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Handbuch brother mfc 9342cdw

Quick Links. See also: Service ManualAdvanced User's Manual. Basic User's Guide. Related Manuals for Brother MFCCDW All in One Printer Brother MFCCW Network User's Manual Multi-protocol on-board ethernet multi-function print serever and wireless multi-function print server pages. Hl-lcdn; hl-lcdw; hl-lcdw; hl-lcdwt; dcp-lcdn; hl-lcdw; mfc-lcdw; mfc-lcdw; mfc-lcdw; mfc-lcdw 28 pages.

Printer Brother HLCW Safety Manual 21 pages. Page 2 The serial number is on the back of the unit. All rights reserved. Page 6 Recording an outgoing message OGM Page 7 Copy Options Page 8 Routine maintenance Replacing the consumable items Page 9 Specifications General Page 10 Table of Contents Advanced User's Guide You can view the Advanced User's Guide on the CD-ROM.

The Advanced User's Guide explains the following features and operations. General Setup Printing reports Memory storage Fax reports Set Daylight Saving Time Reports Ecology features Making copies Touchscreen Copy settings Page General Information Bold style identifies the dial pad documentation numbers of the Touchpanel or on the computer screen.

Thank you for buying a Brother machine! Italics Italicized style emphasizes an Reading the documentation will help you important point or refers you to make the most of your machine. Tap or click Brother Utilities either on the Start screen or the desktop.

Select your machine. Choose the function you want to use. Page Network User's Guide Accessing the Turn on your computer. Insert the CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive. Brother Support Macintosh on page 6. PageManager application. Page How To Access The User's Guides For Advanced Features see Network User's Guide. Google Cloud Print Guide Center on the CD-ROM. Double-click the Brother Support icon. The Brother Support screen appears.

Choose your model if needed. Page 17 General information Page Control Panel Overview Chapter 1 Control panel overview The MFCCDN, MFCCDW and MFCCDW have a 3. NOTE The illustrations are based on MFCCDW 1 3. Home Press to return to the Home screen. MFCCDW and MFCCDW The factory setting shows the date and The Wi-Fi light is on when the network time, but you can change the Home interface is WLAN.

Page Touchscreen Lcd Chapter 1 Touchscreen LCD You can select three types of screens for the Home screen. When the Home screen is displayed, you can change the displayed screen by swiping left or right, or pressing d or c. The following screens show the machines status when the machine is idle. Home screen The Home screen shows the date and time and provides access to Fax, Copy, Scan, Wi-Fi setup, Toner Page 21 Lets you access the secure print menu.

Lets you access Fax mode. MFCCDW and MFCCDW 11 Warning icon MFCCDN The warning icon appears when there is an error or maintenance message; Page Setting The Ready Screen 3 Network Press to set up a network connection. Press MFCCDW and MFCCDW A four level indicator on the screen shows Press All Settings. Page Basic Operations Chapter 1 Basic Operations Press Backlight.

Press your finger on the Touchscreen to operate it. To display and access all the screen menus or options, swipe left, right, up, down, or press d c or a b to scroll through them. Enter the E-mail address using the keyboard Press where you have not added a Press Web. Page Changing Shortcuts General information Changing Shortcuts Editing Shortcut Names You can change the settings in a Shortcut.

You can edit a Shortcut name. NOTE Press and hold the Shortcut until the dialog box appears. You cannot change a Web Connect Shortcut. If you want to change the NOTE Shortcut, you must delete it, and then add a new Shortcut. Page Volume Settings Chapter 1 Volume settings Press Beep.

Press Off, Low, Med or High. Ring volume Press You can choose from a range of ring volume levels. Speaker volume Press You can choose from a range of speaker volume levels. Press All Settings. Press Swipe up or down, or press a or b to display General Setup.

Page Loading Paper Loading paper Loading paper and While pressing the green paper-guide release levers 1slide the paper print media guides to fit the paper you are loading in the tray. Make sure the guides are firmly in the slots. The machine can feed paper from the paper tray or manual feed slot. Page Loading Paper In The Manual Feed Slot Loading paper Loading paper in the manual Open the manual feed slot cover.

Use the manual feed slot to print or copy on labels, envelopes, thicker paper or glossy paper for the recommended paper to use, see Acceptable paper and other print media on page Page 35 Loading paper Printing on thick paper, labels, Open the manual feed slot cover. Page Unscannable And Unprintable Areas Loading paper Unscannable and unprintable areas The figures in the table show maximum unscannable and unprintable areas. These areas may vary depending on the paper size or settings in the application you are using.

Usage Document Top 1 Left 2 Size Bottom 3 Right 4 Page Paper Settings Press printing faxes: A4, Letter, Legal or Folio. When you change the size of paper in the MFCCDW and MFCCDW tray, you must also change the setting for Press Tray Setting. Page Acceptable Paper And Other Print Media Loading paper Acceptable paper and Type and size of paper other print media The machine feeds paper from the installed paper tray or the manual feed slot. Print quality may vary according to the type of paper you are using.

The names for the paper trays in the You can use the following types of print printer driver and this Guide are as Page 40 Chapter 2 Paper capacity of the paper trays Paper size Paper types No. This damage may not be covered under any Brother warranty or service agreement. Page 43 Loading paper Labels Types of labels to avoid The machine will print on most types of labels Do not use labels that are damaged, curled, designed for use with a laser machine.

Labels wrinkled or an unusual shape. Page Using The Scanner Glass Loading documents Adjust the paper guides 1 to fit the Using the document guidelines on the width of your document. NOTE To scan non-standard documents, see Using the scanner glass on page Page Stop Faxing Sending a fax Faxing Letter size documents Enter the fax number. Report as proof that you sent a fax. Page Receiving A Fax Receiving a fax Receive modes You must choose a receive mode depending on the external devices and telephone services you have on your line.

Choosing the receive mode By default, your machine will automatically receive any faxes that are sent to it. The diagrams below will help you choose the correct mode. Page 50 Chapter 5 Press Receive Mode. NOTE If you cannot change the Receive Mode, make sure the Distinctive Ring feature is set to Off see Distinctive Ring on page 49, FaxAbility on page 51 or Distinctive Ringing For Singapore and Hong Kong on page Fax Ability in New Zealand.

You may Distinctive Ring feature want to change the Ring Delay before using these modes see Ring Delay on page The number of rings is set by the Ring times the machine rings before it answers in Delay setting. Page Fax Detect Receiving a fax Fax Detect Press Press All Settings.

If Fax Detect is On: The machine can receive a fax automatically, Swipe up or down, or press a or b to even if you answer the call. When you see display Fax. Page Fax Preview Black And White Only Chapter 5 Fax Preview Using Fax Preview When you receive a fax, you will see a pop-up Black and White only message on the Touchscreen. For example: New Fax es [View] How to preview a received fax Press View.

The Touchscreen will display the fax list. You can view received faxes on the NOTE Touchscreen by pressing Page 55 Receiving a fax Press the Touchscreen or Touchpanel How to print all faxes in the list to perform the following operations. Press Fax.

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