Porsche 981 handbuch



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Porsche 981 handbuch

The auto industry model year MY runs from August 1 to 31 July, so a model could have been produced between 1 August and 31 July Standard PASM, Sport Chrono and DEM. Sports suspension was a no-cost option. Together, the Boxster and Cayman have long held the top position as the world's best mid-priced sports cars and the s extended that superiority.

The visual impression is inspired by the supercar. While the has grown in physical size, it has a refinement level - quality, ergonomics, standard equipment and options - that wasn't previously seen. These are arguably the best everyday Porsches you can buy and are easy to drive.

The 6-cylinder Gen 2 engines have shrugged off all the trending issues of the earlier models. The new engines are more efficient than before and there are auto stop-start and electrical recuperation systems. The double clutch PDK variant has become the most sought after choice in the UK - helped by a small road tax break see below. The 2. The PDK version will run to 62mph in 5. The S is quicker as an everyday car PDK: 0 to 62mph in 4.

The Cayman S was given a rare 5 star rating by Autocar. The GTS variants are more driver focused and deliver envelope stretching performance, while the Cayman GT4 is probably the most entertaining trackday car you will ever drive. The collectability of the Cayman is assured as these models are the last of the 6-cylinder models, as they were superseded by 4-cylinder engined '' cars in Like all modern Porsches there is a wide performance spread to choose from. The two everyday models - the 2.

It is worth remembering that the Cayman is strictly a 2-seater, although they do have useful luggage areas front and back. There is a small Vehicle Excise Duty tax break for having the PDK gearbox with the 2. The GTS is rated the same as the S. Compared to a Boxster, the Cayman is usually slightly pricier and offers a tauter drive, quieter cabin, better security and the facility of an opening tailgate. It is arguably one of the best dynamically balanced Porsches ever made.

These are cars where less is more can apply in terms of options. Nonetheless, nice to have options include Porsche Communications Management PCM, sat-nav with bluetooth, cruise, rear Park Assist and electric fully adjustable seats. With Porsche Active Suspension Management PASMthe optional inch wheels might be worth considering, but if you suffer from a bad back, the ride is better with inch and inch wheel choices.

If you struggle at night, it might be worth considering the Porsche Dynamic Light System PDLSwhich is a speed sensitive light range function. There are a wealth of performance options, but ask yourself if they are really necessary for an everyday 2. All models have Porsche Stability Management PSMwhich is a combined traction and differential braking control system.

As with every mainstream Porsche, it is the conservative metallic colours that help a car retain its value. Avoid the solid colours for the 2. Correct servicing is a critical requirement on all models. There are two options for servicing and maintenance. Generally, if the car is under either a new car warranty or an extended warranty, it will be necessary to have the car maintained by the official network Official Porsche Centres or OPCs. If the car's component warranty status has lapsed, having the car serviced at a leading independent specialist can often be a cheaper and more convenient option.

Nevertheless, the independent route does require some research to establish that the business has the expertise to look after your car. The better specialists will only employ ex-OPC mechanics and they will have the latest dedicated Porsche diagnostic equipment known as PIWIS.

Once a car is say, years old, a top independent specialist's stamp in the service book carries the same respect as an OPC. For reviews on a given specialist, try asking a question on the PCGB forums. The has a two year or 20, miles service interval whichever comes sooner. Extra work here would include air filter change and a more comprehensive check. Spark plugs and the polyrib accessory drive belt would normally require changing from four and six years respectively. Otherwise the main costs will be normal wear and tear.

For a 2. Front brakes should last around 25K miles on a 2. Aircon systems tend to need regassing after three to four years and condensers replaced after seven to eight years. To date there haven't been any trending issues noted on thein the same way that we saw with the Gen 1 s, but wear and tear on the cars, plus their significantly increased complexity, may result in some unexpected costs once the cars pass 5 years or 50K miles.

Before you begin visiting dealers or private sellers, do your homework. Understand the various models, what they cost to run and what you want out of the car. Very often it's the basic spec cars that offer the best value. If you are at all handy, equip yourself with a torch, so you can look at the disc brakes shouldn't have edge lips of more than 1mm or be rusty or corrugated and brake pads should have more than 3mm friction material. Look closely at all the tyres to ensure they are a quality brand and carry the Porsche N-rating will be embossed as N1, N2, N3 etc on the sidewall.

Make a point of running a finger around every wheel rim to check for damage. There should be no corrosion showing on the wheel alloy. From a distance of about one metre, walk around the car to check all the panels are the same colour, that the panel gaps are the same and that there aren't any scratches or other defects visible. Many dealers will repaint the front bumpers to eliminate unsightly stone chips. This is OK as long as the paint match is good. A paint thickness gauge does help to identify legacies of panel damage.

