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Handbuch bmw f 650 gs

Manuals Brands BMW Manuals Motorcycle F GS Repair manual BMW F GS Repair Manual. Quick Links. See also: Repair ManualRider's Manual. Table of Contents. Repair Manual. Related Manuals for BMW F GS Motorcycle BMW F GS Rider's Manual pages. Motorcycle BMW F CS Repair Manual 35 pages.

Summary of Contents for BMW F GS Page 1 Repair Manual F GS BMW AG Motorcycle Division After Sales Page 2 A new issue of this repair manual will be published if amendments or additions supplements are needed. Page 3: Key To Symbols Usage Each chapter starts with the list of contents. The list of contents is followed by the Technical Data table. Key to symbols In this Workshop Manual for the F GS model, the following symbols are used; Page 4 Licence plate no.

Order No. Page 5: Pre-Delivery Check Check that the delivery is complete: — Toolkit — Documentation — Motorcycle keys — Optional extras Read the fault code memory with the BMW MoDiTeC Check tyre pressures Fill fuel tank Final inspection as functional check: — Oil inspection — Engine idle speed — Page 7 F GS Instructions for pre-delivery check BMW AG Sparte Motorrad After Sales UX-VS-2 Hufelandstr.

Page 9: Table Of Contents Removing right and centre covers Page Filling And Charging The Battery E Filling and charging the battery Removing right and centre covers Note: Do not remove the windscreen after the side panels have been removed, as otherwise the headlight beam setting will have to be checked. Page Filling And Charging The Battery E Filling and charging the battery Caution: Warning: Connect the positive battery terminal first, then the Battery acid is highly caustic.

Apply acid-proof grease to the battery terminal posts. Page Checking That Delivery Is Complete 7. The The following points must be demonstrated and high steam or water pressure could damage seals, explained to the customer Page 19 00 Maintenance and general instructions Contents Page Table of operating fluids Page 20 Contents Page Adjusting valve clearances Page 21 Contents Page Replacing primary sealing boot, front brake master cylinder Page 22 Page Table Of Operating Fluids 83 19 9 ml spray housings Crack testing agent for aluminium Developer MR 70 81 22 9 ml spray housings Installation aid BMW chilling spray Chilling components before assembly 83 19 9 ml spray Page 32 Page Key To Maintenance Intervals BMW Running-in Check after the first 1, km — BMW Service at 10, km 6, miles II miles.

III — BMW Annual Service Page Reading The Fault Code Memory With The Moditec Reading the fault code Changing the engine oil and 00 13 00 11 memory with the MoDiTeC oil filter element Inspections I, II, III and IV Inspections I, II, III and IV Note: If an engine failure occurs, the oil tank and feed line must be cleaned with the material used for this pur- pose in the workshop, and then blown through with compressed air.

Check coolant level only when the engine is cold. Connect a hose to the bleed screw. Page Changing Oil In Telescopic Forks Install the sealing caps. Oil content of each fixed fork tube Page Checking And Adjusting Valve Clearances Remove spark plug. Caution: Check that the shim is correctly seated in the bucket tappet. Page Replacing Fuel Filter Note the installed positions of fuel feed line 7 and fuel return line 3. Tightening torques: Fuel filter to frame Page Checking Clutch Play, Adjusting If Necessary Strike the spokes and listen for differences in the pitch of the sound.

Vertical runout Page Checking Brake Pads And Discs For Wear, Replacing If Necessary Checking brake pads and discs for Replacing brake pads wear, replacing if necessary Inspections II and III Caution: Do not operate the brake when dismantled. Checking brake pads for wear Do not permit the brake pads to wear past the spec- ified minimum thickness.

Page Changing Brake Fluid Changing brake fluid 00 34 Brake fluid grade DOT 4 Inspection IV Tightening torques: Caution: Bleed screw Changing brake fluid rear brake Do not allow brake fluid to come into contact with painted parts of the motorcycle, because brake fluid destroys paint.

Caution: Do not allow brake fluid to come into contact with painted parts of the motorcycle, because brake fluid destroys paint. Page Inspecting Front And Rear Wheel Bearings, Replacing If Necessary Inspecting front and rear wheel Checking chain tension, 27 71 bearings, replacing if necessary adjusting if necessary Inspections I, II, III and IV Inspection III Checking chain tension 27 71 Note: — Place the unloaded motorcycle on its main cen- Check play when bearings are cold.

