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Telefunken d50u600m4cw handbuch

Manuals Brands Telefunken Manuals LCD TV D40UA4CW Instruction manual Telefunken D40UA4CW Instruction Manual. Quick Links Download this manual. Table of Contents. Related Manuals for Telefunken D40UA4CW LCD TV Telefunken D48FA3C Instruction Manual 77 pages.

LCD TV Telefunken TF-LED32S29T2 Instruction Manual 35 pages. Page 3: Table Of Contents Contents Safety Information Page 5: Environmental Information consumption accordingly. If you like to set the Backlight to a fixed value set as Custom and adjust the Backlight located under the Energy Saving WARNING setting manually using Left or Right buttons on the Do not ingest the battery, Chemical Burn remote. Page 9: Connections Connections Connector Type Cables Device NOTE: When connecting a device via the YPbPr or Side Mini Scart AV input, you must use the Connection connection cables to enable Mini Scart bottom connection.

See the illustrations adapter cable on the left side. Page Media Playback Via Usb Input Note: Do not turn off the TV while initializing first time Media Browser Menu installation. Note that, some options may not be available You can play photo, music and movie files stored on a depending on the country selection.

USB disk by connecting it to your TV. Connect a USB Using SatcoDX Feature disk to one of the USB inputs located on the side of You can perform SatcoDX operations using the When ARC is active, TV does not mute its other audio outputs automatically. So you need to decrease TV volume to zero manually, if you want to hear audio from connected audio device only same as other optical or co-axial digital audio outputs.

Page Tv Menu Contents TV Menu Contents System - Picture Menu Contents You can change the picture mode to suit your preference or requirements. Picture mode Mode can be set to one of these options: Cinema, Game, Sports, Dynamic and Natural. Contrast Adjusts the light and dark values on the screen. Brightness Adjusts the brightness values on the screen. Page 14 System - Sound Menu Contents Volume Adjusts the volume level.

Equalizer Selects the equalizer mode. Custom settings can be made only when in User mode. Balance Adjusts whether the sound comes from the left or right speaker. Sets headphone volume. Headphone Please ensure before using headphones that the headphone volume is set to a low level, to prevent damage to your hearing.

Page Conditional Access System - Options Menu Contents Conditional Access Controls conditional access modules when available. Language You may set a different language depending on the broadcaster and the country. Enter correct password to change parental settings. You can easily adjust Menu Lock, Maturity Lock, Child Lock or Guidance in this menu.

You can also set a new PIN or change the Default CICAM PIN using the related options. Page 16 This setting configures the power up mode preference. Last State and Standby Power Up Mode options are available. Virtual Remote Enable or disable the virtual remote feature. With this setting you can enable and disable CEC functionality completely. Press Left or Right button to enable or disable the feature.

Page General Tv Operation Internet Lock: If this option is set to ON, the open General TV Operation browser application in the portal will be disabled. Set Using the Channel List to OFF to release the application again. The TV sorts all stored stations in the Channel List. Set PIN: Defines a new PIN number. Navigate Directional buttons : Press the Directional buttons to navigate through the channels 3 AM search and upgrade mode and programmes.

Page Pc Input Typical Display Modes PC Input Typical Display Modes AV and HDMI Signal Compatibility The following table is an illustration of some of the Source Supported Signals Available typical video display modes. Your TV may not support all resolutions. SECAM Index Resolution Frequency NTSC4. MPEGMP4. Page Supported Audio File Formats For Usb Mode Supported Audio File Formats for USB Mode Audio Codec Sample rate Bit Rate Container MP3.

MPEGWAV. Page Other Information If the selected network is protected with a password, please enter the correct key by using the virtual Broadband keyboard. You can use this keyboard via the directional connection buttons and the OK button on the remote control. Wait until the IP address is shown on the screen.

This means that the connection is now established. Page Invalid Domain Then press the Source button on the remote and connect to the internet. Contact your internet service switch to Wireless Display source. A screen appears stating that the TV is ready for connection.

Page Internet Portal If you select the media type as Videos and choose 8. Click the Install button. The installation begins a device from the selection menu. Then select the and finishes automatically. A progress bar will folder with video files in it on the next screen and all indicate the state of the installation process. Page Hbbtv System HBBTV System Internet Browser HbbTV Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV is a To use the internet browser, enter the portal first.

Then new industry standard that seamlessly combines launch the Internet application on the portal. Page Smart Center Smart Center Smart Center is a mobile application running on iOS and Android platforms. With your tablet or phone, you can easily stream your favourite live shows and programmes from your smart TV.

Also; you can launch your portal applications, use your tablet as a remote control for your TV and share media files. Page 29 FollowMe TV Feature if available PORTAL: This tab displays the Portal applications in scrollable view. Unless FollowMeTV if available is Tap on the FOLLOW ME TV widget located at the active, the selected application will be displayed on bottom left of the screen of your mobile device to your TV screen.

Page 30 Requirements 1. Smart TV 2. Network connection 3. Mobile Device based on Android or iOS platform Android OS 4. Smart Center app. Print page 1 Print document 30 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.

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