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Handbuch epson sc p600

Manuals Brands Epson Manuals Printer SC-P series User manual Epson SC-P series User Manual. Quick Links. User's Guide. Related Manuals for Epson SC-P series Printer Epson SC-P User Manual pages. Printer Epson SC-P Series Setup Manual 27 pages. Page 2: Copyrights And Trademarks excluding the U. Seiko Epson Corporation shall not be liable for any damages or problems arising from the use of any options or any consumable products other than those designated as Original Epson Products or Epson Approved Products by Seiko Epson Corporation.

Page 3: Table Of Contents Summary of the Printer Driver Page 4 Jammed Fine Art Media If the liquid crystal solution gets into your eyes, flush them immediately with water. If discomfort or vision problems remain after a thorough flushing, see a doctor immediately. Front section Printer cover Open when replacing ink cartridge, cleaning the inside of the printer, or removing jammed paper. The cover is normally closed when the printer is in use. Airflow vents Exhausts internal air. Do not cover the vents.

Cartridge cover Open when replacing ink cartridges. USB port Connects the USB cable. P light power light : The power is on. P button power button Turns the power on and off. Connection is established in AP mode. Auto Sheet Feeder is selected in Load Guide. Fine Art Media is selected in Load Guide. The icons indicate the status. The level of the indicator Yellow changes depending on the amount of ink remaining in the cartridge. Vivid Light Magenta Light Cyan Vivid Magenta : Ink is low. You need to prepare a new ink cartridge.

Maximum black density The new ink technology realizes maximum black density Dmax which is higher than previous products. Page Realizing High Productivity Support for a Wide Variety of Paper Types The wireless LAN feature that comes standard with the EPSON offers a wide variety of special media for printer allows wireless printing from computers and high-quality printing.

The printer can also print on compatible Wi-Fi devices. For more details, see the Notes on Usage and manual supplied with the paper. Storage Also, when operating in dry areas, air conditioned environment, or under direct sunlight, maintain the appropriate humidity. If you install without removing the tape, at the far right.

This also applies to Epson special media. However, with the correct storage method, the humidity change. Be careful not to scratch or soil degree of color distortion can be minimized. The main functions of the printer driver are described below. Loading Cut Sheets The method for feeding varies depending on the thickness of the paper as shown below.

In addition, available paper sizes vary depending on the feed method and the media type. Fully extend the output tray. Load the paper vertically with the printable side face up. Open the front cover. Grasp and slide the edge guide to fit it to the width of the paper.

Turn on the printer. Open the rear support. Loading Poster Board Use the front manual feed tray to load poster board. You can load poster board with a thickness of 0. Important: Inserting paper from the rear may cause a malfunction or error. Loading and Removing Roll Paper Loading Roll Paper Use the roll paper holder supplied to load roll paper into the rear of the printer. See the following for information on supported roll paper types.

Follow the steps below and use scissors and so on to cut the print results from the roll paper when printing is complete. Malfunction could result if the tray is curled or deformed. A special application is required to print CDs and DVDs. Use the supplied Epson Print CD application.

Basic Printing Methods Windows You can make print settings such as paper size and paper feed from the connected computer and then print. Turn on the printer, and load the paper. Mode, and Source according to the paper loaded in the printer. The Progress Bar is displayed, and printing starts. Screen while printing You can make print settings such as paper size and paper feed from the connected computer and then print.

Normally, you can print correctly just by setting items in the Print The printable area is shown in gray in the illustration Settings screen. Page Basic Printing Methods Mac Os X Black ink significantly increases black optical density Note: when printing on matte type papers. The supplied EPSON Print CD application supports a minimum internal diameter of 18 mm and a maximum See the following section to select a suitable black ink for external diameter of mm.

Check other settings, and then start printing. Depending on the media type you select, black ink is switched automatically during printing. When you want to cancel all jobs, select Cancel There are a few ways to stop printing operations All Documents from the Printer menu. The print job is canceled even in the middle of printing. It may take a while before the printer returns to ready status after canceling a job.

Driver Windows Displaying the Settings Screen You can access the printer driver in the following ways: The printer driver setting screen is displayed. Driver You can save the settings or change the display items as you prefer. Saving various settings as your Select Settings You can save all printer driver settings as a Select Setting.

Click Custom Settings. Go to the Utility tab and click Menu Arrangement. Enter any name in the Name box, and then click Save. Select Edit Item. You can save up to settings. You can choose a setting you have registered from the Media Type list box. You can perform the following maintenance functions from the printer driver's Utility tab.

Note: When Delete Group is performed, the group folder is deleted, however the items in the deleted group folder remain. Page 45 By right-clicking the icon, you can display the following Driver Update menu and perform maintenance functions. Visit the Epson website to check whether there is a EPSON Status Monitor 3 starts when the printer name is driver newer than the currently installed version.

