Handbuch epson perfection v850 pro



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Handbuch epson perfection v850 pro

For more information on how Epson treats your personal data, please read our Privacy Information Statement. Professional photographers and serious amateurs can now convert their film and photos into high-quality digital images. Featuring enhanced high-pass optics that deliver the highest level of image quality with faster scan speeds, the V Pro can convert a wide range of media and film formats into professional-quality digital images.

This high-productivity dpi scanner requires virtually no warm-up time, can remove dust and scratches automatically and includes two sets of high-quality film holders. The V Pro features a dual lens system that automatically selects the optimal lens, with up to dpi optical resolution for photo scanning and dpi when scanning using film holders. Scan a range of film formats in sharp focus thanks to the improved quality film holders with their adjustable height control and rigid design.

The V Pro also supports film formats up to 8x10 inch when placed directly on the scanner glass. Epson's ReadyScan LED light source has a warm up time of less than one second, so scanning can start almost instantly. Two sets of film holders means you can prepare a second set of orginals for scanning while the first is still scanning.

Digital ICE Technologies automatically removes imperfections such as dust, hair, scratches and fingerprints from both film 1 and photos to restore images to their former glory with the minimum of effort. Take advantage of excellent tone reproduction with 4. The V Pro can detect the exact tonal range of the original, making sure the brightest and darkest areas of images are accurately reproduced to reveal impressive detail and dynamic range.

As well as Epson Scan, the V Pro comes with SilverFast SE Plus 8 and i1 Scanner software for advanced, professional scanning features. Not signed in yet? New registration. We respect your privacy. Your email address or other details will never be shared with any 3rd parties and you will receive only the type of content for which you signed up.

You can unsubscribe at any time with a click on the link provided in every Epson newsletter. If you would like to register as an Epson partner, please click here. Not yet an Epson partner? For more information and for registration, please click here. Find a repair centre close. Chief Consultant Director Executive Head Manager Secretary Specialist Teacher. In stock. View gallery. Perfection V Pro Perfection V Pro. Choice of resolution The V Pro features a dual lens system that automatically selects the optimal lens, with up to dpi optical resolution for photo scanning and dpi when scanning using film holders.

Scan from any source Scan a range of film formats in sharp focus thanks to the improved quality film holders with their adjustable height control and rigid design. High productivity Epson's ReadyScan LED light source has a warm up time of less than one second, so scanning can start almost instantly. Cleans-up images Digital ICE Technologies automatically removes imperfections such as dust, hair, scratches and fingerprints from both film 1 and photos to restore images to their former glory with the minimum of effort.

The right tone Take advantage of excellent tone reproduction with 4. Professional software As well as Epson Scan, the V Pro comes with SilverFast SE Plus 8 and i1 Scanner software for advanced, professional scanning features. Tech Specs Product features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice. SKU: B11B Expand All. Scanner Type. Optical Resolution.

Dual Lens System - scanning resolutions. Optical Density. Scanning Range maximum. Paper Formats. Scanning color depth. Optical Sensor. Matrix CCD with Micro Lens and High Pass Optics. Light Source. White LED, IR LED with ReadyScan LED Technology. Scanning Method. Fixed documents and moving carriage. Output Resolution. Reflective scanning. Film scanning. Supported Film - TPU. Output formats. BMP, JPEG, TIFF, multi-TIFF, PDF, searchable PDF.

Image Improvement. Grain reduction, Dust removal, Print Image Matching II, Colour palette tool for Easy Color Fix, Backlight Correction, Colour Restoration, Unsharp Mask with Noise Reduction, De-Screening with Document Type Optimizer, Digital ICE Technologies for film and photoTone Curve Adjustment with Histogram.

Hi-Speed USB - compatible with USB 2. Supply Voltage. Energy Use. Product dimensions. Product weight. Included Software. Compatible Operating Systems. Mac OS Sound Power. Supported Humidity. Supported Temperature. What's in the box. Accessories Choose from a wide range of options and accessories.

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Don't expect any boring "Unboxing" in this review I will go straight to the "I want to know" stuff. Exept for the fact that the V film holder is much more rigid due to the thicker plastic mold "Red circle".

