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Handbuch vespa et2 download

Manuals Brands VESPA Manuals Scooter ET2 50 User manual VESPA ET2 50 User Manual. Quick Links. Vespa would like to thank you. We have prepared this manual to help you to get the very best from your vehicle. Please read it carefully before riding. It contains information, tips and precautions for using your vehicle.

It also describes features, details and devices to assure. We believe that if you follow our suggestions, you will soon get to know your new scooter and it will serve you. This booklet forms an integral part of the vehicle; should the vehicle be sold, it must be transferred to the new owner. Related Manuals for VESPA ET2 50 Scooter VESPA ET4 50 Workshop Manual Scooter pages.

Scooter VESPA Operation And Maintenance Vespa scooter operation and maintenance 32 pages. Summary of Contents for VESPA ET2 50 Page 1 Vespa would like to thank you for choosing one of its products. Please read it carefully before riding the vehicle for the first time.

It also describes features, details and devices to assure you that you have made the right choice. Page 2 The instructions given in this manual are intended to provide a clear, simple guide to using your vehicle; this booklet also details routine maintenance procedures and regular checks that should be carried out on the vehicle at an authorised Dealer or Service Centre. The booklet also contains instructions for simple repairs.

Page 3 Personal safety Failure to completely observe these instructions will result in serious risk of personal injury. Safeguarding the environment Sections marked with this symbol indicate the correct use of the vehicle to prevent dam- aging the environment. Vehicle intactness The incomplete or non-observance of these regulations leads to the risk of serious damage to the vehicle and sometimes even the invalidity of the guarantee.

Page 5: Table Of Contents INDEX VEHICLE Page 7: Vehicle Vespa ET2 50 Chap. The lever automatically returns to the central position and the indicators remain on. The keys are accompanied by a tag marked with the identification code to be quoted when ordering duplicates. WARNING WE RECOMMEND KEEPING THE DUPLICATE KEY TOGETHER WITH ITS CODE IN A SAFE PLACE AND NOT ON THE VEHICLE They must be quoted when ordering spare parts. We recommend that you check that the prefix and chassis number stamped on the vehicle correspond with those in the vehicle documents.

Page Use Vespa ET2 50 Chap. Page Checks Checks Before using the vehicle, check: 1. That the petrol tank and the oil reservoir are full. Rear hub oil level. That the tyres are properly inflated. The correct functioning of headlights, rear light and turn indicators.

The correct functioning of front and rear brakes. The fluid level in the brake pump reservoir. ALSO AVOID INHALING HARMFUL VAPOURS. IMPORTANT: NEVER EMPTY THE MIXER OIL RESERVOIR. Page Tyrepressure Tyrepressure CAUTION TYRE PRESSURE SHOULD BE CHECKED WHEN TYRES ARE COLD.

INCOR- RECT TYRE PRESSURE CAUSES ABNORMAL TYRE WEAR AND MAKES RID- ING DANGEROUS. TYRES MUST BE REPLACED WHEN THE TREAD REACHES THE WEAR LIMITS SET FORTH BY LAW. Characteristic Front tyre pressure Front wheel: 1. Always start the engine with the throttle rotated fully clockwise in the idle position. Gradually accelerate to pull away.

Check fuel level. Check ignition spark plug condition. If the engine is flooded. Open throttle fully and press the starter button for 5 seconds and releasing it for other 5 seconds; follow the same sequence of steps de- scribed above.

Page Automatictransmission FLER DOES NOT COME INTO CONTACT WITH FLAMMABLE MATERIALS, TO AVOID SERIOUS BURNS. CAUTION DO NOT SHUT OFF THE ENGINE WHILE THE VEHICLE IS MOVING. We rec- ommend trying out the vehicle in traffic-free zones to get to know your vehicle completely. Page 26 8. Any elaboration that modifies the vehicle's performances, such as tampering with original structural parts is strictly forbidden by law, and renders the vehicle not con- forming to the approved type and therefor dangerous to ride.

