Ducati supersport handbuch



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Ducati supersport handbuch

If you want to know more click here. The documents supplied with your bike provide useful info about your Ducati: from the colour code to the specifications of some electronic and mechanical components, all the way to details about the main service interventions.

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Quick Links Download this manual See also: Owner's Manual. Owner's manual. Motorcycle DUCATI SPORT TOURING Owner's Manual 90 pages. Page 3 Ducati motorcycle for long information contained herein is valid at the time of going journeys as well as short daily trips. Ducati Motor S. Page 4: Table Of Contents TABLE OF CONTENTS Main components and devices Location 19 Tank filler plug 20 Seat catch and helmet hooks 21 Side stand 22 Front fork adjusters 23 Shock absorber adjusters 24 General Directions for use Warranty 6 Running-in recommendations 26 Symbols 6 Pre-ride checks 27 Useful information for safe riding 7 Starting the engine Page 5 Charging the battery 47 Chain adjustment 48 Chain lubrication 49 Replacing bulbs 50 Beam setting 54 Tyre pressures 55 Checking engine oil level 57 Cleaning and replacing the spark plugs 58 Cleaning the motorcycle 59 Storing the bike away 59 Important notes 59 Technical data Overall dimensions Page 6: General Ducati Motor S.

In case of any doubts, please call a Ducati dealer or authorized workshop. The information contained herein will prove useful on your trips - and Ducati Motor S. Page 7: Useful Information For Safe Riding lane in good time using the suitable turn indicators. Useful information for safe riding Be sure you are clearly visible and do not ride within the blind spot of vehicles ahead.

Warning Be very careful when tackling road junctions, or when Read this section before riding your motorcycle. Page 8: Carrying The Max Load Allowed Carrying the maximum load allowed Your motorcycle is designed for long-distance riding, carrying the maximum load allowed in full safety. Even weight distribution is critical to preserving these safety features and avoiding trouble when performing sudden manoeuvres or riding on bumpy roads.

Information about carrying capacity The total weight of the motorcycle in running order including rider, pillion passenger, luggage and additional Page 9: Identification Data Identification data All Ducati motorcycles have two identification numbers, for frame fig.

Frame number Engine number Note These numbers identify the motorcycle model and should always be indicated when ordering spare parts. Page Controls CONTROLS Warning This section details the position and function of all the controls you need to drive your motorcycle.

Be sure to read this information carefully before you use the controls. Position of motorcycle controls fig. Page Instrument Panel Important Instrument panel fig. Gives road speed. When you switch on the parking light, the panel lights Gives total distance covered. Page Keys Keys fig. Page Left Switch Left switch fig. Note This device is not fitted on the Australia and Japan versions. Page Clutch Lever Clutch lever fig.

It features a dial adjuster 2 for lever distance from the twistgrip on handlebar. To set lever distance from twistgrip, push lever 1 fully forward and turn the dial adjuster 2 to one of its four positions. Page Cold Start Lever Cold start lever fig. It will G Switch for ENGINE STOP, two positions: increase the engine idling speed after starting. Page Throttle Twistgrip Throttle twistgrip fig. When released, it will spring back to the initial position idling speed.

Page Rear Brake Pedal Rear brake pedal fig. The The gear change pedal is at rest when in the central system is hydraulically operated. Page Setting The Gear Change And Rear Brake Pedals Setting the gear change and rear brake pedals The gear change and rear brake pedals can be adjusted to suit the preferred riding position of each rider.

To set the gear change pedal, lock linkage 1 and loosen the check nuts 2 and 3. Note Nut 2 has a left-hand thread. Page Tank Filler Plug Tank filler plug fig. Lift the plug. Closing Refit the plug with the key in it and push it down into its seat.

Page Seat Catch And Helmet Hooks Seat catch and helmet hooks Opening fig. Pull the seat backwards to slide it off its front holders. At the front end of the compartment underneath the seat, there are the helmet hooks 2, fig. Page Side Stand Side stand fig. Page Front Fork Adjusters Front fork adjusters The front fork used on the model has rebound and compression damping adjusters.

