Handbuch piaggio fly 125



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Handbuch piaggio fly 125

File Size. Download Links. Piaggio Beverly Sport Touring Service Station Manual. Piaggio MP3 i. Piaggio MP3 Yourban i. RL - NRL Service Station Manual. Piaggio MP3 Workshop Manual. Piaggio MSS Fly 50 4T Workshop Manual.

Piaggio MSS X9 Evolution Workshop Manual. Piaggio NRG DD DT 50 Owner's Manual. Piaggio NRG MC2 Extreme AC Scooter Wiring Diagram. Piaggio NRG MC3 Purejet Scooter Wiring Diagram. Piaggio NRG Power Purejet Owner's Manual. Piaggio NRG Purejet 50 Owner's Manual. Piaggio Typhoon Wiring Diagram. Piaggio Typhoon 50 80 Wiring Diagram. Piaggio Typhoon 50 Service Station Manual. Piaggio Typhoon 50 Spare Parts Catalog. Piaggio Vespa primavera Service Repair Manual. Piaggio Vespa PX PE Service Manual.

Piaggio Vespa PK 50 Parts List. Piaggio Vespa PK Service Manual. Piaggio X7 Service Manual. Piaggio X8 EN Service Manual. Piaggio X9 Manuale Officina. Piaggio X9 Service Station Manual. Piaggio X9 Evolution Workshop Manual. Piaggio X9 Owner's Manual. Piaggio Xevo ie Service Manual. Piaggio Xevo Workshop Manual. Piaggio Zip 4t Service Station Manual. Piaggio Zip 50 2T Owner's Manual. SpA is an Italian engineering company, a well-known manufacturer of scooters and motorcycles the largest in Europe, controls 40 percent of the market.

Headquarters - in the city of Pontedera province of Pisa, Tuscany. Piaggio was founded by Rinaldo Piaggio in It produced ships, aircraft and industrial equipment. In the postwar years, Enrico Piaggio, the son of the founder of the company, decided to concentrate on the production of the necessary light motorcycles recovering from the war in a poor country.

The company has gained fame since when it began production of Vespa scooters. After the death of Enrico Piaggio, incontrol over the company was given to the Agnelli family, owners of the Fiat concern. Inthe aviation division of the company became a separate company IAM Rinaldo Piaggio now - Piaggio Aero. In the late s, the concern acquired the well-known motorcycle company Gileraand the model range was replenished with 50 cc mopeds.

By the s, Piaggio's financial situation had become quite unenviable. Incontrol of the company was transferred to the Morgan Grenfell fund, the London branch of Deutsche Bank. Inmost of the company was sold to IMMSI, a Milan investment company, which was owned by a well-known Italian businessman Roberto Colananino, previously led by Olivetti and Telecom Italia.

InPiaggio became a public company whose shares are traded on the Milan Stock Exchange. Adly Aeon AJS Aprilia Arctic Cat Armada Atlant Bajaj Baltmotors Baotian Barossa Benelli Beta BMW Bombardier BSA Buell Cagiva Can-Am CFMoto CZ Daelim Derbi DKW Ducati Gas Gas Gilera Harley-Davidson Honda Honling Husaberg Husqvarna Hyosung Irbis Jawa Jianshe Kawasaki KTM Kymco Linhai Malaguti Masai Moto Guzzi Moto Morini MV Agusta MZ Norton Pannonia Peugeot Piaggio Polaris Racer Rieju Royal Enfield Stels Suzuki SYM TGB Triumph Vento Vespa Yamaha Zongshen.

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Piaggio ZIP Wiring Diagram.

Manuals Brands PIAGGIO Manuals Scooter MP3 User manual PIAGGIO MP3 User Manual. Quick Links. PIAGGIO WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU. We have prepared this manual to help you to get the very best from your scooter. Please read it carefully before riding. It contains information, tips and precautions for using your scooter.

It also describes features, details and devices to assure. We believe that if you follow our suggestions, you will soon get to know your new vehicle and it will serve you. This booklet forms an integral part of the scooter; should the scooter be sold, it must be transferred to the new owner. Related Manuals for PIAGGIO MP3 Scooter PIAGGIO MP3 ie User Manual pages. Scooter PIAGGIO IT Service Station Manual pages. Summary of Contents for PIAGGIO MP3 Page 1 PIAGGIO WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU for choosing one of its products.

Please read it carefully before riding the scooter for the first time. It also describes features, details and devices to assure you that you have made the right choice. Page 2 The instructions given in this manual are intended to provide a clear, simple guide to using your scooter; this booklet also details routine maintenance procedures and regular checks that should be carried out on the vehicle at an authorised Dealer or Service Centre.

The booklet also contains instructions for simple repairs. Page 3 Personal safety Failure to completely observe these instructions will result in serious risk of personal injury. Safeguarding the environment Sections marked with this symbol indicate the correct use of the vehicle to prevent dam- aging the environment. Vehicle intactness The incomplete or non-observance of these regulations leads to the risk of serious damage to the vehicle and sometimes even the invalidity of the guarantee.

Page 5: Table Of Contents INDEX VEHICLE Page 6 Headlight adjustment Page 7: Vehicle MP3 Chap. The numbers showing the hours will begin flashing. Trip odometer "A" 2. Trip odometer "B" 3. Pull one of the two brake levers. Warning, in vehicles fitted with a suspension locking system, the vehicle will start but will remain at idling speed if the rider is not seated on the saddle in riding position.

