Gigaset 5030 handbuch



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Gigaset 5030 handbuch

Manuals Brands Siemens Manuals Telephone Gigaset Quick manual Siemens Gigaset Quick Manual. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Gigaset Quick Guide. Additional services from public network providers:. When installing, connecting and operating the telephone.

Arrange the connecting lead where it will not cause. For your safety and protection, the telephone must not. Protect your telephone from moisture, dust, corrosive. Do not touch the plug contact with pointed or metallic. Related Manuals for Siemens Gigaset Telephone Siemens HiPath Quick Reference Manual 9 pages. Assistant tc optipoint for system administration 46 pages. Telephone Siemens HiPath User Manual pages. Page 2: Setting Up The Telephone For Use All electrical and electronic equipment must be disposed of separately from general household waste using the sites designated by local authorities.

The appropriate disposal and separate collection of used equipment serve to prevent potential harm to the environment and to health. Page 3: Making Calls Main menu first menu level Scroll to SPK Volume with the Down key. Press the OK key. To open the main menu: If another submenu follows, continue using Press the menu key.

Page 4: Saving Numbers Dialling from the last number redial list Pressing allows you to save pauses not for the 1st digit. Without lifting the handset: Press the last After the 15th digit, any following digits are moved from number redial key. Phonebook Press the OK key. Adjusting while the telephone is ringing Press the OK key. Before lifting the handset: In the menu, select Delete. Page 6 Changing the PIN Deleting Once an emergency number is saved, it will You need a PIN to lock and unlock the telephone and to turn appear in the display.

Page 7: Operation On A Pabx Operation on a PABX When using touch tone dialling and entering the digits, press the R key. Then it is automatically switched to pulse dialling. Under the following conditions, the phone numbers of incoming calls are Dial the phone number: a shown on the display up to the first 32 digits and At the selected entry, press the OK key.

Page Automatic Callback Automatic callback If necessary, your text messages are received via the SMS centre that is entered as SMS MC In. If you enter an incorrect character, SMS MC In — Page 12 Saved messages list and Draft message list Incoming message list received SMS In the saved message list, you can save, edit later and send All SMS received are saved in the incoming message list. Page Insert Strips If your telephone is not working perfectly Authorisation No signal tone: The tone volume might be set to 0.

This device is intended for connection to analogue net- Lift handset, no dialling tone: Is the connecting lead works outside the EEA with the exception of Switzer- correctly plugged into the telephone and the telephone land depending on national type approval.

Dans le journal des appels voir p. Conditions : Appuyer sur la touche OK. Page 29 Lecture ou suppression d'un SMS dans la liste Ouvrir la liste. Appuyer sur la touche OK. Print page 1 Print document 35 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.

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Verwandte Produkthandbücher. Häufig gestellte Fragen Nachfolgend finden Sie die am häufigsten gestellten Fragen zu Siemens Gigaset Was ist die Telefonbasisstation? Eine Telefonbasisstation ist das Gerät, mit dem das Telefon verbunden ist und an dem das Telefon aufgeladen werden kann. Was ist die Telefonladestation? Eine Ladestation ist ein Gerät, mit dem das Telefon aufgeladen werden kann. Was bedeutet DECT? Was bedeutet VoIP? VOIP steht für "Voice over IP" und stellt sicher, dass Sie über das Internet telefonieren können.