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Tomtom handbuch go 6200

DavidA1 Posts: 5 [Master Traveler]. Kind of crazy as I was just feet away from the router. Refresh bottom right of screen achieved nothing. I then reset the device, took it to another location, using a different network, and got exactly the same problem. All other devices have no problems at all with these Wi-Fi locations.

I then attempted a Bluetooth connection to my phone but it simply fails with a pairing error. Now I am attempting to update the maps using the USB cable. Any ideas? It just looks very dead on the comms side. Many thanks!

Tagged: bluetooth wi-fi go DaveHorne Posts: 54 [Renowned Trailblazer]. February I had a different problem so what I'm suggesting may have absolutely no value. Have you logged into or created a TomTom MyCloud account online with your computer? I haven't tried that but my problem is simply that I can't get the to talk to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. BrianE Posts: [Exalted Navigator]. You have to make sure that your GO is not physically connected to your computer or your sat nav won't connect to and use your Wi-Fi.

Many thanks for that but the is not connected at all. The relevant Wi-Fi networks simply end up, after attempts to connect, in the "Out of range saved networks" and showing "Not in range". There is no doubt that the various networks are definitely in range. I can believe that this is a one off "duff" unit. If that is not the case it seems a shame that TomTom have taken a good unit and "enhanced" it with facilities that make it a less than good unit.

Maybe they should have just left it with a USB option? If there is nothing else to be done I guess I will have to return it. YamFazMan Posts: 18, Superusers. Hi DavidA1 Is your Wifi network operating at 5. Tomtom NAV5 Wifi devices will only connect to a 2. I just looked that up to be certain. It's backward-compatible with N, meaning that a 5G Wi-Fi router will support N clients and 5G Wi-Fi clients will also be able to connect to an N router.

Wireless-N, in turn, is backward compatible with the rest of the wireless standards, including To have the devices to work at the speed of 5G Wi-Fi, however, both the clients and the router need to support 5G Wi-Fi. Uh, this is a Tomtom product you're talking about, Dave. Hi DavidA1 Try option All the update actions are executed on the device Updating your new NAV5 Wi-Fi device over USB will require "MyDrive Connect" Get it here MyDrive Connect only needs to run in the background on the PC TaskBar Connect your Device to a USB Port on your PC Updating a NAV5 Wi-Fi device using USB is the same as using Wi-Fi, all of the update actions are executed on the device Tap the 4Dot DaveHorne wrote:.

Many thanks for everybody's input. Sadly the device doesn't want to do what it should do. Time to take it back for a credit. All those good things like is it on 2. Many thanks for everyone's ideas. Kind regards, David. Hi DavidA1 Just to resolve the problem and help others who are maybe in the same situation ATB YFM.

DavidA1 wrote:. March Many thanks. Sadly it does not work on any networks that I have tried, including work. I guess it is going back! April My Go was exactly the same. It worked once on WiFi and then wouldn't connect again until you reset the stupid thing back to new.

Honestly it was the worst purchase of my life. I ended up smashing it up on my dashboard if was so bad. This WiFi problem is endemic and Tom tom refuse to acknowledge if. June FWIW, as I am sure the original problem would have been resolved by now, any WiFi access point that supports 5. I have a BT HomeHub and by default it supported both but I was able to turn off 2.

But maybe some default to 5. Might be helpful to others on the forum to post the outcome? If the above was not the reason then I presume the device was faulty. David Losada Posts: 12 [Apprentice Traveler]. May Same here. WiFi fails and TT says WiFi Out of Range. I'm at 2 meters from the router. A good router with both 2,4 and 5GHz bands. I have to update my TomTom through the computer via My Drive Connect and a USB cable.

In Spain. Very bad TomTom. DougLap Posts: 7, Superuser. Hi David Losada I have a GO based unit and I have found it connect to my BT router at home fine, 2. I have even logged on to my Mobile Mifi, when there was a problem with the inbuilt Mobile sim connecting to the Tomtom servers, and got Traffic data which was a godsend as there was chaos all around where I was at the time. It is possible there could be a setting in the router which is stopping the connection.