Page Adjusting Chain Tension Adjusting chain tension Checking battery acid level, 27 71 61 20 adding distilled water if necessary Inspections II, III and IV Warning: Battery acid is highly caustic. Protect your eyes, face, hands, clothing and the paintwork. Checking battery acid level 61 20 — Page Greasing The Side And Main Stands And The Brake Pedal Lever Greasing the side and main stands and the brake pedal lever Inspections II and III Side stand E Note: Use the punch marks arrow to align the handlebars as shown.

Tyre tread depth recommended minimum value Warning: It must comply with legal regulations concerning minimum tyre tread depth. Page 58 Page 59 11 Motor Contents Page Technical Data Page 60 Contents Page Disassembling and assembling cylinder head Page 61 Contents Page Removing and installing main bearings Page 62 Page Technical Data Technical Data F GS Engine, general Type Single-cylinder four-stroke, double overhead camshafts driven by roller chain, 4 valves operat- ed by bucket tappets, balancing shaft, liquid- cooled cylinder and cylinder head, integral water pump, 5-speed gearbox and dry sump lubrica- tion.

Page 64 Technical Data F GS Crank gear Crankshaft - main bearing play On installation mm in 0. Page 66 Technical Data F GS Piston rings 1st groove Rectangular-section ring Ring thickness mm in 1. Page 67 Technical Data F GS Housing depth primary mm in 14 0.

Page 68 Page Sectional View Of Engine Sectional view of engine E Page Engine Oil Circuit F Engine oil circuit 1 Delivery pump 2 Oil tank 3 Check valve 4 Oil filter 5 Control valve 6 Low-pressure line gearbox 7 Low-pressure line clutch 8 High-pressure line crankshaft 9 High-pressure line big end bearing 10 High-pressure line camshafts 11 Chain tensioner 12 Spray nozzle for piston 13 Oil sump Page Valve Gear Valve gear E Page Valves, Components Valves, components E Page Oil Pumps, Components Oil pumps, components E Page Preparatory Work Removing and installing cyl- 11 12 inder head, engine installed Note: If an engine failure occurs, the oil tank and oil lines must be cleaned with the material used for this pur- pose in the workshop, and then blown through with compressed air.

Page 75 Remove fastener for oil lines 2 from the cylinder Turn crankshaft to top dead centre position with head. Page Removing Camshafts Raise the rear frame Also clean the groove and the seating faces for the gasket. Page Removing Engine arrow. Page Lowering Engine Lay the engine on its left side, as viewed in the forward direction of travel. Page Lowering The Engine Remove the brake pedal. Page 83 Tightening torques: Water pump drain screw Page Disassembling Engine Turn crankshaft to top dead centre position with an Allen key.

Caution: If there is any mechanical damage, the oil tank and the oil lines must be cleaned. E Tightening torque: Camshaft carrier Page Disassembling And Assembling Cylinder Head BMW No. Page Checking Valve Guide For Wear BMW No. Page Installing Valve Stem Seal E For wear limits, see Technical Data.

Check grooves for valve collets. Page Installing Valves Secure adapter plate, BMW No. Note: Mark exhaust-valve side on piston crown. Page Determining Piston Ring Gaps Note: Use temperature measuring device, BMW No. Page Disassembling And Assembling Freewheel E Disassembling and 12 11 assembling freewheel Disassembling freewheel 1 Machine screw 2 Magnet rotor 3 Freewheel 4 Lock ring 5 Freewheel housing 6 Freewheel gear Warning: Securing screws 1 are secured with Loctite and considerable torque is required to release them.

Page Removing Clutch Turn engine round in assembly fixture. Using locating ring, BMW No. Note: Retaining screw arrow must be installed. Page Checking Crankshaft For Wear Press off compensating gear with pressure pad, BMW No. BMW No. Page Removing And Installing Gearbox Compensating Shaft Bearings Using bearing puller plate, BMW No.

Page Removing And Installing Grooved Ball Bearings Of Gearbox Compensating Shaft Using bearing puller plate, BMW No. Page Installation The bearing bushing must not project beyond the oil pockets. The end gap of the bearing bushing must always face the balancing shaft. Note: Note the two fasteners in the oil filter housing.

Manuals Brands BMW Manuals Motorcycle F GS Rider's manual BMW F GS Rider's Manual. Quick Links. See also: Repair ManualRider's Manual. Rider's Manual. Related Manuals for BMW F GS Motorcycle BMW F GS Rider's Manual pages. Motorcycle BMW F CS Repair Manual 35 pages. Summary of Contents for BMW F GS Page 1 Rider's Manual F GS BMW Motorrad The Ultimate Riding Machine Errors and omissions excepted.