And the added ridges in the structure. Buy your Epson V Pro at Amazon Free home trial! The film strip holder that is delivered with the Epson Perfection v Pro is a total different unit than the dinky one that came with it's precursor. The new holder is way better in most respects.

One improvement is the anti newton AN inserts that helps to keep the film flat. A new design of hinges in the frame that keep the film in place is another step forward and are nicer to operate Still feels a bit fragile thought. The strip film holder is also equipped with two extra height adjustments between the strip openings for added support and improved precision.

Only drawback that i can find is the 3 vs 4 strip capability, however this is a small issue on a otherwise nice improvement. Productivity can still be pushed with a 2nd set of film holders Included with the V pro but optional for the V and the fact that the new holders is easier to load. All other supplied holders the MF film holder Up to 6x20cm and the 5x4 inch film holder have the same AN insert. Update: Further investigation of the new film holders have revealed some design flaws in the MF film holder or maybe is it just a bad sample I will check with Epson.

I have also used the wrong word before calling the chamferd AN insert holders guides this might have confused some, this is now corrected. And a link to the part of this page explaining the same thing and the problem it cause! However in the Epson manual for the 4x5 film holder I also found this text "Note: You may need to trim the edges of the film so that it sits properly in the film holder without bending or warping. Do not cover any of the small holes in the holder. Update 5: How to tweak the MF film holder to improve the user experience and film handling.

This mod will overcome most of the problems I have been complaining about [Take me there]. In this image I managed to pinch the film under the tabs that are holding the AN insert in the holder, I couldn't do that without ruining my film sample. If you try to fit the film in accordance with the Epson manual the way it feels natrual you will end up with this result!

This isn't the way you should place the film either. But I would have prefered this to be the case! Above: The MF film holder Epson V have the correct width 62mm between guide tabs. Which also the V holder has read more below. Film should be placed between the small tabs that the red arrows are pointing at which is the guide tabs that are suppose to be used.

When you do that you end up having the film resting on top of the chamfered edge AN insert holders as stated before green arrows. That way the film will not rest against the AN insert. However when you close the clamp down the frame you will see that the frame it self has a mating concave chamfer that suppose to force down the film.

The frame will lock down in the small tabs shown with white arrows. This works good in theory but in practice the film is stiff enough to force itself away from the ANinsert at the edges and end up to be less then perfectly in focus. Above: The frame that snaps down and locks the film in place. The red arrow points at the concave chamfer that suppose to force the film down against the AN insert.

And the image above is what I'm whining about! NOTE: If I insert the film in the proper way and then gently tap the film with my finger I can also clearly see that the film is hovering above the AN insert for the main part of the area. You may think that I am picky but keep in mind just a few tenth of a millimeter will also compromise the sharpness of the scan in film-holder mode due to the shallow depth of field of the "super high resolution lens".

This is also why some reviewers of the previous model V found that wet mounting the film straight on the scanner glass and using film area guide mode to produce sharper scans than it does used with the film in a film holder scanning in film holder mode which uses the high resolution lens! Yes this is confusing and Epson have not been clear enough in their explanations. The problem with with of the MF space can of cource be solved by trimming the film length-wise or by doing a DIY trim of the guides in the film holder.

But this is not what you expect to be necessary on a brand new scanner of this class do you! The film used is Fuji Velvia RPVF which I measured to 61mm wide and is following the ISO standard for medium format film. The link below takes you to the MF film wiki page. I have sent a question to Epson about this issue and will report back when I get an answer, it is now the 22nd Jan and still no reasonable answer from Epson on why they not designed the holder the same way they did with the 35mm film holder that works fine!

I have not found any issues with the film holders for 4x5" sheet film holders. Sheet film is generally quite flat and doesn't cause any problems, it stays flat against the AN insert and is held securely by the clamp frame. Image above: 35mm filmstrip holder for Epson Vpro does have the correct measurements and the film fits perfect on the AN insert why didn't Epson design the MF film holder the same way as this one?

The only issue is that if you put the film in accordance with the manual Shiny side up, which actually is down when you put it on the scanner! Take a look at the reflections that the ruler projects on the film to get a sense of how flat it stays in the holder in with film put in different ways. Later in this review I will examine the difference between scanning emulsion side up or down. If you are scanning the film this way you also have to flip the image either in the scanning software directly if possible or in your favorite image editor.

