Piaggio c45 handbuch



ISBN: 913190302


Piaggio c45 handbuch

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Manuals Brands PIAGGIO Manuals Scooter NRG Power DT Workshop manual PIAGGIO NRG Power DT Workshop Manual Nrg power dt Quick Links. Table of Contents. WORKSHOP MANUAL. Related Manuals for PIAGGIO NRG Power DT Scooter PIAGGIO NRG POWER PUREJET User Manual Piaggio scooter 70 pages. Scooter PIAGGIO Liberty Workshop Manual pages. Summary of Contents for PIAGGIO NRG Power DT Page 1 WORKSHOP MANUAL NRG Power DT Page 2 Not all versions shown in this publication are available in all Countries.

The availability of individual versions should be confirmed with the official Piaggio sales network. All rights reserved. Reproduction of this publication in whole or in part is prohibited. Spa to be used by the workshops of Piaggio- Gilera dealers. This manual is addressed to Piaggio service mechanics who are supposed to have a basic knowledge of mechanics principles and of vehicle fixing techniques and procedures.

Page 8: Safety Rules Even though the latter contains no asbestos, inhaling dust is harmful. Maintenance rules - Use original PIAGGIO spare parts and lubricants recommended by the Manufacturer. Non-original or non-conforming spares may damage the vehicle. Max width mm. Seat height mm. Wheelbase mm Dry weight 95 kg. Page 10 NRG Power DT Characteristics Engine ENGINE Specification Desc. Capacities CAPACITY Specification Desc.

Wheels and tyres WHEELS AND TYRES Specification Desc. Page Assembly Clearances NRG Power DT Characteristics Name Torque in Nm Brake pump support fixing screw 7 to 10 Nm Brake fluid pump - hose fitting 13 to 18 Nm Brake fluid tube - calliper fitting 20 to 25 Nm Calliper tightening screw Page 15 NRG Power DT Characteristics Name Initials Cylinder Piston Play on fitting coupling 1st over- Page 17 NRG Power DT Characteristics HIMMING SYSTEM Name Measure A Thickness Shimming 2.

Page 18 NRG Power DT Characteristics CHAR - Page 19 INDEX OF TOPICS TOOL OOLING Page 22 NRG Power DT Tooling Stores code Description Y Air heater Y Flywheel extractor Y Crankcase splitting plate Y Driven pulley assembly sheath Y Start-up crown lock Y Pin lock fitting tool TOOL - Page 23 NRG Power DT Tooling Stores code Description Y Starter spring fitting Y Crankcase splitting strip Y Bearing fitting base Y Brake-shoe spring calliper Y MityVac vacuum-operated pump Y Stroboscopic light for timing con- trol TOOL - Page 24 NRG Power DT Tooling Stores code Description Y Digital multimeter Y Digital rev counter Y Multiple battery charger Y Magnetic support for dial gauge TOOL - Page 26 NRG Power DT Tooling Stores code Description Y 30 mm guide Y Flywheel lock calliper spanner Y Kit for sampling gas from the ex- haust manifold Y Exhaust fumes analyser TOOL - Page Checking The Spark Advance NRG Power DT Maintenance Checking the spark advance -Check to be made at over rpm with strobo- scopic gun.

Page 32 NRG Power DT Maintenance - Refit the central flap. CAUTION THE SPARK PLUG MUST BE REMOVED WHEN THE MOTOR IS COLD. THE SPARK PLUG MUST BE REPLACED EVERY KM. Characteristic Rear hub oil Page Checking The Ignition Timing NRG Power DT Maintenance Checking the ignition timing - Adjust the control cables: Mix cable: see procedure indicated in "Mixer tim- ing".

Throttle cable: adjust the set screw on the carbu- rettor in such a way that the sheath has no back- lash. A certain lowering of the level is caused by wear on the pads. Page Headlight Adjustment NRG Power DT Maintenance ID AND THE BLEEDING OF AIR FROM THE CIRCUITS. Recommended products AGIP BRAKE 4 Brake fluid FMVSS DOT 4 Synthetic fluid Headlight adjustment Proceed as follows: 1.

Place the vehicle in running order and with the Page 37 NRG Power DT Maintenance Attach the exhaust gas collection tube to the sec- ondary air rubber manifold. Such joint must be sealed in order to guarantee accurate CO read- ings. Page Rear Wheel Spins At Idle NRG Power DT Troubleshooting This section makes it possible to find the solutions to use in troubleshooting. For each breakdown, a list of the possible causes and respective interventions is given. Page 41 NRG Power DT Troubleshooting Possible Cause Operation Starter inefficient Check: electric wiring, circuit continuity, mechani- cal sliding and power supply Battery flat Check the state of the battery.

