Yamaha bulldog handbuch



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Yamaha bulldog handbuch

Manuals Brands Yamaha Manuals Motorcycle Bulldog BT Owner's manual Yamaha Bulldog BT Owner's Manual Bulldog Quick Links. Table of Contents. Chapters Table of Contents 6 Instrument and Control Functions 13 Operation and Important Riding Points 36 Periodic Maintenance and Minor Repair Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 77 Troubleshooting chart Related Manuals for Yamaha Bulldog BT Motorcycle Yamaha BT Service Manual pages. Yamaha bt motorcycle supplementary service manual pages.

Motorcycle Yamaha Diversion XJ6S Service Manual pages. Page 2 Yamaha a reputation for dependability. Please take the time to read this manual thoroughly, so as to enjoy all advantages of your BT Therefore, while this manual contains the most current product information available at the time of printing, there may be minor dis- crepancies between your motorcycle and this manual. If you have any questions concerning this manu Any reprinting or unauthorized use without the written permission of Belgarda S.

Printed in Italy. Page 7: Give Safety The Right Of Way EAU GIVE SAFETY THE RIGHT OF WAY Give safety the right of way Page 8 GIVE SAFETY THE RIGHT OF WAY EAU EW Motorcycles are fascinating vehicles, which can give you an unsurpassed feeling of power and freedom.

Howev- er, they also impose certain limits, which you must accept; even the best motorcycle does not ignore the laws of physics. Starter choke lever page 2. Storage compartment page 3. Tool kit page 4. Spring preload adjusting ring shock absorber assembly page 5. Shift pedal page 6. Fuse box page 8. Battery page 9. Helmet holders page Air filter element page Engine oil filter element page Clutch lever page 2. Left handlebar switches page 3. Instruments and warning lights page 4.

Main switch and steering lock page 5. Right handlebar switches page 6. Throttle grip page 7. Page Indicator And Warning Lights EAU 2. If the warning light does not come on, 3 4 5 Parking have a Yamaha dealer check the The steering is locked, and the taillight and electrical circuit.

The key can be removed. Page Speedometer Unit 1. If the warning light does not come on, 6. Page Odometer And Tripmeter Modes In addi- mode after refueling and traveling several tion to these kilometer-based oil changes, kilometers. Page Tachometer 1.

Tachometer does not move as described or either of 2. Red zone the warning lights does not come on, have a Yamaha dealer check the electrical cir- EAU Tachometer cuits. The electric tachometer allows the rider to Contact a Yamaha dealer for more information. Shift pedal 1. Brake lever 1. Brake pedal 2. Position adjusting dial 3. Arrow mark EAU EAU EAU Shift pedal Brake lever Brake pedal The shift pedal is located on the left side of The brake lever is located at the right han- The brake pedal is on the right side of the the engine and is used in combination with Push the fuel tank cap into position with the key inserted in the lock.

Turn the key counterclockwise to the original position, remove it, and then close the lock cover. NOTE: The fuel tank cap cannot be closed unless the key is in the lock. EAU Recommended fuel: 1. Fuel tank breather hose 1. Starter choke lever Regular unleaded gasoline with a research octane number of 91 or EAU EAU In addi- tion, extended use of the starter choke will cause afterburning. If this occurs, turn off the starter choke.

Page Helmet Holders 2. Pass the helmet holding cable This storage compartment is designed to through the buckle on the helmet hold a genuine Yamaha U-LOCK. Other strap as shown, and then hook the cable loop over the helmet holder. Spring preload adjusting bolt 1. Setting 1. Spring preload adjusting nut 2. Front fork cap bolt 2. Locknut EAU EAUB Adjusting the front fork crease the spring preload and thereby Adjusting the shock absorber soften the suspension, turn the adjusting assembly This front fork is equipped with spring pre Page Ignition Circuit Cut-Off System WARNING0 does not stay upotherwise the side- tions.

Page 31 5. Push the start switch. Does the engine start? The neutral switch may be defective. The motorcycle should not be ridden until checked by a Yamaha dealer. With the engine still running: 6. Move the sidestand up. Keep the clutch lever pulled.

Page Pre-Operation Checks EAU PRE-OPERATION CHECKS Pre-operation check list Page 35 PRE-OPERATION CHECKS EAU NOTE: Pre-operation checks should be made each time the motorcycle is used. Such an inspection can be accomplished in a very short time; and the added safety it assures is more than worth the time involved.

EWA WARNING0 If any item in the Pre-operation check list is not working properly, have it inspected and repaired before operating the motor- cycle. Page Operation And Important Riding Points EAU OPERATION AND IMPORTANT RIDING POINTS Starting the engine Page 38 Yamaha dealer NOTE: check the electrical circuit. If the engine fails to start, release the start Page Tips For Reducing Fuel Consumption The vehicle can now be operated normal- e.

EC CAUTION: If any engine trouble should occur dur- ing the engine break-in period, immedi- ately have a Yamaha dealer check the vehicle. Page Parking OPERATION AND IMPORTANT RIDING POINTS EAU EAU Parking When parking, stop the engine, and then remove the key from the main switch.

Checking and lubricating the throttle grip and cable Checking and lubricating the brake and shift Removing and installing panels Page Owner's Tool Kit The intervals given in the periodic mainte- render the vehicle unsafe for use. Con- nance and lubrication chart should be sim- 1. However, DE Rear brake See NOTE on page Panel mounting screw 1. Rear cylinder spark plug cover 1. Front cylinder spark plug cover 2. Spark plug cap 2. Spark plug cap EAU To install the panel To remove a spark plug Removing and installing panels Place the panel in the original position, 1.

Page 48 Do not attempt to diagnose such problems To install a spark plug ger tight. However, the spark plug should yourself. Instead, have a Yamaha dealer 1. Measure the spark plug gap with a be tightened to the specified torque as check the motorcycle.

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