Movable dividers like the T-locks used by Betterscanning. Image above: A test with an improvised T-lock made from A matchstick to keep the film flat. A - YES! Q - Can the new Epson film holder be bought separately or as a spare part? A - Yes both separately and in kit with all holders as delivered with the scanner.

To the left: My abused scanner test slide. It is a Fuji Provia framed slide and the photo was taken in Beirut in September with a sharp lens and a Nikon F on tripod the weather was bluebird as you can see with speedy shutter time so no blur due to vibrations part from mirror slap. I will mostly focus on the left hand crop of the construction elevator basket with "Bob the builder" inside! First part will be about resolution and how to get the sharpest possible scan from the Epson V Pro.

After about five hours and a mix of trial and error plus a large dose of tiring pixel peeping I have come to the conclusion that with my 1. After further fine tuning i ended up using one layer of electrical tape as a spacer between the height adjustment feet's and the glass at the lowest setting to achieve the best possible sharpness from the Epson Perfection V Pro.

This is not a setting I recommended since the optimum height may be different on your scanner due to manufacture tolerances! During this initial "Sharpness evaluation" I have used Epson scan and turned off all image improvement options like sharpening, dust removal and color fidelity adjustments. Scanned With Epson scan - 48bit TIF ppi to be sure to use the high res lens The full image size is xpx.

The first crop is untampered except for save to JPG HIGH 10 so this is the sharpest I could get straight from the V pro. Download the crop to the left as a 15mb 48bit TIF [DOWNLOAD IT HERE] to play with it yourself! Download i1 Scanner freshly made custom profile for the image HERE. This make it possible to get the colors right.

Assign profile to image in your favorite image editor. It is most probably possible to squeeze out a bit more in respect of quality if some more work is put in to it, however keep in mind how small this crop is. This is a scan from Epson V pro 48bit ppi made in Epson scan. This proves At least to me that the up-sampling is better to be made after the scan has been done than within the scanner software.

Look at the white edge of the balconies and you will see more sawtooth pattern in the scan above. To the left a scan from my old trusty Canon FSUS which is a dedicated 35mm film scanner. This crop is taken from a scan at full resolution ppi and then up-sampled to ppi to make a "fair" comparison ev thought the colors doesn't mach at all. From now on I will try to keep the colors as constant as possible.

Consistent colors is the key to make it easier for you to compare the different crops. I have used 3 competing scanners Canon FSus Epson V pro and V All to make it more easy to do a proper evaluation of the V All scans have been performed with a custom profile made with Xrite i1 Scanner and with the film holder at the best possible height.

Epson scans have been performed at ppi and are then downsampled to ppi My laborations have showed me that there is no reason to scan at higher resolution than that. I have made and examined about 20 scans on each of the scanners to find out! All to be sure that this is the best I can get. This is a V scan with the film wet mounted directly on the glass bed and scanned in film area mode Using the low res lens.

Just because some say this is the best way to get the best out of the V In my eyes it clearly isn't. The V Pro with the 3X sharpening. Look at the sky and the details, they appear to be smoother than the V I have used the same sharpening settings with this crop as I have been using for the V's.

I tried but it didn't get any better with further sharpening it just started to look ugly. I'm not sure but It might be the new LED light source that helps to make the skies smoother and even surfaces less noisy. Other than that it's a close call between the two Epson scanners in battle, the new Epson Perfection V Pro and the Epson Perfection V Photo. Well to find out I sent the crops above to my local print lab to get printed with a Lambda printer.

Below you can see the result as I scanned the print at ppi on the Epson V Pro in reflective photo mode no sharpening applied on the reflective scan. Then the image is down-sampled and saved at ppi to match the sizes of the crops above. This is still an enlargement on your screen relative to the physical size of the printed image.

The physical print size of each crop is only 24x43mm when printed at ppi have that in mind when you look at the images. The section printed below comes from a section of a the 35mm film that is about 2mm wide and 2. Make sure to make a record of different height settings and slide frames and don't mix frame types in the same batch scan!