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Fujitsu m770 handbuch

Manuals Brands Fujitsu Manuals Desktop CELSIUS M Operating manual Fujitsu CELSIUS M Operating Manual. Quick Links Download this manual. Related Manuals for Fujitsu CELSIUS M Desktop Fujitsu CELSIUS M Operating Manual Computer proccesor 78 pages. Fujitsu celsius w progreen selection workstation 7 pages.

Desktop Fujitsu CELSIUS W Operating Manual Workstation fujitsu celsius w 70 pages. Page 2 Thank you for buying an innovative product from Fujitsu. Latest information about our products, useful tips, updates etc. All rights reserved. Ports and operating elements Important notes Getting started Rack mounting optional Operation Troubleshooting and tips System expansions Technical data Index Several factors may cause the actual results to differ.

Fujitsu rejects any responsibility with regard to technical or editorial mistakes or omissions. Page 7: Table Of Contents Fujitsu rack systems Page 8 Install loudspeaker Page 9 Index Page 10 Contents Fujitsu Page Important Notes If the device is brought from a cold environment into the room where it will be used, condensation may occur.

Before operating the device, wait until it is absolutely dry and has reached approximately the same temperature as the installation site. As a consequence, it is not possible for these systems to switch off automatically according to the Ecodesign directive. Page European Emc Standard En Information Technology Equipment - Radio Disturbance Characteristics - Limit Values And Methods Of Measurement This equipment may cause radio interference in residential areas. In this case, the operator can be requested to take appropriate measures.

Fujitsu CELSIUS workstations with a model number ending with "n" are subject to certain restrictions. Energy Star. How to install drives and boards is described in the "System expansions", Page 41 chapter. Do not stack several devices on top of each other.

Do not expose the device to extreme ambient conditions see "Technical data", Page section "Ambient conditions". Protect the device against dust, humidity and heat. Page Connecting External Devices : black USB Type 3. Page Connecting A Usb Mouse Plan a reasonable amount of time for this, as this process must not be interrupted.

You may need the licence number for Windows during the installation. Page Switch On The Monitor And The Machine Help in your operating system. Page Rack Mounting Optional Type IEC connection plug, the fusing of the power supply network must meet the requirements for non-industrial power supply networks for plug type A. If necessary, place a slip-resistant cloth on this surface to prevent the device from being scratched. Make sure that the casing cover is facing upwards after mounting in the rack.

Example: Fujitsu For complete disconnection from the mains voltage, you must pull the mains plug out of the socket. Page Indicators On The Device The device is switched off disconnected from the mains or is ready to operate. Hard disk indicator The indicator lights up when the hard disk drive in the device is being accessed. Otherwise the key is inoperative. The mainboard must support this function.

The Enter key is also referred to as the "Return" key. When the PC is delivered, the default entries are valid see "BIOS Setup" manual or manual for the mainboard. You can customise these settings to your requirements in the BIOS Setup. Page Property And Data Protection Software functions and mechanical locking offer a broad range of functions for protecting your device and your personal data against theft and unauthorised access. You can also combine these functions.

Page 36 Security Lock. Lead-sealing To prevent unauthorised persons from opening the casing, the casing can be lead-sealed. To do this, feed the sealing chain through the holes 1 and seal the chain with the lead seal. Page Mechanical Casing Lock Optional Key turned towards the closed lock: The device is locked. Page Bios Setup Security Functions Protect the device from being switched on by an external device You can also combine these functions.

Page Access Authorisation Via Smartcard Operation of a SmartCard reader with a RFID reader is not permitted in Taiwan. SmartCard reader, After the device is switched on, you will be prompted to insert your SmartCard. When you do this, please have ready the ID number and serial number of your system.

Page Service Door Cannot Be Closed see "Replacing the lithium battery", Page Page System Expansions An update of the BIOS may be required for a system expansion or hardware upgrade. Further information can be found in the BIOS help section or if necessary in the Technical Manual for the mainboard. Page Removing And Installing The Ventilation Duct To upgrade the main memory or replace the processor you will need to remove the ventilation duct.

Page 54 "Installing an accessible drive", Page Page Removing And Installing The Front Panel Module "Open the casing", Page The front panel module will be pushed forward out of the slot. Make absolutely certain that the polarity of the cable is correct. The connector and the socket are coded. DVD or CD ROM drives, into which a data medium can be inserted from outside.

Examples of non-accessible drives are hard disk drives. Make sure the polarity is correct. Page 67 "Removing the reader from the module holder", Page 64 and install a blind cover in the drive bay. Page Installing And Removing The Ultraslim Drive Do not throw away the blind cover.

Page Removing An Accessible Drive "Open the service door", Page The drive will be pushed forward out of the slot. It may be necessary to modify the entry for the drive in the BIOS Setup. Page 81 "Mechanically lock the hard disk cover on devices without a casing lock", Page 34 and close the casing see "Open the casing", Page Page Installing A Hard Disk Drive "Removing the hard disk drive ", Page On delivery, the screws are in the accessories kit.

The locking lever must engage. Page 84 "Mechanically lock the hard disk cover on devices without a casing lock", Page 34 and close the casing see "Open the casing", Page Page Installing And Removing An M. If necessary, you must adjust the entry for the M. Page Removing The M. Page Install The M. Page Remove The M. Page Installing And Removing A Board 3. Push the latch to the side to release the card.

You can then remove the card as described below. Page 90 "Close the casing", Page If you have installed or removed a PCI board, please check the relevant PCI slot settings in the BIOS Setup. If necessary, change the settings. Further information is provided in the PCI board documentation. Page Installing A Board "Open the service door", Page If you have installed or removed a board, please check the relevant PCI slot settings in the BIOS Setup.

If you require other cables, you can purchase these from Fujitsu. The power supply PSU installed in the system can supply a continuous Page Installing And Removing A Loudspeaker "Removing the front panel module", Page Page Installing And Removing Heat Sinks You can now replace the processor see "Replacing the processor", Page Never operate the device without a heat sink!

Before initial startup, install the heat sink again in the same way as it was installed in the device before removal. Page Installing The Heat Sink 2. The battery jumps out of the holder slightly. Page Index USB port, connecting devices 21 Workstation 16 Fujitsu This manual is also suitable for: Celsius mpower. Print page 1 Print document pages.

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