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Oki b4600 handbuch

Oki B Series Maintenance Manual pages Monochrome LED Page Printer. Table of Contents. Oki B Series User Manual pages monochrome page printer. Oki B Series User Manual pages Oki Priner User's Guide. Oki B Series Network Manual pages Oki Printer Network Guide. Oki B Series Safety Information Manual 32 pages Safety, Warranty and Regulatory Information. Oki B Series Installation Instructions Manual 8 pages Oki Printer Installation Instruction. OKI B Series Specifications 2 pages Monochrome Printer.

Oki B Series Installation Instructions 4 pages RSC Serial Interface Card. Oki B Series Specifications 2 pages Oki B Brochure. Oki B Series User Manual 2 pages Sheet Second Paper Tray. Oki B Series Install Manual 2 pages Oki B Install Guide.

Oki B Series Specifications 2 pages desktop mono printer. Oki B Series Specifications 2 pages mono printers. Oki B Series Replacement Manual 2 pages Drum Replacement. Oki B Series Installation Instructions 2 pages Multi-Purpose Feeder. French Oki B Series Guide Utilisateur pages B User Guide French.

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Manuals Brands Oki Manuals Printer User manual Oki User Manual Monochrome page printer. Quick Links Download this manual. Table of Contents. Related Manuals for Oki Printer Oki B Maintenance Manual Monochrome led page printer pages. Fax Machine Oki B User Manual Oki fax machine users guide 96 pages. Page 3: Table Of Contents Abbreviations used Page 4 Interfaces Page 5 Paper and tray information Page 6: Notes, Cautions And Warnings WARNING!

A warning appears in this manual like this. A warning provides additional information which, if ignored, may result in a risk of personal injury. Page 7: Introduction Introduction Congratulations on purchasing this OKI monochrome page printer. Your new printer is designed with a range of advanced features to give you crisp black and white pages at high speed on a wide range of print media.

What you see will be appropriate to the model you are using. Online usage This manual is intended to be read on screen using an Adobe Acrobat Reader. Page 9: Abbreviations Used Click on [OK]. Page Prepare The Image Drum Do not touch it and do not expose it to sunlight or room light for more than 5 minutes.

If the drum unit needs to be out of the printer for longer, please wrap it inside the provided black plastic bag to keep it away from light. Page Installing The Toner Cartridge Remove the toner cartridge from the packaging. Shake it from side-to-side a few times to distribute the toner. Carefully turn the cartridge over and remove the tape. JPG Turn the cartridge right-side-up with the blue lever on the right. Page Installing Paper Lower the right side, making sure the cartridge is seated securely.

Hold the cartridge down in place, then push the blue lever to the back of the printer as far as it will go. Page 17 Set the paper stopper at the back to the paper size you are using. Page Installing Optional Accessories Turn OFF the power and detach the power cord and printer cable. Page 19 NOTE: The manual tray must remain open when the feeder unit is installed. Place the printer on the feeder unit. Page 20 Insert the connecting cord attached to the feeder unit into the printer, matching the arrow marks.

Print the Menu Map to confirm that the feeder unit is correctly installed. Page Multi-Purpose Feeder The Multi-purpose Feeder tray allow you to feed postcards, envelopes, labels and transparencies continuously.

NOTE: Install the Second Paper Tray first when using with the Multi-purpose feeder. Turn off the printer. Page 22 Insert the metal hook on each side of the Multi-purpose feeder into the slots on each side of the printer. Insert a flat-blade screwdriver on the side of the connector cover and move it downward to detach the cover. Check Multi-purpose feeder in Available Devices in the Device Options tab, and click OK. Page Operator Panels OnLine button. From left to right, the LEDs indicate Power On, Ready, Manual feed and Error.

The meaning of the indicator LEDs when they flash x is summarized as follows: Flash 1 — Page B Status Monitor NOTE: To reset the printer to the factory default settings, press the OnLine button and hold it down while the printer is turned on. The LED indicators blink when the printer has reset to the default settings.

Page 27 Status Monitor. The current printer status is shown on the minimized screen. S M desktop icon. Page Printer Setup Tab Printer Setup Tab Select this tab to access to the Open Configuration button. S M Printer State tab.

Page Configuration Menu B Menu. Print Menu: Copies; Manual Feed Mode; Paper Source; Auto Tray Change; Auto Tray Sequence; Paper Size Check; Page 30 Save; Transfer Setting; Darkness; Print Cleaning Page. Usage Menu: Total Sheets; Drum Life; Toner Life. Preferences Tab S M Preference Tab. Page Printing Menu Settings Press the OnLine button to take the printer off-line.

Press and hold down the OnLine button for at least two seconds, but less than five seconds. The printer prints a list of the menu settings and a demo print page. From the Status Monitor Select the Printer Setup tab. Page B, B Item — button. Press briefly to scroll backward to the previous menu item. Online button. Press to switch between online and offline status. NOTE: When pressed in Menu mode, the Online button returns the printer to online status.

Page Using The Printer Menu PRESENT displayed, it forces the printer to print out the remaining data in the printer. Also when there is an error indicating wrong paper size, pressing the Online button forces the printer to print. Using the Printer Menu Menu functions This section summarizes the menus accessed via the menu control panel and displayed in the LCD panel. Page Media Menu X DIMENSION 8. Sets media type for Tray 1. Sets media weight for Tray 1.

When tray 2 is installed When tray 2 is installed Page System Configuration Menu System configuration menu This menu adjusts general printer settings to suit the way you prefer to work. DLL FONT is displayed when a font is downloaded in RAM. Page 39 1. Specifies character set. Specifies a symbol set. Page Memory Menu 0. Page Maintenance Menu This menu provides access to various printer maintenance functions.

Page Printing Menu Settings Usage menu This menu is for information only, and provides an indication of total usage of the printer and the expected life left in its consumable items. This is particularly useful if you do not have a full set of replacement consumables to hand and you need to know how soon you will need them. Page Changing The Printer Menu Language Press the Online button to return the printer to offline status.

Press the Select button to print the menu map. Page Network Connection Setup Via Windows Network Information printout. Press ITEM, MENU MAP PRINT displays. Press SELECT. The Menu map prints. The Mac Address appears under general Information. An IP address must be set in the computer and the printer when the printer is used on a network. Page 49 Also, a company network administrator may specify an IP address which must be set manually.

Page 50 B Select Network Printer. Enter the IP address that was entered in the printer. Select Subnet to be searched and click Next when the IP address of the printer is automatically obtained or the IP address can not be found. Page Change The Printer Display Language Models B, B Change the Printer Display Language Models B, B The default language for the printer operator panel display is English.

To choose an alternate language for the printer display: 1. First make sure the printer driver is installed before using this utility. You will need a USB 2. Turn off the printer and Computer. Page Change The Printer Display Language Models B, B ON. Change the Printer Display Language Models B, B The default language for the printer operator panel display is English. Confirm that USB controller is shown in the device manager.

B Open the Status Monitor. On the Printer Setup Tab, click the Open Configuration button.