StanStan Posts: 5 [Apprentice Traveler]. July Brand new out of the box tonight. It initially connected to my WiFi. It showed a weak signal then went out of range! Sat beside my router and still it told me I was out of range. No good. Did a hard reset and this time the unit saw a strong signal from my router and started downloading again.

Disconnected at !!! Spoke too soon. Switch off again. Now have a weak looking WiFi and the unit is tryingunsuccessfully, to obtain an IP address. Try again. Out of range again. Another hard reset. This could take some time!

Hi StanStan When it is not downloading go into Wifi in Settings and Tap on the Wifi connection name and you will get some figures down the left hand side of the screen. What download speed is it saying. If you have a low download speedTomtom suggest 30mbs then it is suggested that you use it connected to a PC. If you use this method then when you open MyDrive Connect software on PC and connect your TT unit to it you still need to use the menus on the TT unit to manage the updates etc.

One other thing is when you are doing updates you should do them one at. July edited July

Malsiluk Posts: 4 [New Seeker]. I've just put a new battery in my TomTom Go and done a reset as well. Seems to be working a lot better than it has done recently. Might be as a result of the disconnection of the battery for a short while. On looking at the TomTom equivalent of the BIOS screen press start and keep holding after drum roll I notice a couple of things.

The 'OS version is 3. Is this the most up to date for this device and if it isn't, how do I update it to the latest version. I also see the RTC has gone back to 1st Janbut is now happily moving on from that time now at nearly I was not aware we had satnavs in ! How can this get updated by the odd 50 years that it's behind? Tagged: Software version About screen go Best Answer. YamFazMan Posts: 18, Superusers. October edited October Accepted Answer. Tap 4Dot Application Version Stay Safe ATB YFM.

DougLap Posts: 7, Superuser. October Hi Malsiluk My GO has OS. So unless someone can add it would appear you are about right. October edited October Hi The 1st Jan is the date embedded into the RTC Real Time Clock Chip during manufacture During the GPS First Fix The device get the true time from the on-board Clocks on the Satellites Stay Safe Thank you both DougLap and YamFazMan for your quick replies. From what Douglap says, it sounds like you have had your device for around 2 years and 4 months, but in that time, it has never picked up the true date and time from the satellites.

I know I have a slightly different version to you, but it's also a slightly different model, so maybe that is why. I'm sure somebody at TomTom must know what the correct latest version of the OS is for each model. I've Googled it hard, but not found the answer.

Like with a computer, I like to always have the latest version. YamFazman, I thank you for your info as well. I've Googled 'GPS first fix' and think I know what you mean. Mine has just kept counting the hours and minutes since I reset everything, but I am still on Maybe if I leave the satnav outside in the garden for a while if it ever stops raining!! I know from playing with computers, that if the time is wrong in your BIOS, it can cause problems with how the computer behaves sometimes.

Hi Again Malsiluk Tomtom Support FAQ TomTom Navigation Device Software Release Notes YamFazMan Thanks again for that. I did find that page earlier, but I could not really be sure it was the right information, as I could not see anything that relates to the present OS Version that my has on it, which is 3. That chart suggests I should be on something starting with a '19' year of release it seems Not wanting to push my luck with your help, but how do you update the OS version?

I'm fine with updating the map versions, but this is clearly a different type of update. YamFazMan thanks once again. Yes, I checked that and it shows So, it seems that the information on the 'BIOS' screen is not to be trusted. It thinks it's still and has a version 3 of OS, not version I must say that putting in a new battery seems to have made a big difference. It was mis-behaving in a few ways for ages, as well as battery always being almost empty.

I've had it running for hours now and battery level is only just getting down to a low level. Hi Malsiluk You're welcome, glad you're sorted Stay Safe Sign In or Register to comment. Who's Online in this Category 0.