If a clicked from the displayed menu. Note, however, that the drivers for any other Epson Page Displaying Help Using the Printer Driver Mac OS X You can perform maintenance tasks such as Nozzle Check or Head Cleaning by using Epson Printer Utility 4.

This utility is installed automatically when you install the printer driver. Displaying the Settings Starting Epson Printer Utility Page Uninstalling The Printer Driver When reinstalling the printer driver or upgrading, remove the target software first.

Use the "Uninstaller" to remove the printer driver. Acquiring the Uninstaller You can download the "Uninstaller" from the Epson homepage. Page Print Photos PhotoEnhance Select Color Management and then Document. Select Printer Manages Colors as the Color The printer driver for this printer comes with the Epson Handling setting, and then click Print.

Page 51 Setting example for Adobe Photoshop CS5 Open the Print screen. Note: EPSON Color Controls is unavailable in Adobe Photoshop CS3 or later, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 1 or later, and Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 or later unless the setting in step 1 is Page Correct Color And Print The printer driver automatically and internally corrects colors to match the color space. You can select from the following color correction modes. If you opted to display the Color Controls screen in Step 2, adjust settings as desired.

Select Color Management and then Document. Select Printer Manages Colors as the Color See the printer driver help for more details on Handling setting, and then click Print. Printing Black and White See the printer driver help for more details on Photos each item. You can print black and white photos with rich gradation by adjusting the image data color by the printer driver.

With unprecedented black density and breakthrough Resin Encapsulation Technology, the P delivers the richest blacks with an incredible level of sharpness. Three-level Black Ink technology delivers smooth tonal transitions for the finest black-and-white prints. High-capacity, individual ink cartridges improve your productivity with fewer user interventions. Advanced media handling allows you to easily print with a wide variety of fine art and roll papers.

Create borderless 13" x 19" prints and panoramas over 10 feet long. Whatever you print, the SureColor P delivers such dramatically bold images, it sets a groundbreaking new benchmark in photographic quality. Ink : 9-color Epson UltraChrome HD inks Resolution : x dpi. Wi-Fi Direct may require printer software. Enviormental Protection Agency that reduces greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and improves fuel efficiency.

See Specifications for details. Specifications Notes: 1 Color photo speed in Superfine Mode on premium Photo Paper Glossy measured from start of paper feed. Actual print time will vary based on system configuration, software application and page complexity. Yields may be lower when printing infrequently or predominantly with one ink color. A variable amount of ink remains in the cartridge after the "replace cartridge" signal.

Part of the ink from the first cartridges is used for priming the printer. Ink is used for both printing and print head maintenance. All inks are used for both black and color printing. For more information about cartridges, see www. For a list of Epson Connect enabled printers and compatible devices and apps, visit www. Actual print stability will vary according to media, printed image, display conditions, light intensity, humidity and atmospheric conditions.

Epson does not guarantee longevity of prints. For maximum print life, display all prints under glass or lamination or properly store them. Visit www. We apologize, it looks like the system is down. Please try again later. Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Instagram. You are providing your consent to Epson America, Inc.

You may withdraw your consent or view our privacy policy at any time. To contact Epson America, you may write to Katella Ave, Los Alamitos, CA or call Home For Home Printers Photo SureColor P Wide Format Inkjet Printer. Epson SureColor P Wide Format Inkjet Printer.

Zoom In Close. Photographic Printing, Refined. Find Ink Find Paper Support View Service Plans. SureColor P Inch Photo Printer Model: View Main Product Page Learn More. Overview Specifications Accessories Support. Epson Print Academy. Wireless and Ethernet Network Ready. Share one printer with multiple computers in your home or office, using a wireless or wired network. Professional Looking CDs and DVDs. Print directly onto inkjet-printable CDs and DVDs, eliminating the need for labels. Mobile Printing.

Advanced media handling up to 13" wide — front-in and front-out paper path; easily print with fine art and roll papers- create panoramas over 10 feet long Unprecedented black density — Epson UltraChrome HD Ink, an industry-leading ink technology, delivers black density never before seen from a pigment ink for the richest blacks Greater productivity with high-capacity cartridges — nine Find this download on the Support tab. Ink Supply System: Ink Shelf Life: 2 years from printed production date or 6 months after opened.

Printable Area and Accuracy: Maximum Paper Width: 13" Minimum Cut-sheet Size: 3. Power: Rated Voltage: AC — V Rated Frequency: 50 — 60 Hz Rated Current: 0. See Full Specs Hide Full Specs. Print All Specs. Need Support? Get the latest drivers, FAQs, manuals and more for your Epson product. Stay Connected with Epson Submit Thank you for signing up! Keep an eye out for our great offers and updates.

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