Avoid aftermarket customised cars as they can be difficult to resell. A Porsche PIWIS computer on the digital motor electronics DME system will reveal data such as active fault codes, over-revs and compare the DME mileage with that shown on the dash. This latter is important as dash mileage adjustment is not uncommon.

If you can, get under the car to check for grounding damage and fluid leaks. The exhaust shouldn't require replacement on cars less than 10 years old. Always try to drive the car before you buy. There is no substitute for taking a short run and appreciating whether the car is easy to live with. If you sense anything isn't quite right, it probably isn't.

Always switch PASM from Normal to Sport and Sport Plus if fitted to sense the change in ride. Similarly try out all the accessories, particularly the air con, windows, cruise control if fitted and sat-nav. If you don't have the experience to check the car out yourself, get a pre-purchase inspection expert to look at the car. They will advise on all aspects of the car's condition, what needs replacing now and in the short term and whether the car is valued correctly.

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When Porsche needed an ace to survive, it drew one in the form of the mid-engined Boxster sports car in Since then, its success has spawned three more generations as well as a coupe version called the Cayman. We realize navigating Porsche model hierarchies and year-to-year updates can be daunting, so we hope this guide removes a good chunk of the mystery in your search for a The was launched in as a model and included the base Boxster and Boxster S.

The Cayman and Cayman S came to the US a year later as models. It was a totally new car, unlike the that came before it, which was basically a refined, facelifted version of the Boxster. Cutaway showing where different materials are used on the Boxster. Though the was similar in size to the it was one-and-a-quarter inches longer, same width, slightly lowerPorsche was able to reduce weight by roughly pounds, depending on the variant.

The 3. The power increase for both cars was just 5 hp more than the previous generation. The bigger news was the switch from the 2. In spite of the smaller displacement, the 2. This was achieved largely through the use of direct fuel injection and a higher Interior of Boxster S. The interior was redesigned and took cues from the generation released the year before, which itself took inspiration from the Carrera GT with its gently sloping center console.

Overall interior quality was improved as well. Forthe GTS variant was introduced. In modern Porsche speak, any model with the GTS moniker attached to it means it has a high level of standard equipment, from performance goodies to cosmetic enhancements.

This standard equipment is not normally unique to the GTS, but instead a discounted amalgam of options that can be added to other models for more money. In a world of high-dollar Porsches, the GTS is a relative bargain. Though potent, the GTS was not the final word for the That went to the Boxster Spyder and Cayman GT4, both lightweight specials powered by the 3. Besides the big flat-six and requisite six-speed manual transmission, Porsche took vastly different approaches in the development of these cars, honing the GT4 into a street-legal track car and the Spyder into a slightly more relaxed back road bomber.

The level of adjustment available on the GT4 comes close to the GT3, with the ability to remove aero flaps under the front of the car, tune the rear spoiler, and harden or soften the anti-roll bars. The cumbersome, manual convertible soft top of the generation Spyder was replaced with a more user-friendly manually operated design. Rounding out the generation are the model year Black Editions, which are base Caymans and Boxsters that feature higher levels of standard equipment and are available only with a black exterior and interior.

Going into this article, we were expecting to have a list of common problems and things to look out for when purchasing abut PCA Tech Expert Peter Smith, a Porsche dealership technician, says he has not seen any major problems with the cars.

The most common problem, he says, is an infotainment system that turns on and off randomly while driving, or whose navigation stops working. The second most common problem he's seen is regarding the convertible top on early s, in which the stitching could come undone where it folds. Both of these problems are covered by Porsche if the warranty is still in effect. A very small percentage of s have also experienced a problem with the high-pressure fuel pump, in which it will lose pressure and put the car into limp mode.

If this happens, the car can be driven, but it's recommended to get a tow to be on the safe side. So the biggest takeaway when purchasing a is to find the model variant you like most that's within your price range, and be sure to get a pre-purchase inspection to ensure none of the aforementioned problems catch you by surprise. Before it was the Taycan, it was the Mart Fresh: Project Porschesunny-dayor track-ready Boxster?

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Home Membership Events News Magazine Classifieds Technical Connect. Main Menu. You are here Home. Thursday, May 31, Above: Boxster GTS left and Cayman GTS Article by Damon Lowney Photos courtesy Porsche When Porsche needed an ace to survive, it drew one in the form of the mid-engined Boxster sports car in Interior of Boxster S The interior was redesigned and took cues from the generation released the year before, which itself took inspiration from the Carrera GT with its gently sloping center console.

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