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Full text of " Arakan-Forchhammer " See other formats Arakan Forchhammer, E Superintendent Government Printing, Rangoon. This version is designed for reading on screen. To print tlie document, you may need use tlie "Auto rotate and centre" print command.

A digitised version of the s reprint. This material was originally published in 1a year after Forchhammer died, according to a reference to it in Harvey's 1 "History of Burma". A new impression was made in the s by the Burmese Education Ministry: the minister at that time was Arakanese, and passionate about the history of his native province. The original plates and artwork were presumably lost by this time. A somewhat damaged copy of the book has been used to make a new set of offset plates.

If the original had a title page, it had either disappeared from the original copy or was deliberately excluded from the reprint. The book was renamed "Report on the Antiquities of Arakan" and the year was put as on a typewritten slip of paper bound into the sub-title page. The publisher of the reprint is sometimes cited as "Archaeology Department, Burma", although as the department was established init could not have been the publisher of the version. The reprint was bound in soft blue paper.

Some photographs are missing from the reprint. It is possible that they originally appeared as individual photos stuck on the plates, perhaps in an attempt to provide high quality illustrations for a book with a limited print run. For example, Plate IV No 7 is missing, and the blank space is marked with a small pencilled cross, perhaps by the owner of the book that was used for the reprint. Two complete pages of plates, XII and XIII, pictures from the Shittaung pagoda, are also missing.

Original copies of the book may still have these plates, and all the illustrations. On the first page of the text in the s edition are two marks in ink, circling an incorrect 20 miles as the distance from Vesali to Mrohaung, and an incorrect 1 0th century as the date for King Anawratha. These were presumably also made by the owner of the book that was used for the reprinting.

This circling of the 20 on page 1 is instantly diagnostic of the reprint. In the original book, the numbering on Plates I to VIII starts from No 1 on each plate. From Plate X, No 1picture numbers then continue in sequence. Pencilled changes to the numbering by the owner of the copy version have been reproduced in the reprint, but they do not match the references in the text, and are best ignored. I am still trying to get hold of an original copy of the book to compare it with the reprint.

The Archaeology Dept library in Rangoon also holds a 1 s copy. The 1 ? In 1Harvey referred to copies of the book at the Bodelian it's not in their online cataloguethe British Museum their copy was transferred to the British Library, which will not give it out on international loan and the India Office and Oxford India Institute Libraries.

The SOAS journal has a reference to Forchhammer, Emil. Papers on Subjects Relating to the Archaeology of Burma: A Report on the History of Arakan. Rangoon: Government Press. A collection called Papers on Subjects Relating to the Archaeology of Burma dated 1 or 92 is in the Yale, Cambridge and Leiden libraries.

The Leiden catalogue mentions that this contains "Notes on early history and geography of British Burma"but does not specify Arakan. The "Notes" title also appears with Forchhammer's separate works on the Shwedagon and Suvannaphumi. FORCH jB. Elle a dijti. La force foiiruie par le pays permet d'iconomiser tonnes de charbon iraportees de I'etranger, au prix de 80 fr.

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SJ FORCH G. Zurich, D. Meilen et Uster. Passage ancien snr le Zurichberg oil s'flevent une au- berge et un hameau. Des retranchements datant de la pre- miere bataiUe de Zurich existent encore entre Rehalp et Waldburg-Zollikon. Le 35 septembre les Russes battirent en retraite devant Massena par les cols de Witikon et de Forch ; le nom de Rnssemntg est en plu- sieurs endroits reste un temoignage de ce passage. La nouvaiie route da la Porch fut construite de it.

Le 24 septembrenn monument, eonju par I'ar- chitecte Otto Zollinger, a ete eleve aux soldats morts pendant la raobilisatian de au-dessus de l'an- cienne auberge aitr Krone ; en il fut placi sous la protection du canton de Zurich. Ges, in Zurich III, p. Karte des Kls. Heer : Geschicktliches tion der Forch, Alte und netie Forch- strasse dans ZWChr.

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TagUattn" Sestableauxse trou- vent dans des collections privies et k la galerie pci- bliqoe de Coire. Emanuel, D' phil. An- tonien. Al'universiti de Leipzig oh il se fit inscrire, il s'occupa de Sanscrit, de zend, d'aralje et des lan- gues parentes, apprit I'aimiuien dans un convent armi- nien prfes de Venise et fut bientat tris connu par ses publications scientiflques et ses travaux. L'empereur du Brisil vonlut lui confier I'etude des langues indiennes sud-americaines, et le gouvernement britannique lui offrit une chaive de langues pali h.

NommA en inspecteur archfeologique de la Bii- manie britannique, il reunit dans ce pays un abondant inatiriel areheologique et dirigea les fouiiies de villes enfouies depuis longtemps. Vaud, D. Aigk, Com. Ormont- Dessous. Fribourg, D. Vge et Com. EnLouis Griset de Forel en fit I'acquisi- tion de Joseph d'Estavayer et I'firigea en seigneurie. Forel, Sivaz et Autavaux ne contribuaient pas aux frais de culte de la paroisse d'Estavayer, et de ce fait etaient exclus de I'admmiatration paroissiale.

Le conllit s'envenima. Katalog der SamnUiingen derAntiq. Heer : GeschicJilHciies von der FoTch ; Alte u. Amtsblatt Reden bei der Denkmalseinweihung. AntOnien im Pratigau Kt. Graubiinden einbiir- gerte. Dessen Kinder sind : — 1. Bildete slch dann unter Prof. Kiel in Beriiu noch weiter aus. Benediitt in QTiedlinburg und am.

Kom- ponierte u. TaghlaltNr. Weissbrod und in Paris. Studienreisen in Deutschland, Frankreich. VI, Iflia. Bilder von itr sind ausser in Pri- vatbesitz, auch in der offentUclien Sammlung au ChuTi — 3. Emanuelf Dr. Nacb VoUendung von me- dizinischen Studien iu Amerika wandte er sicli der vergleichenden Sprachforscbung zu.