Page 19 WARNING LOSING THE RED KEY PREVENTS ANY REPAIRS OF THE "PIAGGIO IMMOBIL- IZER" SYSTEM AND THE ENGINE CONTROL UNIT. Page Immobilizerdevice Enabled Indicator Led When additional keys are required, please note that data storage up to 7 keys max. Take the red-handgrip key and all the black keys supplied to an Authorised Piaggio Service Centre. Page Programming The Immobilizer System FERRED TO THE NEW OWNER.

Page Saddle Opening Remote Control Proper programming check Insert the red key disabling the transponder i. Perform the engine start-up operation. Ensure that the engine does not start. Insert the black key and repeat the start-up operation. Check that engine starts. Page 23 2. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for 4 times without removing the key. The control unit confirms the programming has been successfully executed by open- ing the saddle.

Lift the saddle and extract the cover from its housing, then extend it over the whole length of the saddle, starting from the front-end; do not over stretch the cover to avoid tearing the material; The saddle cannot be opened only when the key is set to "ON". Page Use MP3 Chap.

Page Checks Checks Before using the vehicle, check: 1. There is enough fuel in the fuel tank. The correct fluid level for front and rear brakes. The tyres are properly inflated. The correct functioning of the front and rear brakes. Recommended fuel: Unleaded petrol 95 octane min. Page 32 DO NOT SMOKE AND KEEP OPEN FLAMES AT A DISTANCE:FIRE HAZARD.


TYRES MUST BE REPLACED WHEN THE TREAD REACHES THE WEAR LIMITS SET FORTH BY LAW. Characteristic Front tyre pressure rider Front tyre pressure rider : 1. Page Running In In order to carry out this operation you will need to use the specific spanner in the kit. WARNING WE RECOMMEND WEARING GLOVES WHILE CARRYING OUT THIS OPERA- TION IN ORDER TO AVOID INJURIES. Page Starting Up The Engine CAUTION IN ORDER TO AVOID DAMAGING THE VEHICLE, PLEASE COMPLY WITH THE RULES LISTED ABOVE.

The engine cannot be started if the ignition cut-off switch is in the OFF position Page 37 A running engine automatically switches off when the ignition cut-off switch is set to OFF. The scooter is equipped with automatic transmission with direct drive, so that starting is effected by turning the throttle grip to idle speed; to start-off from still, progressively twist the throttle grip.

CAUTION DO NOT SWITCH OFF THE ENGINE WHILE THE VEHICLE IS MOVING. BE CAREFUL NEVER TO EXCEED THE MAXIMUM SPEED WHILE RUNNING DOWNHILL, IN ORDER TO AVOID DAMAGING THE ENGINE. Page Automatic Transmission Automatic transmission To ensure simple, pleasurable riding, the vehicle is equipped with automatic trans- mission with regulator and centrifugal clutch. The system is designed to provide the best performance acceleration and consumption while riding on both flat roads and uphill.

If you have to stop on an uphill slope traffic lights, traffic jam, etc. Page 43 CAUTION DO NOT ADJUST THE MIRRORS WHILE RIDING. THIS COULD CAUSE YOU TO LOOSE CONTROL OF THE VEHICLE. The front suspension locking system simply prevents vehicle tilting when the "T" switch is pressed. The vehicle can be stopped without your feet touching the ground.

The warning light "E" Page 45 When the "T" switch is turned to "2", an intermittent sound alarm signals that the locking system is disengaged and, at the same time, the warning light "E" starts flashing again. Warning light "E" turns on to start riding. This means that the system allows for vehicle tilting. Page 46 WARNING EVERY TIME THE VEHICLE IS STOPPED, MAKE SURE THE FRONT SUSPEN- SION LOCKING SYSTEM IS ENGAGED. OTHERWISE, PLACE YOUR FEET ON THE GROUND TO KEEP THE VEHICLE UPRIGHT.

WARNING AVOID USING THE LOCKING SYSTEM WHEN RIDING THE VEHICLE ALONG IR- REGULAR ROADS OR ROADS WITH OBSTACLES E. Page 47 If the continuous sound alarm is activated when the WARNING light "Q" turns on steadilytry unlocking the system by operating the "T" switch twice to the unlocking position "2". If it cannot be unlocked, take your vehicle to a Piaggio Service Cen- ter at once.

Page Maintenance MP3 Chap. Page Engine Oil Level MAX level. Getting an oil level between the MIN and MAX marks requires approx. Every km, however, take your scooter to an Authorised Piaggio Service Centre to have the engine oil level should be checked and if necessary, topped up. CAUTION AN EXCESSIVE QUANTITY OF OIL CAN LEAD TO LEAKAGE, WHICH MAY CAUSE THE ENGINE AND THE WHEEL TO GET DIRTY. Disconnect spark plug HV wire cap "A"; 2.

Page Removing The Air Filter NGK CR8EB Electrode gap 0. Wash the sponge with water and neutral soap. When the 9th lights up, the icon and all the segments start flashing; stop the engine, let it cool down and check the fluid level; if the result is normal, take your vehicle to an Authorised Piaggio Service Centre. Page 58 It is therefore indispensable to have the cooling system checked at an Authorised Piaggio Service Centre.

The coolant should be replaced every 2 years. Take your vehicle to an Authorised Piag- gio Service Centre for this operation. Page Checking The Brake Oil Level Under normal climatic conditions, the brake fluid should be replaced every 2 years. Page 60 WARNING ONLY USE DOT 4 CLASS BRAKE FLUIDS. COOLING SYSTEM FLUIDS ARE HIGHLY CORROSIVE. MAKE SURE THAT IT DOES NOT COME INTO CONTACT WITH THE PAINTWORK CAUTION AVOID CONTACT OF BRAKE FLUID WITH EYES, SKIN, AND CLOTHING.

IN CASE OF CONTACT, RINSE WITH WATER. Place the scooter on its centre stand; 2.