If it shows signs of sulphation replace it and bring the new battery into Page 42 NRG Power DT Troubleshooting Engine tends to cut-off at idle ENGINE STOP IDLING Possible Cause Operation Minimum nozzle dirty Wash the nozzle with solvent and dry with com- pressed air Starter that stays open Check: electric wiring, circuit continuity, mechani Page 43 NRG Power DT Troubleshooting Clutch grabbing or performing inadequately CLUTCH Possible Cause Operation Tear or irregular functioning Check that the masses open and return normally Check that there is no grease on the masses Check that the clutch masses' contact surface with Page Rear Wheel NRG Power DT Troubleshooting Battery BATTERY Possible Cause Operation Battery The battery is the electrical device in the system that requires the most frequent inspections and thorough maintenance.

If the vehicle is not used for some time 1 month or more the battery needs to be recharged periodically. Page Noisy Suspension NRG Power DT Troubleshooting Excessive steering play EXCESSIVE STEERING CLEARANCE Possible Cause Operation EXCESSIVE STEERING CLEARANCE Check the tightening of the top and bottom ring nuts. If irregularities continue in turning the steering even after making the above adjustments, check the seats in which the ball bearings rotate: replace if they are recessed.

Page 46 NRG Power DT Troubleshooting TROUBL - Page 47 INDEX OF TOPICS ELE SYS LECTRICAL SYSTEM Page 48 NRG Power DT Electrical system LEGEND Specification Desc. Page 49 NRG Power DT Electrical system Specification Desc. Page 50 NRG Power DT Electrical system Specification Desc.

Page 51 NRG Power DT Electrical system Battery recharge and starting BATTERY RECHARGE AND STARTING Specification Desc. Page 52 NRG Power DT Electrical system Level indicators and enable signals section SAFETY SWITCHES AND LEVEL GAUGES Specification Desc. Page Turn Signal Lights NRG Power DT Electrical system Turn signal lights TURN SIGNALS AND HORN Specification Desc.

Page 54 NRG Power DT Electrical system Specification Desc. Page 55 NRG Power DT Electrical system Y Digital multimeter CHECKING THE RECHARGE COIL Specification Desc. Page 56 NRG Power DT Electrical system 4. Battery not recharging. Turn signals not operational. Dashboard check not operational.

Interventions FAULT 1 Replace the regulator as definitely faulty. FAULT 2 a Check the output from the stator gives the cor Page 57 NRG Power DT Electrical system FAULT 4 a Interposing the AC tester between the black and yellow cables on the regulator, check the genera- tor output voltage is within the prescribed values this measurement must be carried out with the battery detached.

Page 58 NRG Power DT Electrical system is found, check wiring and terminals on key-switch and battery. Page 59 NRG Power DT Electrical system Y Digital multimeter Fuses The electrical system is protected by a fuse loca- ted on the r.

To replace it, lift the seat, remove the battery access door and then the transparent fuse cover. Ignition system, headlight, and taillight are not protected by the fuses. IT CON- TAINS SULPHURIC ACID. Page 61 NRG Power DT Electrical system 1 Hold the vertical tube 2 Look at the level 3 The float must be freed Battery maintenance The battery is an electrical device which requires careful monitoring and diligent maintenance.

The maintenance rules are: 1 Check the level of the electrolyte The electrolyte level must be checked frequently and must reach the upper level. CAUTION ORDINARY AND DRINKING WATER CONTAINS MINERAL SALTS THAT ARE HARMFUL FOR THE BATTERY. Page 63 INDEX OF TOPICS ENG VE NGINE FROM VEHICLE Page 64 NRG Power DT Engine from vehicle Removal of the engine from the vehicle 1. Detach the battery. Remove the exhaust assy. Remove the rear wheel.

Remove the rear brake cable. Detach the electrical connection to the fly- wheel. Page 65 INDEX OF TOPICS NGINE Page Automatic Transmission NRG Power DT Engine Automatic transmission Transmission cover - Loosen the 15 screws and remove the transmis- sion cover with the aid of a mallet. THE CRANKCASE IS SLIGHTLY BLOCKED BY THE TIGHT FIT BETWEEN THE SHAFT OF THE DRIVEN HALF-PULLEY AND THE BEARING HOUSED ON THE CRANKCASE. Page 67 NRG Power DT Engine Soap-based lithium grease with NLGI 3; ISO-L- XBCHA3, DIN K3K - Remove the screws shown in the figure and re- move the engine starting lever.

Page Inspecting The Clutch Drum NRG Power DT Engine Removing the driven pulley - Lock the clutch bell housing with the specific tool. THE UNIT CAN ALSO BE REMOVED WITH THE DRIVE PULLEY MOUNTED. Page 69 NRG Power DT Engine - Using a 34 mm socket wrench remove the clutch locking nut.

Page 70 NRG Power DT Engine - Remove the three guide pins and the mobile half pulley. Removing the driven half-pulley bearing - Remove the roller bearing with the special ex- tractor inserted from the bottom of the fixed half- pulley. Page 71 NRG Power DT Engine Inspecting the driven fixed half-pulley - Check that there are no signs of wear on the work surface of the belt. If there are, replace the half- pulley. Page 72 NRG Power DT Engine - Use a greaser with a curved spout to lubricate the driven pulley unit with around 6 gr.

This operation must be done through one of the holes inside the bushing until grease comes out of the opposite hole.