CAUTION RIDING UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL, DRUGS OR CERTAIN MEDI- CINES CAN BE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS FOR ONESELF AND FOR OTHERS. Page Maintenance Vespa ET2 50 Chap. API GL-4 Characteristic Rear hub oil Quantity: approx. Page Sparkplugdismantlement TYRES MUST BE REPLACED WHEN THE TREAD REACHES THE WEAR LIMITS SET FORTH BY LAW. Characteristic Tyre pressure rear wheel Rear wheel: 1,8 bar Front tyre pressure Front wheel: 1.

Page Removingtheairfilter THE SPARK PLUG CAN ONLY REMOVED WHEN THE ENGINE IS COOL. THE SPARK PLUG MUST BE CHANGED EVERY 5, KM. Wash the sponge with water and mild soap. Dry it with a clean cloth and short blasts of compressed air. Gently squeeze the filtering element, let it drip dry and then refit it. Remove the tab and plastic cover, extract the sponge and wash it in water and soap. Dry it with compressed air before refitting it, making sure to correctly fit the tab in the housing on the two plastic and aluminium covers.


Make sure the vehicle axis is at right angles to the screen. Mark the screen with a horizontal line cm. Start the engine, switch on the headlight lower beam and position it so that the boundary between the brightly illuminated area and the surrounding area is no higher than the line you have drawn. Follow the process in reverse order to refit.

The mirror can be adjusted to the desired position man- ually. Page Frontandreardiscbrake CAUTION WHEN ADJUSTING IDLE SPEED, BE CAREFUL NOT TO TOUCH HOT PARTS OF THE ENGINE TO AVOID BURNS. Because of this it is never necessary to adjust the brakes.

Page Reardrumbrake "INFLATE AND REPAIR" spray in an emergency. VESPA has a special compartment for this "INFLATE AND REPAIR" which can be purchased separately. The tire must be professionally repaired or replaced at a Piag- gio Service Center.

General cleaning of the vehicle. Press the engine start pedal 3 or 4 times letting the engine perform a few revolutions slowly, then replace the spark plug. Then rinse with abundant water, and dry with a shammy cloth. Page 47 START-UP PROBLEMS No fuel in tank Refuel Filters, jets or carburettor body Contact an Authorised Service dirty or clogged.

Insufficient battery charge Kick-start. Recharge the battery. GNITION PROBLEMS No spark from spark plug. Due to Contact an Authorised Piaggio the presence of high voltage, this Service Centre element should only be checked by Page Technicaldata Vespa ET2 50 Chap.

Page 50 Version 50 cc ENGINE single cylinder; 2-stroke Bore x stroke 40 X Page 51 Lubrication Separate lubrication of engine piston, cylinder, crankshaft, main bearings with oil supplied by mixer pump with variable flow rate in relation to engine speed and throttle position. Cooling Forced air cooling with air duct and scroll-shaped fan cover with sound-proofing. Page Toolkit Electronic ignition Electronic ignition device with incorporated HV coil.

Frame Structural frame in pressed sheet steel Front disc Front disc brake mm. Page Sparepartsandaccessories Vespa ET2 50 Chap. Page Scheduledmaintenance Vespa ET2 50 Chap. To this end, a series of checks and maintenance operations at the owner's expense have been suggested, which are included in the summary table on the following page. Any minor faults should be reported without delay to an Authorised Service Centre or Dealer without waiting until the next scheduled service to solve it.

API GL-4 AGIP BRAKE 4 Brake fluid. Page 59 TABLE OF CONTENTS Battery: 35 Puncture: 43 Checks: 18 Refuelling: 18 Clock: 9 Toolkit: 52 Fuses: 37 Tyres: 29 Identification: 15 Vehicle: 7 Keys: 13 Maintenance: Page 60 The descriptions and images in this publication are given for illustrative purposes only and are not binding. Print page 1 Print document 60 pages.

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