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Gigaset n510 ip handbuch

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Gigaset N IP PRO can support up to 6 SIP accounts, 6 handsets and 4 simultaneous calls with a rich set of business communication features. Our partners advise, sell, install and offer additional services regarding Gigaset pro.

The N IP PRO base station with up to 6 optional DECT repeaters provides extended cordless coverage and flexibility to expand your office. Designed to work with the entire Gigaset pro handset range and repeater technology for larger offices or extended outdoor sites. Compatible with nearly all standard IP phone networks with remote administration function to allow rapid service activation and configuration changes. Offers additional buil-in communication features such as 3 way conference calling, call waiting, call hold and transfer functions.

Supports advanced HDSP TM audio technology for clearest possible sound quality. If you're interested in our products or have any questions, please contact your Gigaset Pro partner. In case you don't have a partner yet, you can find matching partners in your area in our database. You already are a Gigaset Pro partner or want to become one and have questions about our products? Please contact us online and we will take care of your inquiry as soon as possible.

Gigaset N IP PRO Gigaset N IP PRO Gigaset N IP PRO Gigaset N IP PRO Gigaset N IP PRO. Gigaset N IP PRO. Perfect for the busy small office. A powerful communication base station designed for the needs of a productive small office. Find a partner. Gigaset pro is distributed exclusively via qualified business partners. Extended cordless range. Complete Compatibility. Seamless installation. Extended features. HD quality audio.

Technical details. Specifications General. Article name. IP DECT single cell system. Device features. Cordless standards. Repeater support. Software-update-over-the-air SUOTA. LAN Port with Power-over-Ethernet. Power connector. Power supply available as accessory. Power supply included. Search function and reverse lookup. SIP MWI. Special features. Quality of Service. Platform features. Call Transfer: Attended, unattended, semi-attended, blind.

Call Waiting. Call Forwarding. Group Pick-up. Service features. Save and Restore. Security features. Transport Layer Security TLS. Main Device, L x W x H in mm. Weight in g. Gigaset N IP PRO Support request. Open contact form for partners.

Manuals Brands Gigaset Manuals IP Phone N IP PRO Manual Gigaset N IP PRO Manual. Quick Links Download this manual See also: Configuration ManualUser Manual. Table of Contents. Chapters Table of Contents 4 Web Configurator Menu Related Manuals for Gigaset N IP PRO Telephone System Gigaset N IP PRO Manual Dect single cell 11 pages. IP Phone Gigaset S IP User Manual Voip phones 42 pages. Full-feature telephone with advanced, touch-sensitive technology 16 pages.

Summary of Contents for Gigaset N IP PRO Page 2: Gigaset N Ip Pro Connect your Gigaset to the Internet and your PC via Ethernet. Telephone over the Internet. Manage your Gigaset from your PC using a Web browser. Save your Gigaset configuration on your PC after you have set it up. Page 3: Functions Of The Button On The Base IP address of the base on the handset Press and hold: Set base to registration mode You can operate, set up and use all the telephone functions on your base with a Gigaset SL PRO, CH, SL78H, SLH, S79H or SH handset, for example.

Page 4: Table Of Contents Notes on phone number display CLIP Page 5 Questions and answers Page 6 Contents Appendix Page 7: Safety Precautions They will be able to advise you regarding the susceptibility of the device to external sources of high frequency energy. Please refer to the Appendix chapter for the specifications of this Gigaset product. Do not install the base in bathrooms or shower rooms. The base is not splash- proof. Page 8: First Steps Firmware updates This user manual describes the functions of your phone from firmware version Page 9: Setting Up The Base Warning Never expose the telephone to any of the following: heat sources, direct sunlight or other electrical appliances.

Protect your Gigaset from moisture, dust, corrosive liquids and fumes. Page Connecting The Base Connect the PC to the router. Please note Your Gigaset N IP PRO is supplied with sufficient power via PoE Power over Ether- net if the device is connected to an Ethernet switch with PoE functionality PoE class IEEE Page 11 First steps 1. Warning Use only the power cable supplied. Page 12 3. Connecting the base to a router Internet Data protection notice When the device is connected to the router, it automatically contacts the Gigaset sup- port server to make it easier for you to configure the devices and to enable communi- cation with the Internet services.

As soon as the cable connecting the phone and router is plugged in and the router is switched on, the button lights up on the front Page 14 First steps 4. Connecting the PC to the router optional You can change the settings on the phone's base using a PC connected to your phone via the router.

PC system requirements: Ethernet port Web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7. Page Registering The Handset First steps Registering the handset You must register the handset a to the base b. A message usually appears on the display stating that the handset is searching for a base that is ready for registration.

Page Setting Up The Phone - Installation Wizard Setting up the phone — installation wizard Please note If you have connected your Gigaset N IP PRO to a Gigaset PRO PABX e. Your Gigaset N IP PRO searches the network for a provisioning file and checks whether VoIP accounts already exist. Page 17 First steps Auto configuration: The configuration process for VoIP connections is automated for some VoIP providers.

