Intrexx 8 handbuch



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Intrexx 8 handbuch

Distribution : The current version is for sale in this phase and is regularly supplied with updates. Each half-year release is an upgrade from the previous release. Lifetime: At this stage, the version will only be provided with necessary online and security updates and will no longer be for sale.

We recommend an upgrade to the current release version at the latest. Extended Support: In the event that an upgrade during the support phase was not possible, we offer a paid support beyond the regular support phase. Please wait until the content is fully loaded. I don't want to wait! Intrexx technical information New releases, updates and system requirements.

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Additional controls Contents Group for additional controls Login button Logout button Share messages Language switch Language switch drop-down list Locale switch Locale switch drop-down list Sitemap Search Favorites Briefcase Layout switch Layout switch drop-down list Layout switch only desktop layouts New message User Date Portal name Hide menu Breadcrumb path Application name Settings Additional controls for mobile end devices Change password With the additional controls in the Design module, a wide array of elements to manage important functions in the portal is available to you.

These elements take over tasks such as logging in and logging out, switching the portal between various layouts or languages, and much more. If you click on the arrow next to the symbol for additional controls, a list will open, from which the elements can be selected. Group for additional controls By selecting the Group for additional controlsyou can combine multiple controls into one container.

The Group for additional controls will be displayed on the workspace as an element Action group. Login button This additional control will be shown in the browser as a link with which a user can log in to or out of the portal. Clicking the link will open a popup window for the authentication. If the user is already logged in, he has here the additional ability to change his password. Logout button With this additional control, a user can log out of the portal. Share notifications Displays the number of new notifications from Intrexx Share.

Language switch The language switch shows, in link format, the languages that have been defined in the country settings for the portal. When the user clicks on it, the portal will switch to the selected language. Language switch drop-down list This control allows the desired language to be chosen from a drop-down list. Locale switch Every portal locale available is shown as a text link.

Locale switch drop-down list Every portal locale available is shown as a drop-down list. Sitemap Clicking this additional control will load the sitemap for all menu items and applications in the main window of the portal. Each entry for which the currently logged in user has access permission will be given as a link. Via the sitemap, the user can navigate to specific menu items or applications. Search With this additional control, a user can search the entire portal for specific terms.

The search terms will be entered in a search field. With the Enter key, or by clicking on the symbol on the right of the search field, the search will be started. The results will be displayed with links as a popup window. The hit application page will be loaded in the main window of the portal when the link is clicked.

The search will only give the results for which the logged-in user possesses sufficient access permissions. Other options.