Printed in Germany. Page 5 We congratulate you on your choice of a motorcycle from We hope that you will enjoy rid- BMW and welcome you to the ing your BMW and that all your community of BMW riders. Page 6: Table Of Contents Warnings issued by the on- Currency Page 7 11 Service Page 9: General Instructions General instructions Overview Page Overview BMW optional ex- overview of your motorcycle.

All tras originally ordered. Indicates the end of an maintenance and repair work on item of information. Page Equipment This Rider's Manual are quoted to the Rider's Manual describes option- standards and comply with the al extras OE offered by BMW tolerance requirements of the and selected optional accessor- Deutsche Institut für Normung ies OA.

This explains why the e. Page General Views General views General view, left side Page General View, Left Side General view, left side Power socket Seat lock Engine-oil filler neck and oil dipstick Page General View, Right Side General view, right side Fuel filler neck Brake-fluid reservoir, rear Vehicle Identification Num- ber VIN on steering-head bearingType plate on steering-head bearing Brake-fluid reservoir, front Coolant level indicator be- hind side panel 97Coolant filler neck behind side panel Adjuster for spring preload, rear Page Underneath The Seat Underneath the seat Location of first-aid kit OA Toolkit Payload table Table of tyre pressures Helmet holder Rider's Manual Tool for adjusting spring preload Page Underneath The Trim Panel Underneath the trim panel Battery Air-filter housing Page Handlebar Fitting, Left Handlebar fitting, left Operating the on-board computer Operating the ABS Horn Flashing turn indicators, left 50Hazard warn- ing flashers High-beam headlight and headlight flasher Page Handlebar Fitting, Right Handlebar fitting, right Emergency off switch kill switch Starter button Grip heating Flashing turn indicators, right 50Hazard warn- ing flashers Cancel button, flashing turn indicators 51Pushbut- ton, cancel hazard warning flashers Page Instrument Cluster Instrument cluster Telltale lights Speedometer Operation of the clock 42Operation of the stopwatch Multifunction display Operating the odometer Telltale light, anti-theft alarm OESensor for instrument lighting, Warning light for engine rpm Rev.

Page Headlight Headlight Low-beam headlight High-beam headlight Side light Page Status Indicators Status indicators Standard status indicators Page Standard Status Indicators Standard status Telltale lights Service-due indicator indicators Multifunction display High-beam headlight If the next service is due in less than one month, the date for the Flashing turn indicators, left next service is shown briefly after Idle Clock the Pre-Ride Check completes.

Flashing turn indicators, Odometer and tripmeters The month is shown as a two Page Status Indicators With On-Board Computer Oe Gear indicator consult a specialist workshop, will be due is less than km, Coolant temperature preferably an authorised BMW the distance is counted down in Motorrad dealer. Page Status Indicators With Tyre-Pressure Monitoring Rdc Oe If no gear is engaged, the Status indicators Standard warnings 'neutral' telltale light also with tyre-pressure Mode of presentation lights up.

Fuel capacity The horizontal bars above the fuel-pump symbol in- dicate the remaining quantity of Warnings are indicated by the Page 29 The possible warnings are listed on the next page. Warning symbols 1 and 2 can appear on the multifunction dis- play. Text warnings such as 3, for example, appear in the odo- meter panel and are accompan- ied by warning-triangle symbol 4. If two or more warnings occur at the same time, all the appropriate warning lights and warning sym Page 30 Warnings, overview Telltale lights Status indicators Meaning Lights up yellow Appears on the dis- Electronic immobiliser active play appears on the display.

Lights up Fuel down to reserve Lights up red Flashes Coolant temperature too high Lights up yellow Appears on the dis- Engine in emergency-operation mode play Page 31 Coolant temperature too switched on so that the radiat- placed, preferably by an au- high or fan continues to operate. General warning light shows If the coolant temperature is red. Fuel down to reserve frequently too high, have the Page 32 BMW gine runs in emergency operating Possible cause: mode.

Motorrad dealer. The engine-oil level is too low. You can continue to ride, but Check the engine oil level Engine in emergency- bear in mind that the usual en Page Warnings Issued By The On-Board Computer Oe Warning-triangle symbol Replace the brake light and The ice warning does not appears on the display. Page Abs Warnings Oe Possible national variant. The detailed descriptions relating to BMW Motorrad ABS start on page 74and you will find an overview listing the possible warnings on the next page.

