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Bdb handbucher

Bradley D. Brown the BDB in BDB Software is a former Oracle ACE Director recognized Oracle expert by Oracle Corporation. In fact, he was one of the first 12 people to be recognized as an Oracle ACE. Brad has been educating people on Oracle technologies since the last 80s. Brad founded TUSC in after working for Oracle. He co-authored one of the first books on Oracle ApEx and he's a world-renowned speaker at Oracle conferences too.

Buy it now! Oracle Application Express ApEx is a rapid web application development tool for the Oracle database. Using only a Web browser and limited programming experience, you can develop and deploy professional applications that are both fast and secure. Oracle APEX is a fully supported, no cost option of the Oracle database. In this video series, Bradley D.

Brown bio walks you through everything you need to do in order to start creating ApEx applications. Brad starts by showing you how to creating your own FREE cloud-based workspace on Apex. Com and walks you through everything from provisioning your ApEx account after receiving your confirmation email to the ApEx object browser i. There is SO much content in this class! Brad covers Oracle Application Express ApEx from the ground up through advanced topics.

On demand access to complete the course. Download and watch the videos from any device Roku, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, or Linux. Free access to new lessons that get added to this lesson. Access to Brad for your questions, comments, and suggestions. Thank you for your time and assistance. I completed the project because you came to my rescue.

God bless you fold in everything you do, you do not have idea how your assistance help my career. I appreciate you very much. To show you how grateful I am, I will work to bring customers to your site and that is my dedication and appreciation to your assistance. This experience had changed my life and I am so thankful to you. Ghislain Nkulu, ETL developer -- Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. Brad is among the foremost experts on Oracle's technology in the world.

Thomas Kurian, senior vice president -- Oracle Server Technologies Division. Jeff Spicer, Vice President, Oracle Marketing. Oracle Application Express Expert Training. Quotes About Brad's Training and Writing. BUY THE BOOKS. Books Brad's Written. Companies, Awards, Honors Brad's Received. Intelivideo Brad started Intelivideo in so he could offer training like what you see here for anyone who wants to offer training! Join the Intelivideo trainers! IntelliReal Brad started IntelliReal, a real estate intelligence firm in IntelliReal provided the most accurate automated property valuations in the US.

Equifax purchased IntelliReal in TUSC Brad started TUSC in with 2 other business partners. TUSC was an Oracle professional services firm. Brad and his partners sold to Rolta in Young Presidents Organization Brad's been a founding member of the Colorado chapter of YPO since He's current in WPO. Hall of Fame Brad entered the Hall of Fame in the Chicago area. Inc Brad has has one of America's fastest growing companies. Inc a Second Time It's tough to make it once, but it's VERY difficult to make it into Inc 2 times.

Finalist Brad was oh so close to winning the award Lifetime Achievement for RMOUG Brad's contributions over many years earned him the Lifetime Achievement award for the Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group. Entreprenuer of the Year! Brad won the Entreprenuer of the Year award this time! Oracle Press Brad wrote 5 books for Oracle Press and absolutely enjoyed working with them.

Join the ranks as an author! Oracle ACE Director Join the Oracle Aces. Brad thoroughly enjoyed his time as an Oracle Ace! Select Journal Brad wrote an article in the first Select Journal and many thereafter. Oracle Magazine Brad wrote MANY articles for Oracle Magazine over the years. RMOUG's Update Brad wrote many, many articles for RMOUG over the years. Watch on Any Device You can watch anytime, anywhere, on any device. You can even download the content to your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Payments Powered by Stripe Your payments are secure with Stripe. Easy to Use The Intelivideo platform makes it VERY easy for you to watch this training while you're doing the lessons on your computer. Anywhere in the World You can watch our training from anywhere in the world!

Lots of Devices We support all of the major devices. Take Your Purchases with You This is better than in person training. You can't take Brad with you everywhere you go, but you can take his training with you! Take it with you! Take your content with you!

Secure checkout. Get Billable, Get a Promotion, Now! You can take these classes with you, you can watch them 24x7 and ultimately you can learn from an industry expert. Facebook Comments - Write Something Nice :. This site was designed with the.

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Pull data from multiple sources, organize and use it as per the need. Get benefited by the accurate insight and wise vision towards your business. Get it started on-premises or on cloud. Predictive Workbench Plan your next business move based on meaningful analysis of the past data. Sentiment Workbench. Leverage Data willingly via in-memory or live data connections with speed and agility.

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BDB Data Preparation Apply data analytics in every part of your organization. Big Data Pipeline Support your decision making techniques by advanced machine learning algorithms and visualization techniques. Business Story Create rich and interactive vizualisation which gives a clear and conversant insight.

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Why Customers Choose BDB Solutions. Flexibility Leverage Data willingly via in-memory or live data connections with speed and agility. Customization and Scalability Personalize according to the requirements and roll our BDB platform at all department levels. Security Assign security permissions at any level with multitenancy feature.

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