VMC, options, fixtures, and tooling, etc. For high performance machines, the machine must be bolted to achieve maximum performance.

Page 36 FADAL MACHINING CENTERS 4. Use proper eye and hearing protection while performing this step. Remove dust and rubble from the hole with compressed air and brush. Insert capsule in the hole, either end first.

For stress lines in the concrete make sure they are such that they do not go under any of the machines. If they do, this will eventually defeat the purpose of the pad. The top of the felt, if used, should be sealed with a caulking compound to prevent oils and coolants from penetrating the ground.

Page Shipping Dimensions FADAL MACHINING CENTERS 2. Place the VMC so that skylights or air vents are NOT directly overhead. Do not expose the machine to direct sunlight, or any other heat source. Do not place the machine in an area that will expose the machine to moisture, standing water, liquid or rain. Page Air Supply FADAL MACHINING CENTERS 2.

Air pressure required: psi before regulator, 80 psi after regulator, 15 scfm stan- dard cubic feet per minute momentary. The distance from the air compressor and number of machines attached should be taken into consideration when determining the size of piping for the main air supply line.

GROUNDING The importance of proper grounding CANNOT be over-emphasized! Improper grounding will result in a wide range of hard-to-diagnose problems in communica- tions, positioning, spindle motion, etc. The grounding conductor shall be of copper. The material selected shall be 2.

The other end shall be effectively bonded to a copper cold water pipe that is in direct contact with the earth for 10 feet or more See Figure Bond Grounding Conductor to Copper Cold Water Pipe. MUST conferm to NEC code as stated in the Maintenance Manual. MUST be a continuous wire 8 AWG or larger between the VMC's ground bus and the building power distribution panel serving the VMC.

Page Electrical Service FADAL MACHINING CENTERS 4. Turn off the VMC and measure the ground voltages AC and DC again. Record these readings. Voltages should be OV to. Voltages AC or DC across the ground wire will cause false resistance readings. If the ground voltages with VMC off are 0. Page Conduit FADAL MACHINING CENTERS 1.

The number and size of conductors in any raceway shall not be more than will 2. The conduit must allow ready installation or withdrawal of the conductors without damage to the conductors or to their insulation. Table Conduit Selection OF CONDUCTOR SIZE Remove the strapping material from the front doors. At this point the VMC is ready for power and air connections. Verify the Main Power Fuses Siemens requires 3 phase power.

Voltage must be or Volts depending on Module. Locate the MOV Surge Suppressor Board see Figure MOV Surge Suppressor Board. Figure MOV Surge Suppressor Board 2. Find the part number on the board. If your incoming voltage is over VAC, then PCB should be installed. With the machine main power switch turned OFF, verify that the chart on the door of TAPPING the cabinet is the one for the transformer in the machine. Measure the input voltage to the machine on the chart Measure leg to leg the input power lines to the machine.

Page Phase Converter Rotary FADAL MACHINING CENTERS 3. Some customers prefer to CONVERTER ROTARY use rotary phase converters. However, Fadal does not recommend the use of rotary phase converters. Rotary phase converters input single-phase to VAC and output three phase VAC. All calibration and squareness performed on the assembly line is done with the machine leveled.

It is important to follow the sequence below precisely to ensure proper results. Page 58 FADAL MACHINING CENTERS 8. Place the level on the right hand way the outer right hand way on the of the base with the small bubble towards the column. Take an accurate reading. See Figure Leveling Box Way. Figure Leveling Box Way. Verify the spindle tram and, if necessary, adjust by slightly changing only the two front leveling screws. Page Hold Down Clamps FADAL MACHINING CENTERS 3.

CLAMPS This may indicate that the base casting needs to be clamped to floor. Larger machines need to be clamped to the floor to prevent movement between the machine and the floor, and clamping holes are provided on all base castings for this purpose. Even though reinforcing cover used on the optical fiber code has enough mechani- cal strength, be sure not to be damaged by heavy materials drop. Page Coupler Installation On Axis Motor Or Ballscrew FADAL MACHINING CENTERS 3.

Loosen both coupler HUB screws. Mark coupler HUBs and SPIDER before disassembling to insure coupler is assem- bled back together the same way. Install the SPIDER and set the tolerance on all 4 RAISED BOSSes to 0. Figure Gages 7. Install Ball Screw coupler HUB on the SPIDER and set the tolerance on all 4 RAISED BOSSes to 0. Page 64 FADAL MACHINING CENTERS Table Couplers MACHINE X AXIS Y AXIS Z AXIS KTR ROTEX GS24 KTR ROTEX GS24 KTR ROTEX AI GS Carefully remove shipping crate, with pendant inside, from machine and place it close to the right side of the machine.

Remove second smaller box from the machine. Page General FADAL MACHINING CENTERS 3. Place the chip conveyor in the coolant tank. Measure the height to the top of the conveyor sheet metal should be approximately the height of the coolant tank.

Set the machine height the machine should be on the small leveling pads to slightly above the height established in step 2 above. Page Chip Conveyor Power And Controls FADAL MACHINING CENTERS 7. Adjust the machine height during leveling and installation to minimize the gap or overlap between the coolant tank face and the machine sheet metal, Figure Minimize Gap of Overlap. Figure Minimize Gap or Overlap 8. The control also has a variable speed control for the belt speed. The belt speed can be controlled from 2.

Figure Control Operating Positions Figure Emergency Stop CE machines only OCTOBER Page Scheduled Maintenance FADAL MACHINING CENTERS 4. Check air pressure: Right regulator psi. Tool Out Only. Left Regulator psi. Check way lube level. Use Castrol Magna BD68, Shell Tonna 68V or Mobil Vactra 2 ONLY. Grease Geneva wheel and gear using Kopr-Kote. For high torque machines, check fluid level in the hydraulic actuator reservoir.

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