This adjustment is done using the outer adjusters: 1 fig. Page Shock Absorber Adjusters Shock absorber adjusters fig. Page 25 fig. The indicator must not exceed: Failure to comply with these rules will release Ducati rpm. Motor S. Page Pre-Ride Checks Failure to carry out these checks before riding, may In case of malfunctioning, do not start the lead to motorcycle damage and injury to rider and motorcycle and call a Ducati Dealer or authorized passenger. Before riding, perform a thorough check-up on your bike Page Starting The Engine Starting the engine Important Never operate the electric start button more than 5 Note seconds at a time.

Warning Before starting the engine, become familiar with the controls you will need to use when riding. Page 29 4 Move the cold start lever to the vertical position A to let engine idle at about rpm. Important Do not rev up the engine when it is cold. Allow some time for oil to reach all points that need lubricating. Page Moving Off Moving off Braking 1 Disengage the clutch squeezing the control lever. Slow down in time, shift down to engine-brake first and 2 Push down on gear change lever sharply with the tip then brake applying both brakes.

Pull the clutch lever of your foot to engage the first gear. Page Stopping The Motorcycle Parking Stopping the motorcycle Stop and park the motorcycle on the side stand see If you let go of the throttle twistgrip, the motorcycle will page Then, shift down Turn the handlebar fully left and block it by pushing in the releasing the clutch, and finally change from first to ignition key and turning it to the LOCK position.

Page Refueling Refueling Never overfill the tank when refueling. Fuel should never be touching the rim of filler recess fig. Warning Be sure there is no fuel trapped in the filler recess. Max level fig. To reach this compartment, the seat must be removed by opening the catch page Page Routine Maintenance The maintenance schedule below specifies maintenance operations to be carried out at regular intervals according be entrusted to a Ducati Dealer or authorized workshop to time months or distance covered km or miles.

It where highly trained personnel and special equipment also shows the motorcycle parts requiring special care. Warning Firmly secure all removed parts when refitting fig. Important At reassembly always use nylon washers when tightening fastening screws, not to damage painted parts Page 38 Half-faired version fig.

Unscrew the screw 5 that Disconnect the indicator connectors and remove the holds the right body panel to the rear brake pedal shaft. Page 39 Headlamp fairing Unscrew the two nuts 1, fig. Unscrew the three screws 2, fig. Move the body panels slightly apart and unscrew the four screws 3, fig.

Page Lifting The Fuel Tank Lifting the fuel tank fig. Pull the clip 1, fig. Lift the tank and unhook the service rod 2 from its retainer 3. Place the tank onto the rod 2 fitting rod end into the hole in frame cross-member. Page Changing The Air Filter Changing the air filter fig. The air box is accessible after lifting the fuel tank.

Undo the clips 1 of the cover on both sides of the air box, then remove cover 2. Page Checking Brake And Clutch Fluid Level Important Have the brake pads replaced at a Ducati Dealer or authorized workshop. Page Lubricating Cables And Joints Work the controls to make sure the cable slides smoothly inside the sheath: if you feel any friction or hard spots, have the cable replaced by your Ducati Dealer or authorized workshop.

To prevent these failures, smear the ends of the Bowden cables with SHELL Advance Grease or Retinax LX2 at regular intervals. Page Throttle Cable Adjustment Throttle cable adjustment The throttle twistgrip must have a free play of 1. If it needs adjusting, use the suitable adjuster 1, fig. Page Checking Battery Electrolyte Level Always wear adequate protective clothing and a visor Checking battery electrolyte level fig.

You will need to lift the tank page 40 before you can Never switch on a lighter or light a match and so on to check battery liquid level. Page Charging The Battery Charging the battery fig. Before charging the battery, it is best to remove it from When battery is charged, check electrolyte level in each the motorcycle. If it has dropped, top up with distilled water until Disconnect the breather tube 2.

Page Chain Adjustment Chain adjustment Grease the threads of adjusting screws 3 with SHELL Turn the rear wheel slowly until you find the position Alvania R3 grease and torque check nuts 2 to 8 Nm. Put motorcycle on the side stand and push the chain up pressing with a finger at mid-length of swingarm. Page Chain Lubrication Chain lubrication The chain fitted on your motorcycle has OR seals that keep dirt out of and lubricant inside the sliding parts.