Page 35 Warnings, overview Telltale lights Status indicators Meaning Flashes Self-diagnosis not completed Lights up ABS deactivated Lights up ABS fault Page Rdc Warnings Oe Self-diagnosis not with BMW Motorrad ABS RDC warnings completed Activate the ABS function Mode of presentation ABS warning light flashes. ABS fault Possible cause: ABS warning light shows. The ABS function is not available, because self- Possible cause: diagnosis did not complete.

Page 37 'General' warning light shows red. The detailed descriptions relating to BMW Motorrad RDC start on page 76and you will find an overview listing the possible warnings on the next page. Page 38 Warnings, overview Telltale lights Status indicators Meaning Lights up yellow Appears on the dis- Tyre pressure close to limit of permitted play tolerance The critical tyre pressure flashes Flashes red Appears on the dis- Tyre pressure outside permitted toler- play ance The critical tyre Page 39 Telltale lights Status indicators Meaning appears on Battery of tyre-pressure sensor weak the display.

Page 40 General warning light shows workshop, preferably an yellow. Warning-triangle symbol authorised BMW Motorrad appears on the display. Warning-triangle symbol dealer. If you are unsure whether the The critical tyre pressure flashes.

Page 41 RDC stances: specialist workshop, preferably readings. Assume that a per- Have the fault rectified by a an authorised BMW Motorrad manent fault has not occurred specialist workshop, preferably dealer. Page Anti-Theft Alarm Warnings Oe Warning-triangle symbol Seek the advice of a specialist appears on the display.

This error message appears only briefly after the pre- ride check completes. Possible cause: The integral battery in the tyre Page Operation Page Ignition Switch And Steering Lock If you wish you can arrange to ited period of time. Page Electronic Immobiliser Protection against theft changing signals with the elec- The electronic immobiliser EWS tronics in the key; these signals helps protect your BMW mo- are specific to your motorcycle torcycle from theft, and this en- and they are transmitted via the hanced security is at your dis- ring aerial in the ignition lock.

BMW Motorrad dealer. The keys are part of an integrated secur- Odometer and ity system, so the dealer is un Page On-Board Computer Oe Tripmeter 1 On-board computer Trip I Tripmeter 2 Trip II Selecting readings Tyre pressures OE Switch on the ignition. Warnings, if applicable Resetting tripmeter Switch on the ignition.

Select the desired tripmeter. Press button 2. Press button 1. Press and hold down button 2. Page Ambient Temperature Ambient temperature the temperature drops below this threshold for the first time. Average speed The display starts with the cur- rent value and each time the but- When the motorcycle is at a ton is pressed it moves one step standstill the heat of the engine through the following sequence: can falsify the ambient-temper Page Average Consumption the corresponding amount of fuel Range used.

Resetting average consumption Switch on the ignition. Select average consumption. Press and hold down button 1. Average speed is reset to zero. The range readout indicates how far you can ride with the fuel re- Average consumption maining in the tank. Page 50 The calculated range is only meter reading to a stopwatch. The readout is in hours, minutes, Consequently, BMW Motorrad seconds and tenths of a second, recommends that you should not with dots as separators.

Page 51 Using stopwatch as Lap- : Stopwatch operated by means of the INFO button on Timer the handlebar fitting. To confirm the setting, press button 1 and button 2 at the same time and hold them down until the reading Press button 2 while the stop Page Tyre Pressure Monitoring Reifendruck-Control Rdc Oe Redline warning Activating redline warning them down until the reading changes.

The settings are accepted and the display returns to its most recent reading. The most recent setting is re- tained if you do not confirm the new settings. Tyre pressure monitoring The redline warning indicates Press button 1 and button Page Lights right is the rear tyre pressure. Low-beam headlight appears directly after the -- -- The low-beam headlight switches ignition is switched on, because on automatically when you start the sensors do not transmit tyre the engine.

Page Turn Indicators Move full-beam headlight down button 1 for the left turn switch 1 to the centre position. High-beam headlight switched Parking light switches on. Switching off parking Press the bottom section of lights full-beam headlight switch 1. The high-beam headlight is Switch the ignition on and then switched on until you release off again. Page Hazard Warning Flashers Cancelling turn indicators warning flashers for longer than absolutely necessary.