The provider creates a configuration file with all required VoIP access data the general VoIP provider data and your personal account data. This file is placed on a configura- tion server on the Internet for downloading to your phone. Page 18 General settings for your VoIP provider server addresses etc. An auto configuration code activation code Your Gigaset phone's IP wizard can help you make these entries.

Please note You can configure up to six VoIP connections. When you get started with the phone, you can initially only configure one VoIP connection. Page 19 First steps Launching the IP wizard Prerequisite: The phone is connected to the router. Page 20 First steps You will see the following display: IP Assistant Do you have a code for Auto Configuration? Page 21 First steps No Internet connection: The phone requires an Internet connection for you to register your telephone with a VoIP provider.

If a connection cannot be made, one of the following messages is dis- played: If the phone cannot establish a connection to the router, the message IP address not available is displayed. Page 22 Downloading VoIP provider data The connection wizard establishes a connection with the Gigaset configuration server on the Internet. Various profiles with general access data for different VoIP providers can be downloaded here.

After a brief period you will see the following display: A list of countries is loaded. Page 23 First steps You have not been able to download your provider's data If your VoIP provider does not appear in the list, i. Page 25 First steps 2. Inter- nal parties are the registered handsets. Receive connections are the phone numbers connections on which you can be called. Page Proceeding Storing your own area code in the telephone page 78 Setting Eco Mode page 67 Operating the telephone on a PABX page 86 Registering Gigaset handsets to the base page 69 Using online directories page 47 Entering additional VoIP accounts page Page Understanding The Operating Steps In The User Manual First steps Understanding the operating steps in the user manual The operating steps have been shortened and are based on a Gigaset SLH PRO hand- set.

The change is effective immediately and does Eco Mode not need to be confirmed. Page Menu Tree Menu tree Menu tree You can use the base functions of your Gigaset N IP PRO via a registered handset. On the Gigaset SL PRO, CH, SL78H, SLH, S79H or SH handsets, the base functions are contained in the handset menu.

Handset-specific functions are not shown below. In place of the handset-specific functions, " Page Making Calls Making calls Making calls You can make calls on a Gigaset handset connected to your base. Please note You can make up to four external calls at the same time via your base, depending on the quality of your DSL connection. Page 36 Making calls Selecting a line for each call Prerequisite: "Sel. Enter the number and press the talk key. The list of all the phone's connec- tions is displayed.

Page Ending A Call Ending a call Press the end call key. Page Calling Line Identification If the caller's number is in the handset's directory, the caller's name will be shown. You can use the display to decide which receive connection the call is directed to. Page Notes On Phone Number Display Clip 2 Name and location Notes on phone number display CLIP The number of the caller is shown in the display of your Gigaset phone handset by default.

You do not have to change any other settings on your Gigaset telephone. Page Gigaset Hdsp - Telephony With Brilliant Sound Quality Check whether your provider supports phone number display CLIP and that the function has been activated for you. If necessary, contact your provider. Additional information on this subject can be found on the Gigaset website at: www. Page Making Calls Using Select Services If you require assistance, please contact your network provider.

Page 42 Making calls using select services General call divert CD A distinction is made between Diverting calls internally and Diverting calls to an external phone number Diverting calls to an external connection VoIP With call divert the call is diverted to another external connection. Your call divert settings can be specific to a particular connection, i.

Page 43 Making calls using select services Ring Delay If you prefer to have a delay before the call is diverted, select the length of the delay at this point None, 10 sec. If you select None, the call is not signalled on the handset and is diverted immediately. The setting applies to all the phone's connections. Page 45 Making calls using select services Consultation calls external You can call a second external caller.

The first call is placed on hold. The previous call is placed on hold. The caller hears an announcement or music on hold. Page Transferring Calls Making calls using select services Conference You can speak to two participants simultaneously. Prerequisite: You are conducting an external call and have called a second participant consultation call or have accepted a waiting call.

Page Using Directories Define which online directories you wish to use via the Web configurator page Exclusion of liability This service is country-specific. Gigaset Communications GmbH therefore assumes no guarantee or liability for the availability of this service. The service may be discontinued at any time. Page 49 Using directories Search result hit list The search result is shown as a list on the display. Prerequisite: A search result is displayed hit list with multiple entries or a message indi- cating too many hits.

Page Using The Private Net Directory Using directories Using the private net directory Some providers offer users the option of creating and managing a private net directory on the Internet. The advantage of an online directory is that you can call up entries from any telephone or PC, e. Page 52 Using directories Selecting, viewing and managing entries in the online directory Prerequisite: The online directory is open see above.

Enter the first letter of the name and scroll with s to the required entry. Page Making Cost-Effective Calls Making cost-effective calls Making cost-effective calls Using the Internet VoIP is the preferred cost-effective way of making calls. Defining dialling plans You can use your phone's cost control function for calls to fixed line or mobile phone net- works.

Open accounts with various VoIP providers who offer favourable rates for calls to other networks.